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TP-LINK AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 Router $120 @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Seems like the cheapest WiFi 6 router I could find. Can’t speak for the performance of this router but it looks alright based on this review:


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The Good Guys Commercial
The Good Guys Commercial

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    The router is fast…but sadly not the internet in Australia.

    • Speak for yourself. I have a Gigabit Fibre plan through an NBN provider. Getting 900Mbps on some sites.

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        Not sure why you got negged when plenty of people have gigabit capable NBN connections (2 million or so). Enough people to be considered as decent sized market.

        • No sure either. Maybe just people with a chip on their shoulder who can't believe there are a decent percentage people out there who have acess to Gigabit NBN connections at their home.

  • Good performance compared to RT-AC68U (in my testing) but fewer features for advanced networking

    • That has wifi 6?

      • I’m using that router at the moment and it doesn’t have wifi 6, though is widely regarded as one of the best AC routers.

      • Yes apples to oranges but as stated using a known-good device as a baseline

  • And how do we get in with a membership to the website do we need some special email or do we have to be a staff member or something?

    We run a construction business with an ABN does that help.

  • That's a fake one. Anything below 1800 is not AX…:-)

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      mind to explain why? just curious if you have a link to share…

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        He doesn't know that you can market your product as WiFi 6 without it utilising the 160Mhz bandwidth.
        The best features of WiFi 6 are OFMDMA and MU-MIMO. The incremental speed increase is not what wifi 6 is all about.

        • How does a normal ac2600 type router compare to a wifi6 one at 1800 spec?

          Range? Total as well as usable speeds at the long end of the range.
          Peak mb/s?
          Heavy user load?

          These are the 3 main things right?

          Obviously the older router with higher bitrate will have advantage on peak mbs but other 2 aspects?

          • @voter1: The number after ac or ax doesnt mean a lot in term of normal usage scenario as you quoted. Range is all about antenna configuration/ quality (and the obstructing materials if you're within the line of sight with the wireless AP. Multi-AP set up always give you better speed/usability than a massive 11 antenna inverted spider looking AP. That said, you might not be able to tell the difference if you live in a small-medium home and not on a gigabit plan.
            Heavy user/device load gets better with each standard and ax is revolutionary I terms of putting multiple low bandwidth devices (smart home shits) into smaller sub-channels, leaving room for high bandwidth use like video streaming. You only gets to use ax features if both clients and router have ax though.

        • Ah yes… I know some of these words…

  • it maybe the cheapest Wifi 6 router for Aus stock, but definitely not the cheapest Wifi 6 router. Redmi AX5 is probably the cheapest Wifi 6 routher on the market, which selling less than AUD$60 on Aliexpress.

    Xiaomi AX1800 can be found for around on Aliexpress AUD$70 and they support Mesh as well. I bought 2 when they were on sale and works beautifully as mesh network.

    • TGG is local store selling with local warranty, can't compare it to Aliexpress cheap junk

      • I did say it maybe the cheapest for an Aus stock. However, I won't call Xiaomi AX1800 cheap junk as it's works pretty good for me when compared to $100+ local stock.

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          when you receive the product without local warranty and its turns out to be a faulty unit, it becomes cheap junk

  • Can anyone confirm that it is ok to be use with TP link Wi-Fi Mesh System AX1800 or AC2200 M9 Plus

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      My understanding is this won't act as a mesh router add to these systems. Is designed to be used as a stand-alone router. To add to the mesh systems you would want to look at any of the TP-Link Deco's.

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