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[PC] Desperados Collection - $4.62 (Was $18.50) via Steam


Kept these on my wish list for a while and seems to be on sale for a week. Good buy if you're into RTS games. The newest release of Desperados iii by mimimi games is really good as well.

Links to individual games:
Desperados 2
Desperados Wanted Dead or Alive


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  • I might even just get the first game for cheaper. Apparently the 2nd game was a little hit or miss depending who you ask.

  • If you enjoy these definitely look into #3. it's awesome.

  • Fun games but quite difficult I found. Need to constantly save/reload as the smallest mistake can cost you dearly.

    • Yeah these were indeed challenging. I remember back in the day (1998) I only had access to a pc for about an hour per week to play commandos (bel / bcd) 🙃