Ozito PXC 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer Kit $79 (Was $129) @ Bunnings Warehouse


Noticed these are now $79, originally $129

The PXC PXCGTK-018 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer Kit is ideal for trimming grass around trees and shrubs. The telescopic shaft can be adjusted to suit the height of the operator while the adjustable front handle provides improved ergonomics. Blade changes are simple as the blade easily slides on, requiring no tools and taking only seconds to install. Lightweight design improves user comfort and allows for easy manoeuvring around the garden.

This kit includes 18V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery providing cordless convenience, while a Compact Fast Charger is the quickest way to recharge your battery.

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  • Good deal, but I personally prefer strings over blades.

    • I was in the string camp until I tried this specific trimmer and now I cannot imagine going back to strings 😋
      Though it is a bit hard to find the balance between clean cut and destroying the blade!

      • Well speaking of that, it might be depending on the type of grass as well. But when I do the edge of a wall, blades break waaaaay too often.

    • Everytime I see these pop up on Oz Bargain I warn people that the blades are rubbish… however I successfully converted mine to the string head and it works flawlessly. Highly recommended.

      • got any diy link or how-to?

        • +11 votes

          I’ve posted it on here in the past… it might be in my history somewhere with some photos for those that are interested.


          • @Gatto: I have the Ozito PXC and Ozito LTR-529 Line Trimmer, aka Ozito cheapest electric line Trimmer.
            I tried to swap the line head but it won't fit into the PXC.
            So the above hack may be for another model.
            If anyone else have the same models and were able to swap them, please detail here. TIA.

      • highly skilled mate

        • Nah not really… check out the guide above. There was nothing to it. Maybe 15 mins work for someone who had no idea what they were doing.

  • I have this and not that impressed. Really difficult to get the nice edges you can get with a string petrol one.

    Wouldn't buy again

  • would not waste your money on these blades don't last they fly off easily

    i have upgraded to this one does the job much better

    • I did the same thing as you. That line trimmer is easily the best I've used. It is way better than my old Victa petrol trimmer.

    • Had the blade model and agree the blades wear quickly, snap partially or break off altogether.
      The safety switch on it no longer works so I went and got the dual battery string line one yesterday. Thanks for posting about it.

      This works so much better and is quieter than the blade one.

  • I owned and used this for 18 months. The initial joy of not having to bother with string was replaced with frustration with the blades- they're hard to get on and quick to blunt.

  • I have this.
    Works fine if you only have a little bit of grass and weeds in a town house, unit or apartment.
    Blades are convenient and don't really break unless you're abusing it. It's just a grass trimmer not a full blown whipper snipper.

    The only crap thing about it is that it only accepts one blade so it's not a twin blade setup like the ozito grey version.

    I owned the ozito grey cordless version too and that was more powerful because it used a blade on two opposite sides. It was still 18v but felt like it was more effective.
    Only got rid of the grey version as it died during warranty.

  • thanks OP. the skin only option is still $79.

  • The only, 5 day old, one star, review on the Bunnings website:

    absolutely useless trimmer the one plastic blade does nothing just so disappointed with this purchase

  • glad I read the reviews before buying.
    might check out the victa instead

    • It's not bad, but it won't go through thick brush.
      It'd be ideal for a small urban backyard.
      The one with the two batteries is fantastic though, nearly as powerful as my petrol powered one and so much less hassle! (Yes, I do have three whipper snippers)

  • Anyone recommend a decent cheap petrol string one?