6-Way Surge Protector Powerboard With Four USB-A Ports & One 15W USB-C Port $29.99 @ ALDI

6 outlets
4 x USB-A ports
1 x 15W USB-C port
Overload protection
175J surge protected
Also Available in White
1 Year Warranty

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    (Or would that be a a Choceur Mountain Barerboard considering it's from Aldi…)


  • Unusual to see the earth pin at the top. Obviously they have opted for minimal design changes from the China version.

  • Can anyone clarify the difference between overload protection and surge protection?
    Is surge when too much is pushed from the mains, and overload is when not able to pull enough from mains?

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      Overload is when what you plug in pulls more power (power = watts = current x voltage) than mains can provide. Say, you plug five heaters into the powerboard. Say each heater is rated for 1000W, that would be 5x 1000W = 5000W which is more than a typical domestic power point or powerboard is rated for. (eg. 10 amp circuit, max power is 240volts x 10 amps = 2400Watts)

      Surge is when you get a surge due to malfunction in street (say, lightning strike or transformer failure). This may result in voltage coming down the line that is higher than "normal" - eg normal is 220/240v, surge is 700v or similar - doesn't have to be 700v, just has to be more than 240v).

      simplified summary but it's late :) - hope it helps

      • Yeah that helps, thank you!
        Looking at replacing my powerboard for my desk; PC, 2 screens, and occasionally laptop charger and/or phone(s) plugged in.
        Just wanted to double check whether I add all the Voltages or the Watts for the devices to prevent overloading my mains.

        • Or to simplify further, overload protection stops you pulling too much power through the powerboard with your devices, surge protection stops outside forces pushing too much power through it from the grid.

          So long as you're not trying to run a toaster and kettle at the same time on it it will be fine.

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          For PC, 2 screens, laptop charger and phone, that will all be OK on one powerboard.

          Just don't be running your clothes dryer, heater, hair dryer and curling iron from the same powerboard at the same time or somebody's gonna get hurt real bad :)

      • In which case would you replace the board?

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    Hopefully this one won't have any coil whine.

  • 175J surge protected

    So it won't protect shit. Don't use this on your PC, hi fi system, or any other valuable item.

    • what's a good amount do you know?

      • Depends on what electrical item it is. PC/hifi/console/high valuable items 2k+.

        Lamps and phone chargers few hundred is fine.

        This Australian brand is really good, and can be found far below RRP on ebay or when on sale. Great for your most valuable things.

        These Belkin Pro ones I think are 2k, not as good but typically more affordable.

        Evening things at Bunnings like these Australian brands are 525, which I use just for my basic appliances. Just make sure you check the Joule rating as many at Bunnings are cheap and very low.

        175 is just too low to even bother for anything imo, pay a bit more.

        • +100 for the Thor boards.

          Lightning hit a telegraph poll just outside of my house. Adsl modem was fried, TV was fried, luckily all my main PC setup was on Thor Smart Board 8 - it saved me a couple grands and a massive headache. Great Aussie products.

        • Just get a sparky to install a few $120 Clipsal surge protectors outlets
          $400 powerboards?

          • @nephilim: I just looked those Clipsal ones up and they're several hundred dollars per outlet?

            Lastly I got all my THOR boards way below RRP, think I payed $50 per 4 socket one. Don't look at the RRP, I was merely using their website to show the brand.

          • @nephilim: I got it for $180 back then, it's been 7 years now and still works fine.
            Second, it saved me $2000 worth of hardware at least once and God knows how much in terms of data & headache, so yeah, money well spent.
            Third, I'm renting and doing electrical installs vs buying my own board, kinda no brainer.

  • Been using this type of power board for months now and if I'm not mistaken (I could be though) I paid it cheaper from Bunnings.

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  • i got this last time it was at Aldi.
    realised it doesnt work when you need to place it against the wall as cables come from both sides…it needs flat open space.
    poor design. Bunnings have a better range

    • I have to disagree, if it suits your needs it performs very well. It’s obvious from the packaging that it has ports both sides.

  • Do you suppose it has mounting holes, to mount on the wall?

  • As it's not listed would assume the usb a ports are only 1amp each, so fairly slow. Maybe someone knows

    • The spec says DC 5V, Total 6.2A Max. (For both USB and USB-C ports). You are correct, if you only use the USB-A ports, it will work out to be around 1.5A per port.

  • What's the response time on the surge protection?

  • Is the plug that goes into the wall a regular type, or 90° Type?

    • Don’t know why this got a downvote. The site doesn’t show a picture of the wall plug, and if you intent to plug it into an outlet that’s behind a chest, or some other furniture, the 90° angled plug lets the chest sit more flush against the wall. It’s a valid question.

  • It’s ok got it from ALDI and only complaint was one USB slot was narrow and not useable but the rest of it has been working fine so far.

  • Bought it last time and regretted it. It makes cables bend badly so I ended up plugging in another extension cord in it. It looks nice, but design is so bad.

    I would not recommend this product.

  • Picked one up. This is trash.

    If you have power packs plugged in, you need to balance them or it topples.

    If you have a power pack, the weight of it will tilt it away from the board and expose the pins.

    You really need to jam your pins to get it into some of the sockets.

    Seems clever, but is garbage. Will return it.