$2000 Refinance Cashback Offer For Loans Above $250k, Owner Occupied 2 Years Fixed Rate from 2.19% @ NAB


NAB refinance cashback offer - from 2.19% 2 years fixed

P&I packaged HOME LOAN ($395 annual fee)

  • 2.19% for 2 years fixed rate (CPR 4.02%)
  • Packaged Variable rate will vary depending on loan size and Loan to Value Ratio

  • 2.69% for Basic Variable rate (CPR 2.69%)

Refinance $2K cashback offer
* Refinance must be settled before 31/01/2021
* Loan amount must be above $250k - including any additional cash out amount
* <80% loan to value ratio
* P&I loans only

$500 VISA broker giftcard - our gift to you for any refinances of $500k or higher net of offset or redraw with at least 50% on fixed rate.

What is a comparison rate (CPR)?
Comparison rate can very often be misleading as it uses assumptions that are often irrelevant to an individuals circumstances. Typically it assumes a loan size of $150k over 25 year loans term which is irrelevant to majority of borrowers. It also assumes the borrower will remain with the same lender for the whole 25 years on a revert rate which is also unrealistic as most Australians refinance their home loans every 2 – 4 years. So often comparison rates can cause more confusion than help. However due to government regulations, banks and brokers MUST quote these CPR when quoting a home loan interest rate. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to look at the actual interest rate & repayment (including fees) for the same loan amount over the same specified period when you compare loans. We can help in doing this accurately and systematically.

For further details about this deal or other 35 lenders we work with, please contact directly via email or phone. Alternatively, you can book in a phone call with me on the link below. Messages on Ozbargain may receive delayed response. Thank you.

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Mortgage Adviser
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