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20% off @ Dell eBay (Inspiron 14 3493 Laptop $747.32, G7 17 Gaming Laptop $1999.20, Inspiron 15 5505 $839.20)


Another Dell sale for you.

Conditions. The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at the Official Dell Australia store, except for the Exclusions, up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction, during the Offer Period. A maximum of two transactions applies. Multiple items may be purchased in 2 transactions (with up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

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  • Just add a bit more $ and Better off getting this deal - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-New-Inspiron-15-5505-Laptop...

  • The G7 still one of the best value laptops

    • Yep, my mate in the market for a 17" 2060 laptop, pulled the trigger on this one. Good value and meets the requirements - 17", 144hz, 16gb ram, 2060 or better.

      • I also just pulled the trigger. A 2070 in a laptop for less than $2K seems unbeatable.

        • mate, laptop is awesome, might require some tweaking with CPU and GPU temps as you are packing a lot of power in a small space. Other than that everything has been working great for me and most of the games that I played are around 70-80 fps (games as planet zoo, total war, squad) and others like League of Legends, Divinity Original Sin 2 are 144+. Good choice but as I said you will need to do a bit of tweaking.

    • My bro bought this a couple of weeks ago and and has been complaining of low frame rates while gaming. Have you experienced this?

      • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/559551
        Forum suggest that you need to fresh install Windows 10 to fix this.

        • Just a fresh install didn't help, I tried. You need to undervolt both cpu and gpu. I believe something is wrong in the bios that Dell needs to update asap.

          • @F1ProjectOne: correct and also reason why it is happening is your GPU is set to work as 2070 SUPER desktop version, which means it will hit up to 1900 Mhz. I used MSI Afterburner and locked it to 1500 Mhz and it has been working fine). Also undervolting your cpu and setting turbo limits from 50 to 40 (from 5.0Ghz to 4.0Ghz) will reduce temperature. Now while I am gaming (even after 3-4h) I get around 60 with GPU and 70 CPU. If you have any questions I am more than happy to help

      • My first G7 I bought was a total dud (rtx 2070 maxq version). It would start overheating after 5 mins and have horrible frame drops so I returned it. I tried another G7 model months later (the one from this deal) and its been fine. I think some of them must have worse heat dissipation so I would contact Dell but make sure you play hard ball and demand a return if they're going to be difficult.

        • +2 votes

          I'm thinking it's more along the lines of being faulty, can't even play 1hr without frames dropping below 10. I could understand having to make mods if you built your own PC but a prebuilt laptop should be good to play out of the box.

      • A new bios update was released v1.30 which fixes this problem, it also allows you to customize the timeout of the keyboard backlight and RGB light on the front now

    • Here's a couple reviews that mentions thermal issues with the G7.

      I have heard of others complaining about the same thing.
      Not sure how widespread it is.

      I did purchase this laptop during the previous sale but cancelled my order upon doing further research.

      I'd be keen to hear if anyone hasn't had any thermal issues with theirs?

      Edit: This post may have some fixes if you're experiencing thermal issues:

      • All that work to get the laptop in basic, proper, working order? Something that it should be doing out of the box, eventually update drivers. This laptop should be recalled as its released as an, unfinished product, especially if it's overhearing.

        • Thinking the same, if you need to do all that it's rubbish. I'm going to tell him to get a refund. He's had it for a week and can't even play a game on low settings without frames dropping below 10 at some point.

      • All that work to get the laptop in basic, proper, working order? Something that it should be doing out of the box, eventually update drivers. This laptop should be recalled as its released as an unfinished product, especially if it's overheating. *

      • I had this issue with the G7
        Overheated within the first 10mins of its life just sitting on the bench.
        Tried all the unvolting and repasting and it did make a difference, but every now and again it would overheat.

        Tech support came out and replaced the cooling assembly plus fans (wasn't the problem but was part of the procedure), no change, so they came out again and swapped the motherboard.

        I havn't had any overheating issues since

    • Unfortunately a tad too thick/heavy.

    • I don't recommend it if you are planning to put a second M2 stick in. They don't include the bracket or the heatspreader for the 2nd M2 stick unless you configure it with a second stick in the order. The bracket is NOT purchasable anywhere and a specific Dell part. They don't sell this part directly no matter how much whinging and moaning you do.

      In fact, the whole "Screw you customers" response from Dell has totally put me off recommending Dell to anyone. Rather than offering to send me the $2 bracket or even ask me to pay a reasonable price for the part, their response was "If you don't like it, then send it back and we'll refund you". Like WTF?

      So no.. I've bought one from previous order. It works really well and nice laptop. However, their customer service is about the worst in the industry.

      OP: sorry to neg you on this deal. Not personal, but I am really sick of Dell's customer attitude in trying to "help" their customers. Buy it only if you are going to use the default 500GB SSD or upgrade it to max 2TB.

    • I have the G7 for $1999 previous deal and love it. No issues with gaming out of box. I haven't even tried doing any reinstall or adjustments yet.

      The eBay add description says "NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070 8GB GDDR6 Max P" which is full power version of the 2070, not the lower Max Q as per another user comment from a different model.

  • Note according to a previous deal users say the screens on the Inspiron 15 5505's are only 220nits, which is a deal breaker for me.

    • It seems that a 300nits 72% NTSC spec exists, so it could be worth asking them what it ships with.

  • What are people's thoughts on this vs. waiting for the new Ryzen laptops (which will probably be quite hard to source in Australia for several months)?

  • Any monitor deals?

  • Can anybody weigh in? Is the 4700u worth the extra ~$1000 over the 4500u?

    For my mother in law who is due an update and i5/8gb were a minimum spec to look for.

    Just wondering how the 4700u compares and if it saves/users any extra battery or things like that.

