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2 Zinger Burgers for $5.95 ~ $6.95 (Varying by Location) @ KFC via Facebook/Mobile App


May be targetted. I'm in Victoria FYI.

Direct Link (thanks to itsfree): https://kfcau.app.link/ldSL7Bn1u9?%243p=a_facebook&%7Ead_id=...

Uploaded video of process: https://imgur.com/a/Ys73Mrv

You may have to have an empty cart before this works.


  1. Head to https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=764291977754311&extid=1AYZ... on your mobile.
  2. Click the "Use App" button
  3. It should open the KFC app with the deal loaded on the screen, simply press "Add To My Order | $5.95"
  4. Enjoy :)

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    • nothing more from the upsidedown colonel?

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    Couldn't load the deal page in KFC's app and I'm also in VIC…….dang it

    Edit: as someone mentioned below you need to disable any adblocker first. Works for me after disabling Adaway.

  • Doesn't work for me in WA, the app opens but nothing happens.

    • Damn, if there are any more reports of the deal not working in WA I'll update the title.

    • +14

      Need to be in Australia

  • Just when I thought my Monday couldn't get better!

  • Nothing for me, I never seem to get the good kfc deals. Might be because it's been months since i last ordered

    • Unlikely I haven’t ordered in ~1-2 years and it works for me

  • Opens my KFC app but cant find the offer. Maybe cause i still have the $4 off? Also located in VIC

  • +1

    I uploaded a video: https://imgur.com/a/Ys73Mrv

    You may possibly have to have nothing in cart already, since I've tried a couple times with something and it doesn't seem to work.

    • I don't have a 'Use App' button…Can you help me?

      Edit: The direct link worked - thanks!

    • LG?

  • -2

    Lol @ excluding WA

  • +4

    $6 in QLD, 5c difference lol.

    • +12

      Writing a letter to the ACCC as we speak.

      Absolutely disgusted.

  • +14
    • she no work :(

      Might be a unique URL

    • +1

      Worked for me and a couple of my friends!

    • +5

      Had to disable my adblockers to get it working.

    • +1

      worked for me! Cheers mate!

  • +13

    Hot Tip:

    You can add multiple in the same order.

    4 zingers for $12 in the same order

  • +1

    $6.40 for me. Regional QLD

  • Mother of god.

  • $6.95 in regional WA

  • +7

    Since no one else has said it, use the chips and drink receipt with it too.

    Yes, you can do it even if you've prepaid on the app, you just have to talk to a human and get them to hit the (profanity) button.

    • +1

      Easiest way is to go through the drive-through and tell them at the speaker. That way you can also grab the receipt for next time, too (at the 1st window where you get your drink).

      • drive throughs in food court?

        • If it's in the food court all you need to do is walk up to counter and tell the person who is serving you behind the register #lifehack

          • @ryzza22: what would you say if the cashier says they cant add it in as it's an app order… I.E. the less awkward way to get a manager to do it

            • @chriskq: yeah now with the app Pre-pay it's bit weirder…

              i used the select pay cash, then show my code when i pay and they process it

    • +1

      Just did exactly this and they said they cant add it once the order is placed on the app.

      • You used to be able to do it by selecting the pay in store option, but I think they disabled it after COVID.

        I have been able to get some stores to just accept it after immediately ordering via the app

    • -9

      Why would I eat greasy, oily food if it was free.
      Keep promoting obesity and cholesterol why don't you.

      Why don't you cook you're own chicken and chips at home, it's objectively cheaper.

      • +2

        Is that factoring in time?

      • +2

        Cheaper than $6 for two burgers? Doubt it

    • +3

      At least at my local store, I haven't been able to get a physical receipt since Covid started and it's been prepay only. I've asked for it but they say they can't give one.

      What I ended up doing is using the order # in the app, along with a random store number to do the survey once, then I took a screenshot of the validation code. Have used the same screenshot multiple times now to very easily get the free chips and drink.

      • Good idea!

      • I've had them give me the free chips and drink without even giving a validation number - they just took my word for it that I'd done the survey.

  • Mine says it's $6.40, CQ

  • +2

    No luck in ACT, 'use app' or that direct link opens up kfc app to homepage, as if I just opened the app myself

    • Friend in belco got it to work, so YMMV. I still cant get it to work for canberra city kfc

    • It works for Queanbeyan KFC, shows up as $5.95.

  • +3

    I'm in Victoria FYI.

    Haven't you suffered enough? 😅

  • Has anyone had success with 4X Zingers?
    Also, what is the validity of this deal?

    • yeah it works i tried it (i didn't eat the burgers though). I'm on salads…

      • +1

        Ahahaha maaan I'm heavily debating whether to get this or not, I might wait till tomorrow instead as i've already eaten todays carbs :(

        • +4

          Never leave to tomorrow that which you can do today

          • +1

            @Autonomic: Ahahha That's how I got super fat the first time my dude, I never wanna go back to old fat me again lmao! :D

    • what 'validity'?

  • $6.95 in Darwin

  • Worked

  • +2

    If you use Firefox for Android this should work if you disable 'Enhanced Tracking Protection' in your settings.
    Went straight to the deal once I did that, I'm guessing there is a verification or something to that effect that's being blocked.

  • Legend OP!

  • Worked in QLD @ $6

  • +1

    Has anybody has issues with their KFC app recently? All the stores in my area (vic) all show up as closed.

    • Yep same here, guess gotta call HO?

  • -2

    This is unfair. You can't vary prices like this. People will raise to ACCC for even 10c difference, here we are talking about $1 difference.

    • +5

      Exactly! Suppliers, transport companies, electricity companies, property owners etc should all charge every KFC store the exact same amount regardless of location and amount of resources required to provide their goods/services to said stores…

  • Why does wa never get love,l

    • +3

      $6.35 for WA.

  • Hmm might deviate from my usual frozen pizza Friday in this lockdown.

  • $5.95 in SA. Can you add the survey thing to the order via the app?

  • Incredible! Been dying for KFC! How long is this offer for?

  • Stacks with staff discount, nice.

    • how much is staff discount

      • 20%, works out to $4.80 for 2 burgers.

        • this cheap I'll be eating it everyday if I wrk there

  • Thanks op :)

  • m getting for $1.95

  • +2

    This went very well with my $4 discount. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Great, it worked for me in Sydney.

  • Can you change your pickup time? Mines going to checkout with no option.

    • There is no defined pickup time. You basically make the order and pick it up at any point between when you order and when the store closes.

      As you now need to pay through the app, you check in when you’re in store or at the drive through speaker. At the drive through you just check in through the app and say your name at the speaker, and if going into store just check in and they’ll be notified you’re in store.

      • Ah worried will be changed tomorrow, will grab 4 zingers and 2 large chips for $13.75 (SA) tonight :)

        • some previous version used to be "I'm Here" button iirc
          so now even though i select drivethru it still says im in restuarent

      • I did it at lunch and picked up at dinner, had to deal with a grumpy manager but got my food

  • +1

    Love a zinger burger but couldn't justify paying $5.95 for it. Now I can :)

  • Cheers bought 4 :D

  • Anyone know if this works without logging in?

  • Thanks OP.

    The link works, the app just takes a while to load up the offer in the "Cart". Thought it had froze. 😑

  • +1

    Zing on fam, thanks for the great find

  • +1

    Not working.

  • not working from Sydney :(

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