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Nintendo Switch Console - $412.21 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon AU appear to be matching the eBay Gamesmen deal here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/564345

This price is for the grey console only.

Mod Update: Neon is also available at the same price.

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  • what games do people play? getting so bored of my switch

    • All of them

    • It comes in waves for me - I haven't played much for the last few months, but am looking forward to some of the upcoming releases such as Mario All Stars and Age of Calamity. I enjoyed The Last Campfire and it was relatively cheap. I still regularly play the classics with my kids, such as Mario Kart, etc.
      …I also have a huge pile of shame of Switch and PS4 games I bought for cheap thanks for Ozbargain - I should really play them at some point.

      • In my case, I've been playing WoW like nuts for the past two years whilst my Xbox, PS4 and Switch are sitting collecting dusts…but I've made the decision to quit (not going for Shadowlands) and start catching up my console games.

    • Try Fallout Shelter. It's free and addictive.

    • Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Mario Kart, Zelda BotW.

    • Risk of Rain 2 and Rocket League are my most played games followed by Witcher 3 and Breath of the Wild.

      I'd highly recommend:
      Astral Chain
      Splatoon 2
      Super Mario Odyssey
      Bug Fables
      Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy
      Golf Story
      Ori and the Blind Forest
      What Remains of Edith Finch
      Doom 2
      Doom 64
      Duke Nukem 3D
      Gone Home
      Donut County

      If you're strictly limiting yourself to exclusives your switch experience will be more limited obviously, but I've played and beat most of the above titles on switch and found them fantastic

    • Super Mario Maker 2. Theres a big problem with the game for me. In that I have about 6 other switch games that I havent even played as I just keep playing it. Been playing it solid since release now and still not bored of it. For me its a must have.

      • I had the same experience with the first Mario Maker. Such a fantastic concept

        • Its amazing (I was also the same with SMM1). I use to play "most popular" in the Expert Category. Now I just play Super Expert in the most popular category. It keeps me going forever as I never get through all the courses and then every few days I refresh it and there are new courses. Love it, Ive had BoTW, Odyssey, DK Tropical Freeze, the Other Zelda, and Pokemon Shield. The only other game that I played was Shield and as soon as the main story was over, back to SMM2.

    • It's the year of the arcade racer IMHO.

      I'm really getting into games like Horizon Chase Turbo and Inertial Drift.

    • 1st party Ninty for me. Everything else available on Switch I'll go over to PC for.

      If you're only doing 1st party, you'll only pick up your Switch every couple of months, maybe less than half a dozen times a year.

      If either the Switch is your only gaming platform or you preference it for it's mobility, there's a huge range of 3rd party titles, especially indies. Start googling some recommendations and go from there.

      Nintendo have killed this generation, because of the design of this premium mobile device and because of the 3rd party support that has swarmed in with it's success. It's been three years now, though, and they need to improve. I want to see a 1080p display and a big bump up in CPU/GPU/RAM, as well as more in-house R&D for 1st party titles.

    • You need to jailbreak it, then grab retroarch.

    • The ones I've enjoyed the most are:
      - Zelda BoTW
      - Slay the Spire
      -Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana
      - Moonlighter
      - Stardew Valley
      - Tetris 99

  • Hey guys, looking to buy one of these for the kids Christmas present. I know little about them. Is this a good price or should I hold off till closer to the big day?

    • There has definitely been better prices in the past (pre-COVID). They were regularly around $370 or so. I'd expect some better prices from Amazon and the others in the future for Prime Day or Xmas sales.

      • Too high .
        Nintendo been producing them like no tomorrow and with the high AUD will naturally reduce in price when they outstrip demand .
        I don't blame them with the margins they work on .
        Toilet paper and hand sanitizer is the case study of mass producing outstripping demand of where prices go :)

        BTW i wouldn't rely on Prime Day sales for anything eg last year was the Disappointment Club for console buyers .

    • Prices have gone up since covid19. Can't see them falling any time soon

    • Tough call.

      There have obviously been better prices, pre-COVID. A good sale price use to be around the ~$360-380 mark, and the historical low has maybe been in the low $300s. We haven't seen those prices since COVID; in fact, we went through a serious supply issue where the used market was getting up to $600-700. That's settled now, but still struggling to see any sales sub $400.

      The good news is that supply seems to have been improved significantly. Further, production has been boosted just recently.

      Because RRP is ~$470, if you buy now at $410 than you can consider yourself having done well. With still another 3 months to the holiday season, it might be worth waiting to see if any sales come in sub $400.

      The other thing to consider is that rumours have re-emerged of an improved edition coming in 2021. Those rumours had been around last year, and Nintendo eventually shut them down. But Nintendo have a history of re-iterating their hardware, and we're moving into a new generation of both consoles and GPUs, so I personally believe that we're getting a Pro version in 2021. I still wouldn't recommend waiting, because it's a gift idea for you now, but also because the Pro is still ages away and you're better off getting into the Switch now and using the time to playthrough what's available for it. But for those, like me, who are eyeing off an upgrade in tech, 2021 is the smarter choice.

      • Thanks for you insight, good person.

      • "The good news is that supply seems to have been improved significantly. Further, production has been boosted just recently."

        What is the difference between supply and production?

        • I'm science not economics, so surely not the best person to ask.

          I'd say production is specifically what Nintendo is churning out in terms of manufacturing with whoever (China?) runs their production.

          Supply would probably account for numerous points along the chain. Starting from production, but including shipping logistics, local distribution, retail, etc.

        • Production takes place before supplying. If "they've just recenty boosted production", supply should increase sometime soon. Unless Nintendo hoards it for Christmas or something. That's my understanding.

    • Might as well wait for black friday to see if there's any decent discounts

    • If I were you I would pre order the animal crossing one from eb or jb. It’s $469 but it will at least hold more of its value than this mass marketed one (even if a new updated switch comes).

    • If you're an Ebay plus member - I would suggest stacking with Ebay gift cards at 5%-6% off, and then get the Neon or the Grey model from Gamesmen. Brings the price to nicely under $400 for either of those .

  • Amazon also priced matched the Nintendo Switch Lite with The Gamesmen eBay

  • Is this a V2? I thought the grey console was V1?

    • Yes, this is the V2 model with improved battery life.

      The colour of the Joy Cons (controllers) do not determine the console version - it’s the box that do (white background vs. red background).

    • Literally says, 'longer battery life'.
      Also, model number B07VQR11NH refers to v2

  • This price is for the grey console only.

    Neon has also dropped to $412.21

  • whats the modding/CFW environment like for the swtich? is it anything like the the 3ds?

    • All of these consoles are the newer Mariko architecture units.

      A mod is definitely available but it's NOT for the feint of heart.

      If modding is one of your primary needs, I'd strongly recommend one of the older unpatched (pre-Mariko) units.

  • Been justifying to buy a Switch. What would be the right age to introduce kids to console games?

    • Purely subjective.

      But my kids started playing switch at about 5 years old I think.
      Would recommend the Nintendo labo suite as it's very interactive and well beyond just screen time.

    • I have introduced mine at that age (5) and I regret doing it.

  • Imagine switch with its own gamepass, omg Sony and Xbox would be in trouble, sales would go through the roof.

    Sadly as it is, I doubt.

  • There's a ton of RPGs on Switch. I like them. It's the best console for this gen. It beats my PS4 Pro collecting dust due to no portability

  • Looks like neon back to regular price

  • Can't believe nobody mentioned luigis mansion 3. Its a masterpiece. My other 2 faves would be donkey kong country and super mario bros u had I not already finished them on wii u. Zelda botw and mario kart also, had I not finished them on wii u.

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