    Majority of her work is word processing, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

    • ~$100***

    • Even the 4500U would be too much for her, the only people who should consider the 4700U are professional and enthusiast photo/video editer or those who use it for CPU intensive tasks, for the rest, it's just wasted power… and money.

      • Didn't think so.

        Given its performance against the i5/i7 I was pretty confident with it. For future proofing and longevity, it makes sense at this price point anyway.

        She's a multi-tabber and dabbles in some photo editing so I'm sure it'll give her plenty of years on her old one.

        Thanks for the confirmation. 👍

    • The Ryzen 4500U should have her covered - the Ryzen 4000 series of mobile processors give amazing battery life. There is almost zero reason to buy an Intel mobile processor these days. Ryzen mobile beats it every which way!

  • Imagine a laptop with decent specs for $750.

    Ahh 😒

  • Will this work with cashback? If so which provider?

  • For $1279 a 2 in 1 for kids schooling? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dell-Inspiron-15-7591-2-1-Laptop... . Also is the RAM upgradable ?

  • I'm waiting for the G7 line to include - AMD Zen 3 (Ryzen 5000 for laptops) and RTX 3000 GPUs.

    I can't imagine there's a possibility that laptops will feature RTX 3090 as an option.

    • Me too! I'm hoping a switch to AMD will result in better thermals.
      Probably looking at mid-next year at the earliest.

      I also highly doubt there'll be a 3090 in a notebook. That's like a Titan RTX in a current-gen laptop.

  • Is 220 nits real world use really that big of an issue? Just wondering what we're comparing to relative to say a laptop that is 5+ years old for example.

    • 300nit is very good for indoor use
      250nit is OK, occasionally you will wish it was brighter (indoor sitting next to a window on a sunny day)
      220nit is crap. well OK if you only work in the dark or are a vampire (these two categories tend to intersect a lot)

  • Is the 'Dell Inspiron 15 5505 Ryzen™ 5 4500U good enough for photoshop and illustrator?

  • The Dell Inspiron 15 5505 screen is 220nits and has a colour accuracy of 45% NTSC. Just got a response from Dell themselves. Hopefully that helps anyone interested in buying it.

    • What's an acceptable standard for PS n Illustrator?

      • I'm not experienced in PS n Illustrator, but hopefully another Ozbargainer can help you out :).

      • if you want to do video and photo work seriously, you need close to 100% srgb coverage, that's 72% NTSC

        that's if your stuff is going online only

        if you print it, you should look for better screens but you are unlikely to find any laptop that fits the bill in these sales. you will buy an external monitor and hook it to the laptop instead.

    • Thanks. Guess ill keep looking for the unicorn laptop

  • I've been waiting to buy a gaming laptop for a while. Would the G7 be a good deal or should I wait for something better? Planning to play games like Valorant and Apex Legends. Skimmed through a couple forum posts and reviews and it appears that some people have temp issues. Wondering if this is with most or just some people. Thanks.

    • Not sure if you can buy a better value for money laptop than this G7 right now unless you go for lightly used 2nd hand in gumtree or marketplace..thermal issue is for a few people, mine working just fine.. Laptop with RTX30 series will be a long wait, If you don't have to travel a lot with your laptop, this one is a good deal. However, as I travel a lot, I also bought a 1-month-old gigabyte Aero 8th gen i7 with GTX1070 for $1300 from marketplace with the receipt of $2600.. You can get a good spec razor blade with decent price… In any case, it upon your needs, if you need fresh brand new this one is one of the best right now..

    • G7 is very good for $2K. You will not get better for a equivalent spec laptop for $2K

  • I can't decide between the Inspiron 15 5505 MD Ryzen 5 4500U 8GB RAM 512GB SSD Silver and the Vostro 14 5490 i7 10th Gen, 8gb Ram, 512 SSD for $859.00

    I'm leaning towards the Vostro because it's business grade so better build quality and dedicated GPU MX250

    Any advice will be much appreciated, thanks.

    • The graphics chip in the Ryzen APU will often be more powerful than the MX series of graphics chips. Depending on the Vega cores etc. Don't just assume that the MX250 will be more powerful!

    • Vostro for sure, Latitude/ Vostro have better build quality than inspiron for long-term durability..btw this is a very good price for the specs you mentioned for the vostro, can you please share us the link.. thanks.

      • I've been oohing and aaahing over the weekend and finally bit the bullet today and purchased the Vostro 5490


        I was waiting for another Lenovo deal like this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/558170 but can't resist any longer

        I think I got a good price for it at $859

        Intel Core 10th Generation i7-10510U Processor (Quad Core, Up to 4.90GHz, 8MB Cache, 15W)
        Windows 10 Home
        1TB PCIe M.2 NVMe Class 40 Solid State Drive
        8GB 2666MHz DDR4 Memory
        14.0inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-glare LED Backlight Non-touch Narrow Border WVA Display
        NVIDIA GeForce MX250 2GB GDDR5
        1Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty, InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis Warranty

        There's still one left in stock if you're interested.

        I'm not sure why same models with LESS diskspace is more expensive


        • I now regret my purchase since I've been researching more about the i7-10510U processor. Turns out this 10510u chip is nothing more than a "regular" i5 8th Gen

          A true i7 10th gen processor has a codename called "Ice Lake" and uses the letter "G" instead of the "U"

          Can't believe Intel has resorted to these confusing tactics to rip people off

          • @Homr: yes, should have asked me mate

            10th gen CPUs with G in model name are truly 10th gen with new manufacturing process and improved graphics

            the ones with U are old process and everything, slightly better timings and faster ram support tyan 8th gen but pretty much the same

            also almost no difference between i5 and i7 in real life scenarios

            on the plus side it's a very power efficient and ironed out platform that Dell has all figured out in bios and chipset, so you are getting good battery life and decent performance

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