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Sundix iPhone Charger Cable 3FT/1m 6 Pack $11.90 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Good2U AU Amazon AU


Last December I ordered 3 Foot 2 Pack lighting cables from Amazon Basics for $13.90 and they were amazing. Probably because they were MFI certified. But they both are worn out now so not that durable.

Wanted to order the same cables again but they are not available anymore so stumbled across these ones. Not MFI certified but their rating is pretty good and they are also giving 1 year warranty.

The same seller also has 10FT cables 3 Pack for $19.99 which are MFI certified

Lightning Cable Apple MFi Certified - Nikolable 3Pack 6FT Lightning to USB-A Cable for iPhone Charger

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  • The official Apple ones aren’t durable either :)

  • ikea had $7 mfi cables for sale few weeks back and i purchased 3 which were excellent quality , so this deal seems pretty good !

    found a couple on ebay for around $9 which claim to be mfi too but yet to try.


  • Look at the 1 star reviews to see what will likely happen in a few months. There were a few people with connection issues and slow charging and then having difficulty getting refunds from amazon. I think i'll pass on this.

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    Not MFI certified means on next 'security update' these will miraculously stop working.

    As already suggested, IKEA MFI's are very good value if you can't get the Amazon Basics version. Both can be returned if they stop working prematurely.

  • Not a deal, as not MFI certified it’s like playing Russian roulette. You can’t even be sure charging will continue to work let alone data sync.
    Please consider before recommending people to buy non-MFI cables.

    • I understand and I usually don't. However, most reviews were good so I thought $2 per cable is a good deal. Even if 50% cables work fine, you still save $25 per cable as compared to buying from Apple. And they are giving away 1 year warranty as well.

  • So if it is not 'MFI' certified, it will do the "we do not recognise this charger" message? What happens then? It does not charge the phone? Don't have an iPhone but looking at getting one.

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      "This accessory may not be supported" error message.
      It won't charge the phone even if charger is plugged in to power, and data transmission is out as well.

      It's got nothing to do with quality though, its Apple forcing people to buy MFI certified (ie Apple blackmail money) from suppliers who've paid their fee to Apple.