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Apple iPhone 11 64GB $1099 | 128GB $1179 | 256GB $1349 @ JB Hi-Fi


Back on sale for another week. Not the cheapest it has been, but the best price at the moment with price match @ OW.

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  • Should wait for the iPhone 12 next week

    • Wow it really has been a year already.. I should revoke my own vote

    • Is next week October?

    • Rumor is that next week's announcement is for new Apple Watch and iPad. The next iPhone announcement may happen in October.

      • 22nd September for sure. We know this due to a Twitter emoticon they paid millions for expiring 28th September - they would have it be valid a few days after the event.

  • A week away from potential iPhone 12 announcement. Hold off, even if you want an 11 as will drop in price more.

    • XR hasn’t dropped much more, if prices go up for the 12 this may be close to as good as it gets

      • I’ve got an XR and am pretty surprised they kept it around instead of replacing it with the very very similar iPhone 11 altogether.

        There’s no point holding on for a price drop. They drop ever so slightly or get shelved altogether.

        The best bet might be to see if Costco have Manager Specials on runout stock.

    • A friend wants me to buy this on my Coles price protection CC so if it does drop, we'll be covered. Would it be worthwhile?

      • I don't use any CC schemes so wouldn't be able to comment on how they work. Maybe someone else can chip in.

  • Apple’s special event is on 16th September.

  • nah…… not even a deal. Just a couple more days from iphone 12 release…..

  • This is like buying a 2080ti

  • Buy it…if you have 28 degrees price protection lmao

  • Considering that the nvidia 3000 series are to be released next month, it'll be unreasonable to go for the RTX 2070 super…oh wait wrong post.

  • If you want an iPhone just get the 11 or 11 pro unless you want the iPhone 12 and want to be able to say you have spotty 5G reception and reduced battery life 😂 JBs pricing is great, I can't see the price going lower any time soon, even the iPhone XS Max from JB is still big $$$$$ and its 2 years old

  • Can it be used as price match at Officework?

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    don't buy this. rtx 3070 runs on par with 11 pro max and is only $499 usd


    How much do you guys think the iphone 12 is going to cost when it comes out? Because I know that even when the iPhone 12 comes out, this price for the iPhone 11 is probably going to be the best that you can get. I've been searching for iphones the past couple of days, they don't even sell the iphone X or iphone XS at major retailers anymore! Even if the iPhone 12 comes out, the price for iphone 11 will probably stay fixed at around 1099 at JB and Officeworks right? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also any guesses for the iPhone 12 release price? If it's going to be around 1.2k, I might wait it out.. If it's going to be like 1.5k, i might just buy this now.

    • The price of iphone 11 64g will be around $899

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        The price of iphone 11 64gb at apple site is 1199 right now, doesn't apple usually drop the price of their previous models by 100 dollars once a new one comes out? That is what happened to the iphone XS when iphone 11 came out. What you're saying is they're going to drop the price by 300 dollars once a newer model comes out, and I don't think Apple's ever done that before.

        • I think he/she is making that assumption based on the iphone XS 64gb sale at JB in Christmas(?) which was around $899 or $999.

        • every year after the launch, the old basics model will drop to 899-1000 and the Pro models will off the market.

      • iPhone 11 64g is on 9/9 special at Pingduoduo (china) for 790 only.
        iPhone is so overpriced in Australia.

  • This isnt a deal, this is offloading stock where the price is going to plumet in the next few weeks.

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      how much do you think it's going to plummet by?

      • I feel like you could at the very least save another 50-150

        Most iPhones have 159$ margin on them, so there's already a pinch of margin on this deal.

    • Never seen price for Apple ’plummet’, can’t wait

  • Apple events on 15th of september via some tech experts on their FB pages

  • The iphone 11 is $299 on a $99 12 month plan. Maybe cheaper to sign up on a plan and pay the early termination fee $594. Comes to $893.

  • If you can get 5% off gift card for JB so it will workout to be the same price as OW after price matching

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    I've put a lot of thought into this, since I'm currently looking to buy an iPhone. Conclusion is, don't buy now. If you look at this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/507182 from December last year, JB sold the iPhone XS 64GB (Release $1629) at $999. Now I might be being too hopeful, but if we assume similar drops in price, that means JB will sell the iPhone 11 Pro 64GB (RRP $1749) at the $1000 dollar range December this year, after iPhone 12 comes out and they have to clear stocks for unsold iPhone 11 Pros. So basically if you wait three months, you'll be able to get a iPhone 11 Pro for the price of a iPhone 11 right now, and this seems like a no brainer to me. Now this is assuming that the price drops will be similar to iPhone XS, but hey, I guess there is a precedent. Fingers crossed. (Although, if iPhone Pro drops to $1100 let's say, what will the iPhone 11 drop to? 600 bucks? That seems highly unlikely! I've got no idea. so i'm interested to hear your thoughts on this.)

  • I didn’t want to wait for an 11 price drop and didn’t not want a 12 so manage to get an 11 128GB for $1079.
    I got this extra $100 discount by calling up about the $299 Telstra deal and saying the 64GB was not enough and was there any deal available for the 128GB.
    NOTE: transaction had to be completed online via a custom link they emailed through and I could not completed in store, ie. could not use vouchers.

    • PS - I did not to take up the Telstra plan either, ie. was a separate standalone transaction.

    • Did you call JB or Telstra?I'm guessing JB?
      They sold me apple care when I picked up the iP 11 128 and told me that it covered for me 4 years (damage and battery replacement). But the document only said 2 years. Wondering if I have a case for mis-selling.

  • Best way to get the iPhone 11 as discounted as possible?

    With Suncorp I think the best options are 6% on Apple Store gift cards (+$3 delivery) or 7.23% on HN gift cards (+$4 delivery) - with Apple Store gift cards the good thing is that you can purchase any amount you like, whilst with HN you can only buy in increments of $100 or/and $500.

    Anyone has tips on how to maximise the bargain?