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Vanish NapiSan Gold Pro Oxi Stain Remover Powder 2.7kg $14.50 / $13.05 (Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / S&S) @ Amazon AU


Removes 100 stains Tested on cotton with pretreat and wash as per usage instructions
Safe on everyday fabrics everyday fabrics like cotton and polycotton, colours and whites
Powder fabric stain remover Just add one scoop in every wash
Suitable for colours and whites
Better than detergent alone on common stains like coffee, tea, red wine, grass and beetroot

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  • Not too far off from WWS "half price" at $6/kg ($11 for 1.8kg) for smaller qty and faster delivery.

    • You're saying this deal is good?

      • It is if you can wait 2 weeks, and don't mind buying 2.7kg. Otherwise, WWS or Aldi are better options for not much more.

  • How does vanish compare to other brands? I’ve never used it before. Silly question, can this be used for both top and front loader washing machines? I vaguely recall a brand or two that were made for and worked 'better' for either a top or front loader, not both (insert remark about left handed chalk).

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    Removes 100 stains

    Where the f y'all going with your garments to get 'em this rank?

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      You’d be surprised the length people will go to to get outta VIC.

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      They keep listening to politicians speak. You know what that gets you covered in.

    • Sport, kids, and white pants are the devils combination for washing.

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    The active ingredient is 340g/kg Sodium Percarbonate, price $5.37 per kg.
    Coles Ultra 320g/kg is $3.50 per kg
    Aldi Di-San ?g/kg is $3.00 per kg

    Nice packaging tho'

    • Aldi is also 320g/kg

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  • Mine come partially broken. Got a full refund. 90% left for nix.

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      Similar with ours. The lid came off one tub and the powder was throughout the box. We just tipped it back in the tub and lost just a tiny bit. Their packaging of bulky powders does seem a bit crap.

  • Thanks OP

    • ❤️

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