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[eBook, Pre Order] Free - The Complete Novels of George Orwell @ Amazon AU/US


Please note that this is a pre-order and that you won’t receive the ebook till 1 January 2021. This is likely due to Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four entering the public domain on that date.

Amazon US

Here you will find the complete novels of George Orwell in the chronological order of their original publication:

  • Burmese Days
  • A Clergyman’s Daughter
  • Keep the Aspidistra Flying
  • Coming up for Air
  • Animal Farm
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads.

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  • +38 votes

    Note: These are all already available on public domain for free at Project Gutenberg and have been since 2001.

    • Misread the rules on Wiki. Have requested post to be removed since this is already on the public domain.

      • Orwell died over 70 years ago, so assuming worst case copyright laws then yeah everything he ever produced is now in the public domain. But if someone made subsequent edits to his books, or wrote a foreword explaining the influence of the book, then the book would be under a new copyright. It could be that these versions have been improved in some way over the versions first published over 70 years ago. Or it could be that they are exactly the same.

  • Please, aren’t we all depressed enough?

    • I suppose you don't follow the news because all they do is report the bad stuff

    • +20 votes

      What are you talking about, 1984 is a good news story compared to what actually happened.

      Australia is a state that persistently surveils it's entire population illegally via Five Eyes and legally via the metadata retention regime and the brainwashed population voted for this.

      • Australia is a state that persistently surveils it's entire population illegally via Five Eyes and legally via the metadata retention regime and the brainwashed population voted for this.

        So we're all just sheeple?

      • It's all true but the problem is who do you vote for/how can we change this? These are all bi-partisan policies and some were implemented by Labor (remember Stephen Conroy and even trying to bring in an Aus internet filter causing an international uproar?) and some by the Coalition. The only party I know of that is opposed to most of these policies is the Greens and they are not coming into power (two party preferred system), and even if they did we would have bigger problems.

        Not all of the population is brainwashed/ignorant but we have about as much power as Orwell's Proles. In some respects we have the illusion of a democracy.

        • Not all of the population is brainwashed/ignorant

          and then

          and even if they did we would have bigger problems.

          shows otherwise.

          The greens are far from an ultimate solution but this knee-jerk "greens will destroy us" sentiment is nothing but brainwashing and ignorance.

          • @afoveht: I would totally have agreed that electing the greens would be the end of us, but then the US voted in Trump…
            I'll see how that ends first before I change my mind.

            • @SlickMick: That won't matter. Trump, Republicans, Democrats, Liberal, Labor- they are all neolibs, just dressed in different clothes and no wholesale change is possible under any of them. The greens are markedly different and can't be compared. Not to say they'll fix everything and won't have their own time to leave, but dismantling the current effup would be a great start.

    • God you people can’t take a joke.

      I think I will leave you to your conspiracy rants.

  • Why bother with reading 1984 when I can just watch the daily news?

    • That's doublespeak, GUILTY!

    • Why bother with watching news when I can just immerse in it ( living in it )?

      • Victorian?

        • If I says yes, will you release me >? I did NOT do anything wrong, I just happens to live in dictatorship state. Im strong n healthy, I just want to live my normal life.

          Can you make that happens ? Btw did NEVER did any protest of any kind whatsoever.

    • Came here to say this too.
      A couple of decades ago people reading the book would've been like "thats never going to happen here" - but here we are.

  • Attended the George Orwell Prize in Yangon during the first International Writers Festival years ago.

    He is seen as a prophet in Myanmar.

    Written censorship was only lifted as I flew in!
    Many of the local writers I met, had spent years in a prison for their work. They were 'good Budhists', not bitter after such an horrific experience.

    • He's seen as a prophet in the west too.

      • In Myanmar his books "predicted" what would happen there, according to locals.

        A British journalists & I watched a corpse float down the Irrawaddy River. The locals "couldn't see" the body. I realised it was likely a government / military killing. If they saw it, that would likely happen to them. So sad.

        • His books predicted what would happen in the west too, many people would say.

          • @AustriaBargain: Ah, but Burma was seen as an important influence on his writing. So it has a resonance with the local people.

            Books were confiscated for many decades, so those were precious illicit treasures.

            History was regularly rewritten, names removed, people disappeared.
            It changed the people!

            So meeting important authors of that country, & listening to their stories was a privilege.

            Here it's more a lesson, quickly forgotten.

    • He's certainly seen as a prophet in Victoria. Well if he's not, he damn well should be.

  • Out of all his works, I probably like Burmese days the best, tremendous read.

  • How do you find the free amazon e-books?

  • "This title is not currently available for purchase "

    • change the url by removing the "au" it worked for me

      • it already doesn't have the au.

        I'm using the US link.

        • Same problem here, guess it's not offered on the US store yet

        • It depends on what your country settings are set to. Make sure your country/region is set to United States. To do this, go to "Manage your Content and Devices" and under the Preferences tab, there is Country/Region settings, change it to United States. Go back to the link and it should work, if it doesn't try to change the domain of the link i.e. if it has an au and your country/region is US, take the au out, if its set to AU, add the au.

          This usually works for me as I normally switch between both for free ebooks on amazon.

    • The title is not yet available on a true US account (US everything) but it is available on a hybrid account (amazon.com, US address, US credit card but AU region). Source: I have both types of Amazon US accounts.

      Change region: https://www.amazon.com/hz/mycd/myx#/home/settings/payment

  • Animal Farm and 1984 should be compulsory reading for anyone interested in politics.

  • And a Happy Father’s Day to you, Dealbot!! 🎁

  • Great read. Just to remind us of what we live in (the age of Fake News & individualistic life) :(

  • The system only lets me give this deal a single plus but I'd like to give it two as it is double plus good.

  • US link doesn't work.

  • I'm surprised "Down and Out in Paris and London" isn't included.

  • Thanks Op

  • All of these free ebooks are cluttering my Amazon orders page. Can we remove or filter all ebook purchases? I know that we can archive them but with a limit of only 500 orders it's definitely not enough lol.

  • relevant reading always


  • 1984, just move to Victoria and go into government surveiled curfew. Be a pregnant mum. post on facebook and get the stormtroopers kicking in your door…1939 Germany or Australia?

    • Are we at war with Poland ? :-)
      Relax guys, we are gonna be alright.

      • Actually, it's closer to 1933 Germany than 1939. If you are familiar with German history, they didn't go from open & free society to invading Poland in one day, the slide occurred over many years. If you are familiar with Chinese history it's the same pattern. Contrary to the trope, Democracy doesn't die in darkness, it dies at the hands of cheering self righteous mobs. Those mobs have found their way into our society, so there now exists is a risk that cannot be ignored.

        Check this out for an interesting take on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olXipfCKUoo

  • Essential reading for all Victorian's while they're locked up. Suspension of civil liberties are always for your own good…

    • I would disagree.
      I do support what Vic Gov does.
      Not probably every single bit of action but overall they are doing right thing.

  • Has to be the most ironic deal of the year.

  • It just came through! Three months early