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Samsung T7 SSD 500GB - $118.15 / 1TB - $211.65 Delivered @ Azeshop eBay


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Good prices for the T7 SSD, these don't have the fingerprint reader and are only available in blue but still offer the same speeds.

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  • 99$ with fingerprint in Binglee, several days ago.

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      Did you buy one? Have you received it?

      • I bought one and received it like 3/4 days after

        • are you in melbourne?

          • @bkhm: Gold Coast

            • @UrbionPT: Ah I see, mines been stuck in Sydney for over a week

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      Didn't realise we had to give our fingerprints to make purchases /s

  • eBay plus should do a $79 1tb deal like back in 2019

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      I should be able to holiday in Singapore like back in 2019.

      • Relatable

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    The following is copy/paste from the Samsung Education Store
    Portable SSD T7 MU-PC1T0H/WW Select Size: 500GB $156.75, 1TB $284.25, 2TB $501.75
    So Azeshop is significantly under cutting their price, Good on em!!

  • Are these easy to install to replace a HDD or sit beside it?

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      Its a portable one, connect by usb c or normal usb

  • Really tempting tho already got a wavelink with a sammy ssd inside

  • Can it be useful for the new generation of consoles, considering this?

    • They must have a USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 port to fully utilise this SSD speed.

      • 3.2 Gen 2 should also be fine, you only lose 50mb/s.

  • I got Officeworks to price beat Amazon last week for $115. Delivered in 2 days!

    • Did you call them to pricebeat and ordered thru phone?

      • yep

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    Thoughts on this vs getting a 500GB Kingston A2000 for abouy $74 and a nice NVMe enclosure with a USB 3.2 chipset?

    Would come out to the same price and the NVMe has a bit more utility.

    • planning to do so. Any recommendations for the enclosure?

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