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Yeelight LED Smart Meteorite Chandelier Pendant Light US$96.71 (~A$135.43) Delivered @ Banggood


Yeelight LED Smart Meteorite Chandelier Pendant Light For Restaurant Dinner Room (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product)
Size: light body: 900 x 70 x 40mm; suction tray: 484 x 54 x 20.5mm; hanging thread: 1.5m
1800lm and supports stepless adjustment of brightness
RRP AU$365.49

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  • I have xiaomi and yeelight products but I'm a bit over the software side of it. The apps are buggy and devices intermittently disconnect. The hardware side is decent quality.

    Would prefer the same product but with Google. Less compromises and better experience.

    • Can't you set up it using their software then control it via the google app/voice?

      • Yes I can control my lamp via google. However, every now and then google won't be able to find the device so I'll need to go back into the xiaomi app to reconnect.

        My air filter and camera won't work with Google and need to be used with their own app.

        • Another issue is some products are only available for the Chinese server and some are international version. Correct me if I am wrong, the google apps can only control the devices or lights with the international version.

    • I don't use the app normally for control, but I have this light and one day it just dropped off the app and now isn't connectable in it any more.

      I had enabled lan control in the app before, and I normally use it via Alexa, Home Assistant, or the addon Bluetooth button, all of which still work great.

  • are these legal for aus??

    • Purchased mine from a previous deal. Many electricians that I've contacted for installation wouldn't proceed with the job because the light is not certified (they were looking for some tick icon which wasn't present). Finally got an electrician friend of mine to install it for me.