[NSW] Mirabella Genio Wi-Fi 9W 800lm Wi-Fi LED Bulb $4.50 @ Woolworths South Gate


Not sure if it is State or AU wide.

Pretty cheap for wifi bulb, various colour and sockets available earlier today.

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  • Bought these when they were half price for $15 each. Would check my local store later

  • Just tried my local store, $30. Had the ends of the discount labels that were ripped off. Must have been an earlier pricing error that has been fixed, Shame

  • Just wondering where is the Woolworths south gate? It is on Slyvania?

  • $30 in Cockburn WA - shame

  • $30 @greenway shopping village colebee nsw

    Edit: read the label in the photo. Looks like it’s the price for cool white which scanned @$20.
    Also interesting to note that the label in the photo mentions standard price $5 / save 60c - would love to buy at that standard price 🤣

  • Anyone know when the colour ones go on sale again (although I do wish they went a bit brighter)
    I've seen Woolies and Kmart drop them as low as $15 each.

  • just looking at the label vs package. the label refers to the Edison Screw type globe, 800 lumen, cool white globe. Woolies needs to seriously add the barcode numbers to their labels. the globe pictured i doubt would scan at $4.50

    • There were a few edison screw ones in the pile, as well that it is cool white.

      No idea if the staffs were 1. Lazy and just stacked them all there 2. Cant read. Or Woolies' labelling is plain sht.

      Didnt buy one, no need for it. So cant confirm.