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Jack3d Preworkout Only Pay $37! Free Postage


Jack3d preworkout $37 FREE SHIPPING

Cheapest Jack3d on the internet

Get in quickly before it all runs out!!

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  • Direct link please + what quantity are we talking about, 100g? 10 tablets?

  • http://www.aplussupplements.com.au/#!preworkout.php

    Jack3d is in powder form and theres only ever one size (42 Servings)

  • Theres nothing wrong with these right? (no close best before date etc)
    Also do you ever stock N.O. Shotgun?

  • Theres nothing wrong with them at all. Expiry is fine

    We havent thought of stocking N.O. Shotgun but we may

  • "Cheapest Jack3d on the internet"

    Cheaper here even if you pay for shipping (just received my 6 tubs). Also you can use a coupon code for 10% off which you can always find around on google. "AUSTRALIA10" for 10% off.


    Think you may need to sweeten the deal for it to be a bargain..

    • 6 tubs? goodnight sweet kidneys

      • Obviously if you're taking Jack3d (and any pre/post workout supp), you should already have a healthy diet and be pretty much active. Also, you should follow the recommended dosage. No kidney problems here sweet prince :p

        Good luck with your lifting goals in 2012 :)

  • On Ebay, plus you get to sign it to make sure you recieve the Jack3d, unlike this A Plus Supplements place they won't take any responsibility if something happens to your product.

    Still a good price, but nothing special, considering you could be paying for nothing unless you pay another $10 for express postage.

  • +2 votes

    Firstly most people dont wanna buy 6 from the usa! Also the usa takes much longer to ship so you will be waiting 1-2 weeks.

    And shipping costs a fair bit from us!

    On ebay the one u showed had + 7 postage there for being more than 37 dollars

    We are yet to have something not turn up to our customers

    So it is cheaper than that Ebay

    • I was only stating that I received my 6 recently, hence no problems with customs. You could still order 1 and with the coupon works out to be $30.93 delivered.

      Yes sometimes it may take 1-2 weeks, however I order in advance when my supplies are low so that they arrive in time. When it comes to supplements, I prefer to save on money rather than delivery time.

  • Ebay and iherb are both cheaper, i don't ever by jack3d unless its around $30 inc postage.

    Perhaps chuck in a few bottles of d-bol and we will call it a deal. ;)

  • Show me where on Ebay it is at $30?

  • Its about $30 from bodybuilding (with delivery) but yeah it'll take about 1-3weeks. So its worthwhile if you're willing to wait…or buy in bulk?

    (including the 10% dc)

  • Yep Should have said cheapest aus online :)

  • thanks just ordered one, i dont think there is any offer cheaper with order of just one.

    will report back the experience, hopefully everything goes well for my first order

  • You are 75cents cheaper than ebay but it says in your statement that if something happens to the product you take no responsibilities for the product, So for 75cents i would rather get it off ebay because it gives you a money back guarantee.

    i posted my comment up there for the other Oz Barginers so they have an option, or if they also want a guarantee from you they have to pay $10 which you recommend.

    Nothing against your business, just pointing out that paying $47 from A Plus, when ebay is $38.75 for same thing.

  • mate i contact u about my order next week my bulk order =)

  • Get my stuff from here.


    $2.95 more but I can pick it up straight away. This is their usual price. Not a huge saving I guess, but if you buy this stuff in bulk it might be worth it.

    • Supplements Direct had an OzBargain not too long ago for Jack3d. Bought 2 from them - very fast delivery and was very happy with the product itself.

      Warning to new users: if you consume high energy drinks like Mother or V beforehand, and then dose with Jack3d before a workout, be prepared for a sleepless night…

      • It was quite a while ago unless I missed it :s


        Delivery time was insanely fast. Rep seemed like a nice fella also.

        Hard to support Aussies when the price differences with other competitions are so ridiculous. I've seen some absurd pricing on supplements from Aussie companies. Last two sentences are NOT directed at the rep or his/her company.

  • Tran_p just email us at [email protected] :)

    Citac wasn't having a go champ was just pointing out the 75 cents! but I see what your saying

  • Good price ordered 1 because of the quick shipping, Do you also stock 1MR and ON protiens? Definitely buy from you !

  • supplement direct(OCAU) regularly has jack3d for $33.

    All you have to do is check out the OCAU sponsor page

  • yeah if you stock ON hydrowhey for 85 bucks i shop with u from now on =)

  • Found jack3d didn't do anything for me. 1mr FTW though.. however mine does contain 1,3 dima. Come @ Me Feds.

  • Good deal but I just buy from america :) Less than 30$ a tub, especially with the exchange rates and 28 degree master card…

  • About the Protein we are getting in a brand called trutein! some awesome stuff :D

  • BTW 2 Jack3d's LEFT

  • U guys gonna stock any Optimum Nutrition Stuff? im gonna be after some gold standard…

  • We shall certainly look into it because everyone seems to be showing interest in it

  • http://www.a1supplements.com.au has Jack3d for $35 or even better 3 for $99. They are out of stock atm I think but I was able to get Vitaminking to price match for me.

  • How did you get it for $35? when its $35 + 5 for postage?

    • You could pick it up if you were in Melbourne as they have a store.
      Plus if you spend over $100 you can use the 5% off code which makes shipping pretty much free :/