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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte AM4 ITX B450 I AORUS PRO Wi-Fi DDR4 Motherboard $179.10 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Decent deal for a mini itx. AMD have recently announced they will enable compatability for their upcoming Zen 3 processors on b450 motherboards so relatively future proof although it's pcie 3.0 and no type c.

Non-ebayplus member price $189.05 delivered.

If you're set on pcie 4.0 then the b550m from Amazon US through Amazon AU is a pretty good deal atm. It's a budget board so there are some compromises as covered here

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  • It hurts so much as an ozbargainer when you buy something only to find in a short space of time that you could have saved $30.

    • try only buying the item you need when its posted on ozbargain?

      I'm currently in need of a sofa/couch for my new apartment but won't purchase one until someone post a bargain for it

      • It could have been worse. I could have bought a 2080ti.
        Btw, just bought a 2+3 couch through Facebook Market Place and picking it up tomorrow. Great Bargain.

        • +3 votes

          Yeh im not comfortable getting a 2nd hand couch as you can't tell how dirty it is and whats been absorbed in it