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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi 34" Curved Gaming Monitor $568.76 Delivered @ Ninja Buy eBay


Even cheaper for people trying to save afew bucks with free express shipping, also remember your cashbacks!~

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Edit: Back in stock

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  • Cant find any 499?

    • @ fantoo can you post a link?

    • There was the eBay 21st B'day deal one with Alphones, but they sold out in like 8 minutes.

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        more like 1 minute

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          Was 4 minutes, quite easy to buy compared to other items like the Jordan 1.

          • @Jasonissm: Yeah, I think a bunch of people got stuck on the payment gateways D:

          • @Jasonissm: Jordan 1s were for sale??

            • @kuwahshi: Yes and disappeared in 10 seconds.

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        defs less than 3mins. i checked at 4.02 and it was already all gone

        • Yeah I'd believe that. My PayPal receipt 16:00:53. Once I had gone back to my account I went to check if there was any left for my mate who was on the fence but already sold out. Crazy how quick they went.

    • You guys are lucky, I accidentally click the button and now it said ''you are committed to buy'', cannot even cancel the order, have to request to cancel, feeling sick.
      any idea to cancel it? how likely I have to pay for it?

      • As long as you haven't paid, it's quite easy, just contact seller or ebay customer service

      • All good, I remember when some (insert expletive) won the auction on my item and never paid for it. I said to ebay, "people who bid/commit to buy are legally binded to purchase as per your message". The ebay consultant said yes that is true. But didnt do jack. So i think youll be safe.

      • did you end up cancelling it? happy to buy it off you if not.

        • Canceled it already, there is only one left at the store, but I don't think you can buy it at the discounted price.

    • I managed to snag one in the first minute.

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    So far, NiuxTech and Gizmochina did detailed review of this unit.

    Some random stranger on reddit mentioned the panel used is newer revision of Samsung C34F791. Sound like a decent guess.

    • One of my co-workers recently bought himself this monitor and he is loving it and is very happy with his purchase.

      i just read the review on gizmodochina's site - Anyone looking for comment fails check out PurpleCarrot's comment and the responses - surprised it hasn't been deleted.

    • TechTablets on YouTube did a review just the other day.


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    Forgot check at 4pm…

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      Set myself an alarm on my phone for 3:45 just so I wouldn't forget

      • set alarm, opened it on time, get to checkout but too slow when confirming with afterpay

  • How does a single big screen compare to 2 x smaller screens? Any advantages?

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      u wont have that bezzle down the middle when watchin porn

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        cuckchump with the save once again

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      I got this screen and used to have two 24s (flat 1080p). I find that I can do pretty much the same thing as I used to but now it's just one screen. I really like this, although I do also have my laptop screen that I used to use with the 24s too.

      Advantages: better res, no bezels, about 10-20% less desk space, feels more natural with the curve, overall the viewing experience is better, less connections than two screens, much nicer when using project and excel, I can use three windows side by side in 4k (I was using two windows docs and a PDF).

      Disadvantages: more expensive than two 24, 1080ps, the two 24s have edges that are easier to snap windows to, I can't really think of any others atm.

      I am planning, if I get in the situation that I want more screen space, to get another screen, probably a 24 and put it next to it but don't think I will.

      I don't mean to be biased but I'm really enjoying the screen and was also very cautious prior to buying as I love working across two or three screens. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

      • Have you tried PbP to use as two "seperate" screens to more easily snap windows?

        • From my experience, PbP has meant two separate inputs splitting the screen in half and it was very squished horizontally. I haven't used any software options as I haven't needed to so far whilst using it in the one source.

        • isnt that for 2 computers / sources

          like run computer on left and console on right

      • thats good to know, I am currently using one 24 display and was thinking about whether to get another 24. i bought this ultrawide today and was a bit worry about productivity as i mainly use it for work. Since my 24 is still within 15 days I can return it to dell for a full refund and just stick with one ultra wide. I am hoping I can open like 3 most often used applications side by side on this ultrawide to boost my productivity.

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          I think you should be able to do that, I haven't snapped them to a particular side of the screen or anything, I just have them hovering as I don't find I need them to be top to bottom. Give it a go and see how you go. I'm not sure if Xiaomi have a software built in that allows the ability to organise the windows as some other manufacturers do; there might be an app available that could help with this.

      • Thanks for the solid write up. I don't have any specific questions, just so used to two screens at work that I worry I'd end up not using a big one to it's potential.

        • My pleasure man, glad it helped. Give it a go, if you like its great, if not, you know what you do.

  • I missed the ebay deal but I saw it was being sold by Allphones. It has 2 yrs warranty. This seller and official Xiaomi seller is giving 3 yrs warranty. So I guess the extra $68 for the extra 1 yr warranty is not too bad after all.

    • kogan is presale

    • Is it AU stock or grey import version?

      • On the Kogan page, it says ''This product is covered by the Customer Charter and comes with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.'' The tricky part is Kogan never mention how many years warranty, it only tells you can buy extended care.

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    Back in stock…

  • comment made in error

  • how is the ghosting on this monitor? Can't find anything about it…would really like to know so I can consider it the next time it goes on sale

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      I've been using it for work, playing CS:GO (low res and settings to minimum as I'm running from a laptop), playing PS4 (1080p 60hz) and watching stuff (3440x1440 120hz) and haven't noticed any. From memory, others have noticed a bit but most reviews say it's fine. Some people have done video reviews whilst playing and suggest maybe checking them out and see what you think.

      • Hmm… I might pick it up as a place holder monitor… I'm have a constant fear about monitor technologies advancing as soon as a buy a new monitor. Luckily this is affordable enough to not worry about something way better releasing soon as it will probably be double the price of this.

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          Yeh, I was looking around for a mate and couldn't really find something comparable in around the same price range, was going to be closer to $2k.

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      This is probably as comprehensive a review as you're gonna find on this kind of thing. The AOC model tested uses the exact same panel as the Xiaomi, so performance should be very similar.

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    Grabbed one from here on Tuesday, was delivered by Thursday. Very happy.

    • What do u think of the monitor so far?

      • Oh nevermind, didn't see the last part. Glad to know you're happy with it, thinking of getting one.

        • +1

          So far so good. Using it mainly for work atm. Have had a bit of a gaming session but I dont have many 21:9 compatible games to get the full experience. Either way, upgraded from a very old 24" monitor so its night and day the difference for me.

  • Does anyone know how heavy this monitor is? I've seen places say 10.5kg. I'm interested to know if it is under 9kg without the stand to use with my F80.

  • I'm still waiting for mine to come. Should have been here Tuesday. Doesn't look like it's coming today.
    Anyone else had similar issues in Melbourne? The courier CouriersPlease is so bad. I'm starting to lose it.

    • Yeah still waiting on mine. Delivering to Melbourne…but guess my estimated delivery was 16-24th of Sept.

      Mostly just worried the tracking hasn't updated since the 16th where it was apparently handed over to Auspost as tracking is showing:

      transferred to AP COUNTRY AGENT with Agent COURIERS PLEASE

      Hopefully it will come for both of us soon.

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