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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1st Gen $312 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan (via App)


Further 5% off today only via Kogan app.. Otherwise price is $329, which is still pretty good.

I've been monitoring the price on Kogan for a while, due to having credits to spend from the Kogan money credit card (which also comes with Kogan First).
This is the lowest price I've seen at Kogan, or anywhere else for a while, especially with the further 5% discount today.

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        same here!! when I first bought it (very early on), the robot spoke only in Cantonese and there were some minor teething issues, but they were fixed very early on with updates. I'm glad I bought, and still use it multiple times a week.

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    Mine is going strong since 3 years. No issues with the app as well.

    • same here, but lid hinge broke and does not shag rugs. Buy extra filters, main brush and side brushes

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        Where did you get your extra parts from? Looking for some for an S5 Max

        Ah, saw Logan have some, but doesn't look like there are any for the AT Max

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      Yeah I’ve got two of these (same year as yours) and they work perfectly

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      same here. Bought mine in 2017 and still going strong. Very good unit.

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    I bought mine in one of the recent sales. I have carpet and timber flooring. A great unit. No issue with the app too.

  • Give us a gen 2 ill buy that straight away. Still the best unit

    • agree but never see it on special anymore

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      how much does a gen 2 go for and what's the reasoning if I may ask?

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        Few extra features, slight smarter movement. Better position of the sensor/lidar/laser mapping. Only issue is the fuse issue that came up but easily repaired. The price has gone up for this model. Wish it was cheap as it was before.

        • Yeah that's what turned me off, it started off at 400 something from memory and it hasn't been under 550 in ages. I looked at the P model with mopping but it's more like the 1C (small battery and run time), so this is probably still the best price point after so many years and not much discounts (pretty sure I saw this years ago under 300 at least once :-/

    • I agree - the gen 1 is great, but I still prefer my gen 2

      Waiting for a special on the gen 2

      • You have both? What makes the second gen 1.5-2 better than the first to justify the price?

  • Kogan credit points cannot be used to purchase via app.

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      I just did though. This is the with the credits they give you after signing up to Kogan Money. I've done it before as well for other things

      • Same here, used most of my $500. Maybe it's the cumulative cc points that can't be used?

      • I have kogan credit card points but at checkout they dont show up to be redeemed.However in desktop they are available at checkout.

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    My laser is dying on mine after 3 years…. gonan try fixing it with some replacement parts from Aliexpress.
    So, don't be surprised if it starts acting weird after a few years… I'll comment in any future relevant 1st gen posts when I get the parts if I can fix it…
    It still cleans, but the map is all wonky and its mapping isn't aligned with the walls anymore.
    and sometimes it goes in random circles.

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      Just make sure it certified to work for international. Had issue with some parts not work but super easy to fix.

      • too late, already bought it a few weeks ago… fingers crossed!

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  • I think this is a different and possibly earlier model to the one gear bite has for $329 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/561797

  • How well does it deal with high pile rugs?

    • It doesn't. If it's shaggy it will have no chance and will just get stuck

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    Anyone know the difference between this one and https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/xiaomi-mi-1c-robot-vacuum-clean...

    mi1c seems to have more suction and a water tank (mopping function?) but it's cheaper?

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      don't buy the 1c. i bought it recently, and it's a complete moron- has never once made its way to the dock by itself. it does vacuum well, and haven't bothered with the mop. the charge doesn't last very long, as its much dumber in its movements.

      the v1 roborock is a much better- still have mine woking great after 2 years, and way smarter with its superior mapping.

    • +1

      My 1C works totally fine, tried putting in various areas it could find doc all time, it just takes more time to make good map, if map is not good, delete it. And it requires bright light and clean camera sensor to create good map.
      This one cleans really well, it sucks everything. It's not very very smart but smart enough to clean apartment properly.
      Only let down is battery, go for F9 if u have big house.

      • my 1c stops in the same position every time- there is nothing blocking it. i then need to press the dock button, which sometimes works, and mostly doesn't. might try resetting the map and see if that fixes it.

        • Clean camera sensor on top if it's dirty, try it's mapping in good light conditions. Hope this helps.

  • Mine is still going strong for three years but I am afraid it may break suddenly and I need a replacement ASAP which I don’t want to fork out $500 or so for a newer gen.
    Amex offers $20 off, should I buy and keep it?

  • Best place for genuine filters and brushes.

  • purchased mine from gear best a few weeks ago. gen 1 is excellent, my best purchase all year, wife lives it too

  • Argh I’ve been waiting for the Dreame F9 to get below $400 again but maybe I should just get this one!

    • Yeap am waiting for f9. Anyone out there that has used both the f9 and this first gen If it's worth waiting for ? I've mostly got carpet so thinking that the extra suction is worth it (first time robot vacuum buyer though)

  • Anyone got any feedback on how this goes with long dog hair? We’ve got legit tumbleweeds of golden retriever hair in our hallway.

  • What's kogan like for returns and warranty?

  • This or the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79T $149 deal?

    • The Deebit seems quite dumb according to the comments. Different price brackets.

    • Deebot*

  • Another 3ish year owner here. Thing still sucks!

    • Everyone else seems to like it, why are you so unhappy?

      • +1

        Whoosh. 😉

        • -1

          The irony :D

  • Have this in an apartment. We have wires on the floor all around that keeps getting sucked in into the vacuum (e.g. TV/PS4 power cords, mobile charger, laptop cords, etc). Really inconvenient to have to always follow the vac and lift cords up.

    Any tips on how to manage? This is my first robovac