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Samsung S20 Plus 128GB $199/Note 20 Ultra 5G 256GB $899 Upfront on Telstra $99 150GB P/M 12-Month Plan (New / Port-in) @JB Hi-Fi


Copied from previous deal.
Greetings everyone, just spotted that JB have placed the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 4G 128gb on promotion on their $99 Per Month 150gb Plan.

Considering that this plan has a $594 Early Termination Charge(cdn.shopify.com), you could essentially get the phone for $793 (+pro-rated first month charge) if you cancelled the plan early :)

Think this is definitely the cheapest I've seen this phone before if you factor that in.

As always, enjoy!

Note: In Store Only, may exclude some Victorian residents.

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  • Any deal on the note 20 ultra?

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    Is that straight forward to cancel it?

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      Yeah just have live chat to cancel it.

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      You should be able to just port out as well to cancel it.

    • The customer service people will lay on the guilt about how you're losing your service and how sad they are that you're leaving.

      Just keep saying "No, I'd like to cancel my service" and that's that.

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        Freaking tell me about it. What part of cancel cancel cancel cancel don't they understand.

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      Just port out to another provider (preferably one that isn't on telstra network)

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      Duped by 5min

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        Just changed the deal to the Note 20 Ultra deal. :)

    • 899 upfront… That's enough for 2 poco plus couple hundreds dollars

      • If you cancel in the first month it will cost $1592 ($899 + $99 + $594 ETC), a saving of $207 over JB's current sale price on this phone.

        • It will be 899+594 or 99 extra … T&Cs say maximum etc is 594.

        • Bruh. 1500 dollars for a phone how’s that even a saving. I’d rather get 2 pocos and keep the left over cash

    • Good deal, Can't wait to go in-store After lockdown.

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      Spending $1,500 on a phone! Think again.

      • +3

        Think about what?

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      nononononono,no exynos thanks

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      Before you commit to this phone make sure you check out the Snapdragon vs Exynos comparison videos…. Especially the one from Jerryrigeverything.

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    For those in Melbourne, any way of getting a friend or family member not in Melbourne to access this deal on their behalf?

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      "In store or call 13 54 32"


      try the number it may work if you are in vic

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        Has anyone had any luck with 1300 number, I called in the past and they said to call in local store where I was told they couldn’t do it.

  • When does the deal end on the s20+? Anyone have a link or screenshot of the deal?

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      23 September

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    So if cancel first month:

    S20 Plus will cost $793

    Note 20 Ultra will cost $899+$99+$594=$1592

    Note 20 Ultra seems not cheap by doing this way.

    • The note 20 ultra doesn’t worth double the price comparing to s20 plus .Performance is almost identical

      • Definitely not worth for double. I saw Gumtree sells as low as $1400 with receipt. Where did they get from such low price?

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      You don't pay the $99 but valid point

    • Can you explain how you get the S20 Plus for $793?

      • You pay $199 upfront. Then you cancel the plan and pay the Early Termination Fee for $594. $594 + $199 = $793. You need to cancel the next day otherwise you start to pay extra for the month used.

        • I cancelled on the same day but wasn't charged any extras. Its pro rata, so I don't understand how the next day works?

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    I am using Note 10 plus at moment. I don't feel that Note 20 Ultra has that much difference in my view.

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      so you have the note20 ultra?

      • My friend has bought the phone so I have tried.

        • I went from a s9+ to the s20+. If it wasn't so cheap on the previous deal, I would have regretted it.

          • @smpantsonfire: The main reason is that most daily activies we are using are far away to reach the maximum performance of most top end mobiles. Therefore you don't feel much difference after upgrade. However if you play some intensive games etc, you might feel a bit of difference. Overall, it comes down the cost vs value. If the cost of upgrade is low, it's not a bad idea to upgrade.

            • @HappyBargainer: Definitely true. Before the s9+ I had a note 3 and that was quite an upgrade, but nowadays I don't do to much outside google, maps and messages and calls along with small apps.

