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TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug $19 + Delivery (1 Per Customer) @ Computer Alliance


Needs no explanation, smart plug for your dumb appliances.

Have several of these around the house myself.

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    You might be better off buying it through CenterCom - postage is $8.63 @ CenterCom vs $10 @ CA (for me at least). However, C&C also seems to be available for me (at CA)
    Might even be lucky and able to get it @ AusPost for $9.95

  • How do these work guys, if I have a computer is like to turn on would it do it? (Or would I still need to press the power button?) or is it more for lamps, where the switch on the lamp is always on and these just turn the power on? Thanks in advance

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      The latter i.e. it's like turning the wall switch on and off and won't turn the item on if the item's own control isn't on. So you'll still need to push a button on a computer. However, you might be able to set it such that it turns on at power restoration (in the BIOS) but you'll need to check that.

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        yeah it's the same as at the wall. But my BIOS and other have a setting for wake on the restoration of AC power which would allow you to then remote turn on.
        I plug a powerboard into this and then have a stack of devices at my desk on it, Screen, Speakers, pretty much anything I don't want idling away.

  • Do people use surge protectors with these? If so, plugging it into a surge protector or plug the protector into the smart plug?

  • What's the best use case scenario of this one? I tried to use it for Kettle but Kettle switch either have to be left on on it won't work. So I thinking where else is it best suited?

    • I use mine for:
      Usb powered led strip's
      Sandwich press
      Jaffle maker

      • Led strips are nice and cool idea.

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        Why the sandwich press and jaffle maker? You're in the kitchen anyway making the sandwich

        • Its extremely useful when you have food on your hands eg. Butter from the bread when making a toastie as you don't have to get your plugs and switches greasy. Have contemplated setting up a few toasting routines based on a set amount of cooking time for different types of sandwiches but that's completely overkill. Most sandwich presses don't have switches as well so it means yanking the plug in and out of a powerboards for me. Another thing is being able to switch off the toaster whilst multitasking making coffees or getting food ready for the kids.

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            @julz: I think you need to re-evaluate your toastie making process lol Seems very overly complicated to me :-)

            • @KangaDrew: Haha yes probably. But it's more just multitasking that it helps with

    • I run my attic fan based on the attic temperature and humidity.
      Garden LED strip lights have been connected to another plug.
      Connected another plug to a TV and I can control how long kids can watch the TV.

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    A big design defect with these is that one plug is so wide that it'll also partially cover up the second socket in the typical two socket configuration in homes.


    The price fall is probably because the new & slimmer KP105 design is likely to be launched some time soon in Australia.


    • This is a reason why I went with the Brilliant Smart plugs instead. They are a basic rectangle shape and can put two side by side and look a whole lot neater.

  • why not go with the ones from bunnings? $60 for a 4 pack. Supports tuya and can be reflashed to custom firmware

  • What about these ones, not the cheapest but nice and small? Wouldn't mind a couple for a fan in living room to setup a tv routine, or to warm up coffee machine


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