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[eBay Plus] Dr Evil Magic Mushroom Gelato Cake $21 Delivered (Available to Metro Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) @ eBay


Something different from ebay. Note - all money raised will go to Beyond Blue’s support services.

This cake usually retails for $95 that serves 16-20 so the 8-10 version should be $47.50 (using maths).


The wizards at Messina have reigned the iconic Dr Evil Magic Mushroom and put together a ice cream cake that includes a red chocolate mushroom dome adorned with white chocolate buttons in the famous eBay colours.

Inside, it has a delicious combination of vanilla gelato with a birthday cake, chocolate coated honeycomb and raspberry jam. Perched on a stem made of Messina’s home-made dulce de leche and vanilla gelato, on a popping candy feuilletine grass base.

Available to Aussies in metro Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, eBay’s 21st Birthday Mushroom gelato cake will go on sale exclusively on ebay.com.au on Tuesday, 15th September at 10am. Priced at $21 including delivery, the brand new midi size serves 8-10 people…or just one.

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      • Yeah they added more for Melbourne.

  • Looks like it is back in stock for Sydney. Ordered 1! Thanks OP!

  • All cities back!

  • I got one in Bris. Still showing 25% left in stock.

  • Sydney showing 39% left in stock.

  • woow, that was quick…

  • +1

    Got one for Melb! So happy - thought I missed out.

  • +3

    Please ensure your email and mobile number provided to eBay are up to date prior to placing your order or you will not receive any tracking information. If you realise your contact details are incorrect after you’ve placed your order, contact the gelatomessinaau store on eBay.

    Place order through eBay and receive order confirmation email from eBay.
    Courier service provider, Chill will contact you via email and SMS on Friday 18 September with an allotted delivery window.
    Delivery will take place at your scheduled delivery window. The delivery driver will record the name of the person who receives the item to confirm delivery
    If delivery is unsuccessful, Chill will redeliver your cake to the Rosebery Messina store. * We will let you know the stores address and you will be able to pick it up at your earliest convenience.
    *The product will be held for a period of two weeks after being redelivered to a Messina store and must be collected within that time.

    Purchase of this product is limited to one per person. Limitations apply to you as an eBay user, even though you may have registered a number of different eBay user IDs.
    This product is a frozen product. Please consume within 60 days of receipt.
    The product is handmade. The product images are for illustration purposes only and may vary from the actual product.
    We may cancel your order before delivery, even if we have received a payment from you or sent you a tax invoice, in whole or in part because:
    Your order is unable to be fulfilled due to unavailability of the products you have ordered from the fulfillment location, in which case, you will receive a full refund for the payment.
    Suspected fraudulent activity.
    This product is only available for delivery to select postcodes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (“Eligible Postcodes”). Eligible Postcodes are listed below.

  • -3

    man, that thing ain't worth $21 bux. it ain't worth 10 bux

    • $9.99 maybe?

    • +5

      Funds going to charity so it’s just OK

      • +2

        Yes my main purpose was to support the charity but I think the cake worth a lot more than $10 closer to $50 .
        You get nothing hand crafted in cakes for $10 lol

        • +1

          I'd say it's closer in value to the full size version, it probably takes just as long to make

  • Melbourne sold out now (318 sold) , Sydney at 290 (still climbing), while Brisbane is, 49 lol

  • Got one, thank you.

  • So that was a really annoying purchasing experience. I bought mine at 10:02 but it seemed to get stuck and the payment wasn't taken out or order confirmed until 10:07. Reminds me of the Airpods fiasco where everyone's payment was pending.

  • I think they will reload again .
    Its the coolest gift ever to give someone in Covid lockdown to brighten up their day .

    Estimated delivery Wednesday 23 Sep 2020 - Tuesday 6 Oct 2020 for those who are going to get the reload .

  • -2

    only 65 available in Brisbane, are you kidding me?

  • +1

    just FYI I ordered one without ebay plus….enjoy y'all!

  • Sydney:
    This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.

  • All gone

  • So yesterday I received an email and SMS from the delivery company (CHILL) saying that my cake would be delivered on Mon 21/9 and if that day wasn't good I could submit a delivery reschedule request by 12pm 18/9 (today).

    Monday 21/9 is fine with me so I left it as is.

    Today at 5:04pm I receive an email and SMS saying that my cake will be delivered tomorrow at 13:50 +/- 2 hours!

    Did anyone else with a scheduled delivery for Monday get the same message? If so, do you think it is just an error (them sending out the message on the business day prior to delivery day) or will I really get a delivery tomorrow? A bit annoying since I had other plans and now there is no opportunity to reschedule.

    I tried calling the delivery company to get clarity, but as it was already after 5pm on a Friday no one is answering the phone.

    EDIT: All good now - about 1 minute after posting this, I got an "Oops we made a mistake" email and SMS confirming delivery is still Monday. Phew!

    • +1

      Would you be able to share what the package box looks like please?
      Still needing to make space for the freezer and it's due to arrive tomorrow for me :)

      • +2

        it is quite a big box i have to remove a drawer from my freezer to fit it in.


      • Box dimensions are 23cm width x 23cm depth x 20cm height (if you fold down the handle).

        It was too tall for my freezer shelves so I had to take the cake out of the box and put the cake board under a makeshift cake cover. It fit nicely under a Decor Microsafe rice cooker container flipped upside down, approximately 13.5cm high. It looks like a red tophat with a black brim sitting on my freezer shelf now :)

  • +1

    Got mine! Tastes pretty good! Definitely can't eat it all in one go sadly.

    • Getting mine tomorrow, how big is the box it comes in? Might need to clear some space in my fridge/freezer. Thanks

      Edit: just saw a comment above yours with a photo

      • Not too big, shaped like those panettone boxes. I was able to fit it in my freezer fine. If it's really an issue you can probably move it to a smaller container since there's a lot of wasted space in the box.

  • Still not received yet, I am in Melbourne. is anyone same?

    • +1

      Mine's coming today in Brisbane, 1400+/-2 hours :/

      • Thanks mate, enjoy your cake

      • Got the same time estimate, does this mean they are simply trying to deliver all Brisbane orders within that 4 hour period?
        At least they did say in the email that they will text when they're on the way.

        • Specifically, mine said 1408 +/- 2 hours, maybe you're in line just before me.

    • +1

      Yeah I'm in Melbourne. I received an email last week advising that delivery would be tomorrow (Wed 23rd). If it helps you check your emails/spam the email was from 'Chill Logistics'.

      • That’s awesome. I am still waiting for my delivery schedule date email. I cannot see any emails from Chill even spam box.
        Thanks for your information and enjoy your cake

        • +1

          I'm in Melbourne and I received an email and sms last Thursday saying it'll be delivered on Friday 25/9.

  • Mine turning up to day 4PM -+ 2 hrs .
    I've been clearing out the freezer to make space for them .

  • Just got the cake! Keen to try this version of the mushroom and gotta restrain myself from eating the whole thing today =D

  • Got mine today. Super excited to eat it tonight.
    Delivery experience was great.

  • I tried to cut it in the end I gave everyone a spoon and devoured it .
    Exceptional quality and yes the delivery guy was great ( checked carefully during the delivery that the cakes were not damaged )

  • It was delicious!

  • +2

    Delicious cake, for anyone who hasn’t cut theirs and is wondering how to, check out this video


    • I was thinking a chainsaw .
      I got my biggest sharpest knife and stabbed it right in the middle before I gave up :)

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