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    JB Hi-Fi please offer free shipping to residents in Victoria, then I'll be all over this like a rash

  • Where is it advertised for the s20+? I cannot see it on their website

  • Thanks OP.

    They say "Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only."

    I'm an existing Telstra customer, so if I walk in with a Vodafone prepaid sim asking to be ported over, will they find out that I'm an existing Telstra customer?

    • No one will question you why you want to port in Vodafone. It's your choice to port in and port out as long as you consider the expense could incur in the existing carrier. It's all under your control.

      • Thanks mate. Now's a good time to move on from my ageing S8. After 3 years the battery is finally starting to give up the ghost.

        • I assum that you are getting S20 Plus. Is that right? Let me know how it goes? I have never done this way previously. Thanks

          • +1

            @HappyBargainer: Yeah, it'll be the S20 Plus, if I pull the trigger it'll be this weekend. Will let you know if I do :)

    • If you are an existing Telstra customer it just speeds things up (the sales person doesn't need to create your account with Telstra as it's already there) they would only need to do the credit check and put through the order.

      To get the deal you either need to get a new number with Telstra or port in a non Telstra number.

      • Thanks Marco, that's really helpful mate!

      • So how do I do it the new customer way? Do I sign up for the S20 Plus deal, then a day after I get the phone, just cancel and pay the ~$793 as a total for the exit fee?

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    Is this the 4g or the 5g model for the s20+

    • +1

      4g - it's in the title.

      • +1

        Sorry missed that. Thx

  • Can you drop down to a lower cost plan once signing up?

    • I couldnt last year without etc. Best to port out if you dont want the plan.

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    Exynos this year is especially bad performance and efficiency both. Wish we had the qualcom version.

  • I got one in my dirty hands right now

    • How's the battery performance?

      • one hour less SOT comparing to SD version

  • +2

    even at below $800, I would not buy this Exynos version.

    Scamsung needs to be punished for this Exynos Snapdragon unfair region thing.

    • Will buy when Note 20 Ultra is below 1K before iPhone 12 launches.

  • Anyone who signed up for the $1099 deal peeved that it's now $200 cheaper in less than a month?

  • I ported my number away from telstra two weeks ago, anyone know if that's long enough to access this deal?

    • Should be fine

  • There is a leak suggesting that Samsung will manufacture the Snapdragon 875 chipset. Fingers crossed this means we'll be getting Snapdragon phones here in Australia in the S30 line and not the inferior Exynos version! Good deal however I'd hold out to see what comes next :)

  • I am looking forward to the rock bottom pricing when apple release their iPhone 12.

    • That's happening tomorrow.

      • Nope its been rumoured that because of COVID its delayed till October. Tomorrow will just be the launch of the new iPads and Apple watches.

        • Probably so. We'll see tomorrow. Will it be worthwhile to buy the S20 at this price…? Or wait a bit longer for Xmas sales?

          • +1

            @lordra: Of course prices get cheaper overtime as these gadgets depreciate. If you need it now this is a good price but waiting also has its perks :)

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    The Exynos chip is gimped. Not worth it

    • True that

    • Which phone would you suggest around this price point or cheaper?

  • +1

    To those that have gotten this phone, does it have esim+nanosim+hybrid slot?

  • Can anyone please confirm if the s20+ is unlocked and can be used with any other network? And what sim card it can take? Thanks

    • +1

      Contract phones are always unlocked

  • +1

    Thanks Fozzie.

  • Does anyone know if you can score the $10 credit on the S20 plus deal?

    • Pinging this, because I'd like to know too.

  • +3

    Got the s20+ last month and still have not received the bill for early termination charge from Telstra.

    • Me too. When did you buy and cancel? I did both on the Friday 14th and still no bill. Would have thought there'd be a pro rata bill at least.

      • Got it on 13/8 and cancel by phone on the same day. Did not register on MyTelstra ever.

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