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[Switch, Pre Order] Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury $69 Delivered @ Amazon AU


The price for both games have now dropped.

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  • Should go lower before release. Like 58ish.
    PS. I know how Amazon preorder works. Do not teach me over and over again.lol

  • For peace of mind…3D World is not limited in release like All-stars?

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        Cool, I'll pick it up next year sometime, Galaxy will keep me busy for a bit

  • good price for now, but i am still going to wait.

  • Awesome game. Just ordered.

  • Rookie question… 🤯

    Can I ask what the genre’s are of these- you know, racing/demolition derby/adventure quest etc etc?

    Also, any opinions on which is likely to be better for a 6yo and a 16yo? (Yeah, I’m thinking that’s probably personal choice thing? But def happy for opinions!)

    I’m trying to avoid getting more driving/racing games as 6 yo has Mario Kart, Crash Bandicoot and one other racing game…

    He and 16 yo have completed Mario Odyssey, and they struggle to ‘get along’ (read:fight like junkyard dogs) when they play Donkey Kong together 🤦🏻‍♀️ - I guess I need to figure out which would provide the highest quantity of ‘unique‘ fun?

    I liked the look of Mario Party- because we could all play with him- but wondering if I should get one of these two instead??


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      This (Super Mario 3D World) is a great game for your situation of wanting them to play together.

      All stars is single player only, but 3 excellent games rolled into one.

      Mario Party is good, but not one if you want to avoid arguments.

      They are all 3D platformers (same genre as Odyssey).

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        Will add to the cc789 and trobed replies. I grew up with a brother who is 10 years younger.

        3D world (3D platformer) would be a good game for 6yo and 16yo to play together, I think it's okay difficulty wise.

        3D all star (3D platformer) is going to play very similarly to odyssey. Did they like the game? If they finished it I would say they enjoyed it. It's single player but they can take turns and have their own account and progression on switch. Highly recommend if they love odyssey.

        Mario party (party game) is a series of mini games on top of a board. I would recommend playing coop between them so they can work together and be less 'toxic'. There isn't much apart from replaying the mini games, I feel like it's a have 15 hours of okay fun and not to be picked up again. 16yo would be bored of it quickly.

        Unique games wise:

        Overcooked 2 (2 over 1 because of easy progression). Couch coop. Pretty easy to learn and it's pretty

        Stardew Valley (farming simulator) they have updated to include coop mode. I haven't tried the coop myself

        Smash ultimate (fighting game) lots of modes and some coop. I played smash melee and brawl and wii U with my brother growing up. We started by being in the same team and that was good fun and slowly progressed to playing against each other when he grew up. Again, having own profile is Godsend for own progression

        Lovers in dangerous space time (2D adventure coop game in space). You play as pilots in a 2D spaceship and need to move around to different parts of the ship to use turrets, to drive the ship. It's fun and colourful.

        Hope that helps

        • I will 2nd these recommendations Overcooked, Smash Ultimate and Lovers in DST, all excellent. The switch is a killer system.

      • Thank azngamer!
        He did like Odyssey- but he struggled when his big bro was out of the house… so hubby or I would be Cappy.
        I don’t think he would manage a game like Odyssey if it was only a single player game…
        Loving the sound of Stardew Valley and the space game!! Never heard of either of them- will go look them up now- thanks so much 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

      • Thank you cc789!
        Great to know about Mario Party- We def want to avoid the arguments!!
        And really don’t want single player games- he has Spiro and loved playing it… for a couple of days- but he doesn’t play it at all anymore because he wants someone to play with him (he is 6 after all haha!)
        We will get this one then 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • Both of these games are 3d platformers with different styles.

      Super Mario 3D All-Stars is all single player, like Mario Odyssey. Gameplay is also similar to Mario odyssey so if they liked that they should like these games too as long as they are not put off by older graphics - this is a remaster of old games.

      I havent played super mario 3d world but I played a similar one on DS and it was great. It's multi player and more linear than a game like Mario odyssey. Should be a great one for kids to play together but keep in mind it isn't releasing until Feb next year.

      • Thank you Trobed… I hadn’t realized that this one isn’t out until next year 🤦🏻‍♀️
        Sigh - it couldn’t just be easy, could it haha…
        Appreciate the heads up 👍🏼👍🏼

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      You want Super Mario 3D World.

      It's arguably the best family couch co-op game of all time and suitable for all ages.

      Make sure you have a controller too so you can play it with them.

      (The All Stars games are SINGLE PLAYER ONLY. And also, they are older games being re-released for nostalgia.)

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        Great- thanks ItsMeAgro!
        I actually really enjoy playing with him (had a MegaDrive as a kid and Sonic rocked my world 🥳), so will make sure all of the controllers are charged up 👍🏼👍🏼

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      Another vote for Super Mario 3D world. It allows multiple players, and the gameplay means that your 16yo can help the 6you through the more challenging parts.

      I play this with my (just now) 5yo and she does ok for the most part.

      Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is also great but would be a bit tough for the 6YO

      • Thanks Timbo83- that’s the Donkey Kong we have too!
        And the 6yo just gets yelled at by the 16yo because he always forgets that he has to wait for his big brother, and he races off the screen (killing/drowning his brother in the process 🤣)
        Think we’re def going to go the 3D World 👍🏼

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    I think I'll wait until closer to launch for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury to see what deals come out… although Amazon does have a good track record of price matching.

  • My preorder has dropped for 3D world + Bowsers Fury, is now 63.32 too.

  • Me: I could go playing 3D World again. (profanity) it, you got me.

    Me a second later: Wait, if I ask Josh to bring back the Wii U I lent him indefinitely like a year and a half ago, I could play it now instead of waiting to February, and play it for free. Shit. Nah, I think I better buy it again.

    • The Wii U control self discharges in just 3 weeks. You should cycle your Wii U every 3 months. Get it back.

      • The tablet thing? I lent it to him ages ago to play BotW but before that I left it for months on end without charging or using it, quite often. Never had an issue myself. Also have a spare Wii U sitting in the laundry for over a year that's not been used in all that time. I'll plug it in later and see how it fares, but cheers for the heads up.

  • Man I love Super Mario and all but this catalogue on Nintendo switch is a bit of a joke… Only one new Mario platformer and just re-release the old stuff?

  • Isn't it better to wait till closer to release so you can use shopback/cashrewards? afaik pre orders need to be shipped before 60 days for cashback to be rewarded.

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      Amazon is 0% for video games re cashback.

      • Just had a look, I never knew. Was that recent? I swear you used to get cashback for games…

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          How long ago since you bought your last game/console/gaming accessories on Amazon?

          0% cash back from CR/SB for video games have been months.

          • @FrugalNotStingy: i buy them often i just never noticed no cashback anymore…. It still goes through just for $0 lol

  • Cancelled Amazon's order and placed an order on HN instead.

    Paid $114 for Super Mario 3D World + Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled + 51 Worldwide Games. Better buy IMO.

    • Paid with LatitudePay to get this cheap?

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