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eufy Smart Floodlight with Camera $239 (RRP $299) @ JB Hi-Fi


Sale available in both Black and White for your personal preferences.

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  • Also same price on Amazon AU:

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    I have one of this, works great. The only issue for me is the google home only recorgnise it as a light, so can't cast the video on the chromecast. Only can check video footages in the app.

  • Price beat at Bunnings?

  • Is there a way to use these eufy cameras without a wifi setup at home? We just use mobile phone internet.

    • Is your mobile internet a hotspot or USB tether?

      • Just a smartphone hotspot, but we don't leave it on 24/7, only when we are using the computer.

        • I have the 365day battery model using various 4g sims and devices over the past year

          Circles. Absolute nightmare. Also learnt Optus uses a cgnat so your ip address changes all the time. Was using a Vodafone 4g modem with builtin battery could survive about 12 hrs. Later tethered this to a battery bank in constant charge. Could survive about 2 days without power. Eufy base station lasted maybe around 1 day

          Next i moved to Vodafone using vodaphone 4g modem with builtin battery. Discovered that the modem would hang roughly after a week, so change that device to a samsung s7. More stable but if power is lost the device wont restart into a hotspot. Still occasionally lost connection to to 4g congestion. Eufy doesn’t like reconnecting to wifi after network issues.

          Next i got onboard the telstra $5 per moth data sim offer. And also bought a telstra usb dongle to plug into my router as it is limited to 10 connections and my old router claimed 128 connections. Worked really well, however the usb modem funtion is poorly supported so after a power outage the 4g only occasionally reconnects

          What i use now is that telstra 4g modem plugged into a constantly charging battery. Gives about a week of charge. Haven’t lost connection or needed to reset for 4 mths

          Before all this I tried eufy with powerline adapters (nbn) and the vodaphone modem on catchconnect which was optus 4g from memory. Back then the eufy did not like failing back to wireless when power was lost. An eufy engineer spend some time identifying the issue in their firmware and promised to fix it before i gave up waiting.

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      Don't quote me on this but it'll work without internet as far as I'm aware, you just can't get the footage.

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        Without WiFi, it won't be able to send alerts. But storage is on board and you could retrieve it when you reconnect once you get home.

        • Good point I hadn't thought of that!

    • For a cheap, low data connection I've used an old unlocked Telstra 4G WiFi modem (the small type that has its own battery and sends out a wifi signal), then get a TPG $1 per month SIM ($10 up front, plus preload with $20) which gives 50Mb data per month. This is on the Vodafone network so you need a signal.

      I've set one up at a friends house for her solar inverter to upload data to the manufacturers site. Works great. For a security camera it probably wouldn't give you much video viewing, but you could get alerts.

      Next data size up there are a few around $100 per year that have better data allowances.

  • Do these connect to the eufy homebase?

    • I dont think so from what I can see. It seems to be limited to the 4GB of memory on board.

      Can anyone confirm of correct this?

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      I don't have a homebase so can't comment. It will still store locally and send alerts through the home WiFi network.

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        No leveraging the home base. NOt yet has been promised for a long while.

    • I have just installed this. Product works great. Connects to the home base. I can now see all my cameras as well as the floodlight camera.

      I love eufy eufy products.

      I also have the smart scales too. Everything is just so seamless.

  • Note that these don't distinguish between pets and humans. So you will get alert when animals go into the motion detection zone.

  • For those that purchase this, I found issues with setting it up using my Wifi broadcast name. I turned the 'guest' network on and connected it up via that which solved the initial connectivity issue. Apart from that, this thing has worked flawlessly.

    • I'm having wifi issues myself, but with connecting the homebase to my wifi network. My wifi network doesn't come up in the available list of connections. Is this what was happening to you with this product?

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        Most of these kind of devices need a 2.4Ghz wifi signal (not 5Ghz). Or it could be the security protocol (though if it's that you could see it, but not connect).

        • My router provides both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wifi signals I believe, so not sure what's going on. The homebase doesn't pick up the network at all so I'm stuck connecting it to the router by Ethernet. Will have to try Eufy support.

          • @tone212: If you can work out how to - try changing the wifi channel from Auto (which it most likely is on now) to one of the numbers (and try different numbers if the first one doesn't work).

            Or try changing the wifi security protocol.

            Of course this may mess it up for other things, or you might need to reconnect them.

      • I don't have the home base so can't speak to that. But when I set up the floodcam, I set up a Guest network (2.4Ghz) and a different password to that used for the other 'non-guest' bands I've got set up. I also unchecked "Band Steering" on the router. Give that a go - it may help.

  • Same price and free delivery on amazon.com.au

  • Thanks OP. I'm still looking for one which has a decent spotlight and records 24/7, the reolink Lumus does but apparently only if you use their PVR system but it's spotlight is a bit puny compared to ones like this!

  • Is there a way for these eufy cameras (More specifically eufy wireless doorbell) to have a display panel which turns on when someone rings the bell and also able to communicate?

    I have recently bought a eufy wifi doorbell and wife is not impressed at all as she reckons without a display mounted on a wall it is cumbersome to open up phone app to see who it is at the door.

    Any help would be helpful.

    • Maybe just mount a old pad or phone on the wall?

      • May have to. So I take it there is no such thing that can do this.

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