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Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitor S2721HGF 1080p 144Hz $279.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


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Good price for a 27 inch 144hz display, although the resolution is 1080p

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  • nice price

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    Eagerly waiting for a 2k 144hz monitor deal

    • Ya, Finally mid range cards will be able to do 1440p 60+fps average

      • wait so what's the point of 144hz if you're only running 60fps

        • Not every game is in the FPS genre, I don't have to play every game at 144 fps. I play World War Z at 144fps and AC Odyssey around 70fps. Personal preference….Sure I can use ultra low settings to play AC Odyssey at 100+ fps….but I prefer not to.

          • @magb3: ac odyssey doesnt run at 100fps on any settings lol

          • @magb3: I just don't see how your original comment was relevant to the monitor lol

            • @ln28909: Presumably mabg3 is getting a mid range 30 series card and is glad that it will play AAA titles at 60hz 1440p. Being able to play 144hz on less demanding games like eSports titles is a bonus. Unless he's taking the piss and is suggesting 144hz @ 1440p is unnecessary..

              • @lyle88: The currently-rumoured 3060 Ti is a 4k60 card before you consider DLSS, and the 3060 will pinch hit at 4k60+ with DLSS, or with relaxed settings (think high vs ultra).

                This is a series built around hitting 4k. Last gen was about 1440p and pushing into 4k (via DLSS).

                Yes there are slower game engines, but there have been architectural, graphics API and game engine changes that have been happening over time that will see most newer games really start to push higher frame rates without quality sacrifices.

                Even without that, we're seeing 60-90% gen-on-gen gains.

            • @ln28909: aw man, learnt my lesson, i will try and put in more details in my future comments….. i am not here to start an an internet argument hahha. I was just excited of the generatiion leap in the next gen GPUs. also 60+ means 60+, not 60, if that's what upset you I hope i have now clarified it.

              • @magb3: I still don't see the relevant here, this monitor is 1080p 144hz, and you are talking about GPU running 1440p 60+fps lol what

      • What kind of performance do you think a 1660 Super has?

        • 30-40 or under fps high settings on games such as witcher 3

          • @phooooon: Try 60 FPS on max with hairworks disabled. You either have a huge CPU bottleneck, or you don't own the card.

            The 1660 Super basically matches the 1070 in DX11, and performs beyond a 1070 Ti when you start to unlock its full feature set (partial DX12 Ultimate support).

            • @jasswolf: I own a 1070. Is the jasswolf asking performance on 1080p? Beause I got framerates such as 40fps on my 1440p ultrawide

              • @phooooon: 40 FPS on a 1440p ultrawide makes more sense, but again, you can easily get that up to 60 FPS just by tuning things down a tad. I'm talking about regular 16:9 monitors that most consumers use, on a deal page for a 16:9 monitor, so you're changing the goal posts a bit.

                If we're going to classify GPU series' by their UW performance, then it's:

                GTX 10/16: 1080p UW
                RTX 20: 1440p UW
                RTX 30: 1440p UW, 1440p 240Hz UW, 4k UW

    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2K_resolution

      You have unwittingly stumbled on just such a deal.

    • I've preordered this:


      • IPS
      • 27"
      • 2K/QHD
      • 144hz
      • Freesync/G-Sync
      • $528

      There's a curved one with 165hz but panel is VA :(

  • I've just side-graded from a 32" 4K Dell screen to a 34" UW Dell screen that's curved
    And tbh, I don't think 27" and curved is a good combo. Even this 34" I'm on right now is borderline okay.

  • Just wondering if two of these is a better setup than the Xiaomi 42” UW I just bought.

  • If only 4k

  • If you are buying the xbox series S, this is the monitor for you!

  • Hey guys, I am not a gamer AT ALL, would this be a good monitor for office duties? Thanks

    • No - > look for a IPS monitor
      And not curved

      • Curved is great? and ergonomically better?

        • Depends on what you're trying to accomplish with the monitor. Matching the curvature of a display to an individual's eye obviously isn't feasible, so flat screens tend to be better for identifying and dealing with straight lines, and also with colour work (when using an IPS panel for its colour consistency across typical viewing angles).

          For less demanding types of productivity, others may prefer a VA ultrawide, subject to its dark smearing levels (very common for a VA panel). IPS generally works well if you're solely focused on productivity or accurate colours, with a nod to 144Hz+ TN and 240Hz+ VA (specifically the Samsung G7) if you're interested in the ability to speed read as you scroll while still having a gaming or entertainment focused model.

          There's also 240Hz IPS to consider, and even using the new 48" 4k 120Hz OLED panels as an alternative to a 2x2 array or a 32:9 ultrawide. The LG 48" CX should go close to $1200 in Q4 and Q1 2021, which makes it a very compelling option if you plan on dabbling in HDR content and know how to deal with its burn-in related caveats.

  • Curved monitors are very fragile, my 2K 27 inches cracked when I adjust heigh, I only touched the frame. Also, after going back to 1080 24 inches 75hz, I can feel my gaming experience dropped a lot.

  • 27” seems abit over for 1080p

  • Hi guys, would you recommend this monitor or a Samsung CRG50 27"? The Samsung has 240hz refresh rate but is a bit pricier.

  • I just bought one of these. Wish it was 1440 bit its for my 8y old so.. For the price I think this is an awesome screen. And Curve is a Must for..

  • The monitor is out of stock now but my son plays Fortnite, would this monitor be suitable for the game?