Nokia 3310 3G (Unlocked) $45 + Delivery or Click & Collect @ JB Hi-Fi


Only available in charcoal colour.
Being 3G only it may be of questionable use, and it doesn't seem capable of running the old Nokia J2ME/Java apps and games.
Lowest price ever according to pricehipster, although it has been cheaper when purchased network locked.
(First time poster, sorry if I've made a mistake)

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  • who's still using the 3g band?

    • What does that mean? Every provider has 3G operating on the vast majority (dare I say 99%) of their towers. My phone still occasionally falls back to 3G in areas where there is poor 4G signal.

      • It means that when I take my old Kindle 3G out of the house, I can rarely find a 3G signal for it to connect to.

      • Some places are 4g only now, your phone has to have 4g volte to make/receive calls.

        • Tell me Where? A Telstra technician told me they will support Nokia 3 G phones well into 2024. Voice and texts guaranteed but no guarantee on data speeds. If I would make a Telsta plan they would then give me a free modem if I make 2 plans.

          • @payless69: Babinda is one I know. Both my wife and I got texts saying there is no 3G available anymore and only 4g phones with voLTE will be able to make calls .
            Both our phones are not voLTE so we could not make any calls.

            Message said something like - you are in a 4g only area (the whole town). Your device does not have 4g calling capability. This means you are not able to make voice/emergency calls. If you cannot enable 4g calling on your phone you will have this issue every time you are in this area.

    • I keep my iPhone on 3G all the time to save battery, never a problem in Sydney and Western suburbs.

      • is there an app you need to use to do that? i dont have an apple but wasn't aware you could actively change

        • I know on Pixel phones you can, and I assumed it was the same with all phones.

          You can set 4G as preferred, or force 3G.

        • settings > mobile > mobile data options > enable 4g

          and the options are either off, voice & data or data only

  • +2 votes

    Can you play Snake on it at least?

    Might get it just for that.

  • I had got the Vodafone Red version from Coles (or Woolies - don't recollect) couple of years back for $29. Just to play snake game .. Though the game was nowhere close to classic, I wasn't disappointed :)
    Also bought unlock code so i can use as backup phone. Does not have wifi and I have never used the 3G mode on this phone.

  • I had 1 of these, and there is a bug which affects the call
    1/2 of the time in a call that the conversation sounds blur, while hang up and call again will return to normal.
    the issue is totally random.

  • Other than the battery life, worst dumbphone I've ever used, mainly due to the dreadful D-pad.

  • I have one of these and would not recommend. It’s really horrible experience and the original phone is heaps better.

  • Isn't 3G stopping in like 36 months?

  • maybe you can put KaiOS on it for better ui experiances and webapps?

    edit nope not compatible but there are other cheap phones supported

  • idk, but why

  • it doesn't seem capable of running the old Nokia J2ME/Java apps and games.

    It absolutely does let you. I played the shit out of Spider-Man 3, Guitar Hero World Tour, and several others that I played on my actual button phones in the day. Also there's a GameBoy / Color emulator that works surprisingly well (but no sound) called MeBoy you can get, but you have to set it up on a PC with what games you want.

  • doesn't seem capable of running the old Nokia J2ME/Java apps and games.

    Neither the original one

  • Damn it. Ordered one. Then thinking why!!!

  • Any deals going for Symbian phones?

  • The 2.3 star reviews on ProductReview is a big clue these phones are kind of… not usable? Here are some random snippets I found:

    • Reviewer 1: Awful call quality, sometimes the line? or handset? garbles the call so badly as to be 100% unintelligible for either party.

    • Reviewer 1, Part 2: Has a bunch of annoying "smart phone bugs" like random crashes of apps like messages, or some strange thing where the phone kept repeating the last 6 message I received over and over like someone was sending them to me at a rate of 6 a second until I closed the app and reopened it

    • Reviewer 3: I've found the call quality to be hit and miss. Sometimes it's clear then other times (and I'd say about 70% of the time) I just can't make out what the caller is saying.

    • Reviewer 4: Both the battery life and the call quality have not been up to the brandsrevious reputation. Calls drop out or can not be understood despite appearing to have good coverage. The battery lasts barely beyond a day despite only being used for phone and sms services.

    • Reviewer 5: Around 30% of the calls I make or receive are absolutely unintelligible. The call quality is so bad that I have to hang up. This is embarrassing. When I call back the call quality is usually excellent. The problem is not related to the person I am calling and is totally random. My network (Optus) is aware of the problem with the Nokia 3310 and indicate it is related to the way the phone sources phone towers during calls. I contacted HMD regarding the problem and they suggested I replace the sim card.

  • I could live with a dumb phone if it had a good camera. Does anyone know if such a thing exists?

    • Many smartphones of today use special drivers and AI processing to enchance images, good example would be iPhones, oppo and Pixel phones which all use some kind of processing / neural network stuff to analyze the scene and make your shots look better.

      Dumb phones can't do that and they don't have enough processing power to run a smartphone camera like a Sony IMX586. Software trickery contributes to a lot to image quality and it's not just about the lens and Cmos sensor.

      • Very good point. Thanks scrimshaw.

      • Interesting. I did not know that!

      • I don't think you are explaining very well here.

        AI and software trickery is great for night photos without flash, HDR is great to allow different areas to be less or more exposed (Taking a photo with a bright sky in the background for example). Then there's portrait mode and other features or filters.

        Most other situations else doesn't require much software/AI, a decent camera can match or exceed a camera using software trickery/AI that isn't in the above situations.

        I'll also mention that traditional cameras don't have software/AI but can take very nice photos.

        Also a lot of cheap phones can run modded versions of gcam, Google's camera, which contains all of the above software trickery, but that only helps a bad camera to some degree.

        • It's a super-simplified version, but essentially what I wanted to say was the software tricks usually makes up for a lot of the user's lack of photography skills, and to a degree the shortcomings of a crappy cmos sensor

          And yeah it probably is untrue to say that 'software trickery contributes to a lot'. Maybe would've been 'some degree'.

          • @scrimshaw: I think your point is essentially right: you can't have a good digital camera without a decent image processor. That's how I read it.

  • Cheapest $99 on ebay

  • Does anyone know if its dual sim or single sim ? It doesnt mention clearly.

    It comes in both variants.

  • Fire in the hole…

  • How does this compare to the Samsung fold?

  • No Band28… No deal!!!

  • It looks cute and is very cheap - so I bought 50 of them in March (at a relatively higher price) to enable my team to work from home at the start of COVID. A stunning 9 of them failed due to various reasons. JBHIFI refunded them without any issues.

  • narco's favourate

  • Ahh the old Nokia phones. This was the time when life was a bit simpler then. Good ol' days, nuthin' beats it.

  • I'm looking for a cheap dumbphone that can hold the charge, mostly needed it for calls and occasional text messages. Any recommendations?

  • Band 28 ? Coles has a Telstra prepaid usually for half price, way under $50 with a year warranty.

  • I've used this as a phone for multiday hiking. It lasts at least 4 days. I had a separate etrex GPS for navigation. Next time I'll just take my smartphone.

    The worst thing is the number pad is not locked for safety reasons, and having it loose can dial 000. I've had it at 2 zeros before. So you will need a case to stop that.

    Very bad camera!

    Otherwise a very good phone for making calls. Clear speaker and mic.

  • Pretty sure it hasn't had even a single firmware update.