Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 256GB M.bronze (12GB) N9860 Snapdragon 865+ (Import Stock) $1507 + $35 Shipping (HK) @ MyMobile


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 256G M.Bronze(12GB) N9860 Snapdragon 865+ $1507 plus $35 shipping

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 256G M.White(12GB) N9860 Snapdragon 865+ $1507 plus $35 shipping

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 256G M.Black(12GB) N9860 Snapdragon 865+ $1507 plus $35 shipping

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 512G M.Black(12GB) N9860 Snapdragon 865+ $1722 plus $35 shipping

import stock

12 months warranty with my mobile Brisbane Retail shop 07 30127977 69 Adelaide st Brisbane city

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    upvoted for 865 version

    • and local warranty!

      • The item is shipped from their warehouse in Hongkong
        The warranty is provided by the seller than Samsung Australia.

        from their page regarding warranty.

        As the majority of electronics manufacturers do not offer an international warranty, The MyMobile Group provides a local one-year limited warranty on import products that fall in that category. In contrast to most other providers of Import Stock, the MyMobile Group repair centre to performs warranty assessments and repairs, rather than the need for customers to return products back to their overseas source.

        Standard Free:

        12 Months Australia-wide Warranty
        DOA replacement within the first 48 hours of delivery
        Repair guarantee: within 30 days, generally 7 days, and replacement phone or store credit offered if unable to repair within guaranteed timeframe
        Return postage to Brisbane repair centre is at Buyer's expense
        Free delivery of repaired/replaced devices
        In the event of a refund, postage costs are not refundable
        The following conditions will VOID all warranty:

        Physical Damage - such as broken or cracked screens, broken sim reader terminals or any other damage caused by physical trauma, impact or pressure to the device
        Liquid or Moisture Ingression - evident by corrosion to internal components or activation/tampering of liquid indicator stickers
        Software Tampering - such as jailbreaking or rooting of devices with non-approved 3rd party software
        Hardware Tampering - such as opening of housings or self-repair

        • I purchased an iPhone X from these guys about 3 years ago and had absolutely no issues when it came to warranty. They were happy to replace once they saw the issue in store.

          • @tobi3421: If that was in an Apple store it's different. Apple has an international warranty, Samsung doesn't.

            • @davesgnl05: Nah I went to their store to do it. It was a ~2 month old phone so it was relatively new and Apple wanted to give me a refurb but the MyMobile manager was happy to replace it with a brand new one.

            • @davesgnl05: I tried to get warranty repair on a faulty Macbook Pro USB-C power cable when I was visiting in Argentina. NO DICE.

              • @Felixrising: No idea why, but a lot of the big companies out there (Apple, Sony, Samsung, etc) won't cover the extra stuff that comes with their products to the same extent as the main item. So say they offer a 2 year warranty on a tech product (laptop,TV, phone, etc.), they often only give a 3 or 6 month (for example) warranty on the accessories with it (remotes, headphones, power cables, etc.). Not saying it definitely was but could very well have been what happened to you, or whoever helped you was a jerk.

        • "Return postage to Brisbane repair centre is at Buyer's expense"

          This is non-compliant with Australian Consumer Laws … I had a small online business selling $300K/yr revenue for 4 or 5 years .. hence researched heavily.

    • Fyi, Exynos version of Note 20 is similar in performance to Snapdragon 855+

      • Seems a lot of reviews disagree with similar performance,.. my main worry with imports features like Samsung Pay won't work in Australia by geo blocking well please someone confirm im wrong as wouldn't mind trying a Snapdragon version of a Note over Exynos chip ive always used with all my Note purchases

        • use google pay, it's also a bit easier to use: unlock phone with fingerprint, tap phone, done. Somehow I always had to open the samsung pay app first before making a payment. google pay launches automatically when tapping.

        • I believe mushroom is trying to say that the performance in the Exynos in this Note20 is similar to the performance of last year's snapdragon (855+), not this year's (865+).

          • @EphemeralEnigma: If that is the case then people getting the exynos note 20 shouldn't be charged the same price as the snapdragon 865+. But the reality is they are. So they are getting ripped.

        • Read again

        • I had US Snapdragon Note 9 before. No problem when adding NAB or CBA. Don't know if CN/HK version does the same.

  • Is this the 4G or 5G version?

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      this is the 5g

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        Which 5G bands? The description on your site only has the bands for 3G and 4G.

        n78 is the most important one and is used by all the providers but it would be a bonus if it also had n5 (Telstra), n28 (Vodafone) and n40 (Optus), which those providers have refarmed.

        • 5G: n1, n41, n78, n79 only

          Prob why the site only says "5G: Yes"

          • @plague69: So no mmW 5G support? Not that it's really needed as wont be available for at least another 2 to 3 years to the general public and of course aimed at densely populated areas first i.e. CBD

  • Hi, is there any issues running this phone on local Aussie networks? Will there be any effects on 4G/5G coverage, reception etc.?


      Hello No problems with the Australian Network

      • Hi can I bring this to samsung store for repair if need be seeing this is international stock?

      • Usable in Australia but not fully. Keep in mind Telstra and Voda will be rolling out the lower frequencies for non-metro areas and I suspect Optus would also explore a lower frequency for it's range (As they already own 700 and 900MHz for 4G). This means you will drop to 4G or nothing when leaving metro. However important it is is up to you buy thought people should know the full picture

        N9860 vs current AU 5G bands in use: [Credit:]
        Yes 3500MHz (n78) – Telstra (from May 2019)
        Yes 3500MHz (n78) – Optus (from October 2019)
        Yes 3500MHz (n78) – Vodafone (from March 2020)
        NO - 2300MHZ (n40) – Optus (from June 2020)
        NO - 700MHz (n28) – Vodafone (field tests May 2020)
        NO - 850MHz (n5) – Telstra (from April 2020)

        • Ok as I posted above so the Australian Note 20 Exynos does support mmW 5G? and seems like the import version certainly doesn't support mmW 5G

          Not that mmW 5G is really needed as wont be available for at least another 2 to 3 years to the general public and of course aimed at densely populated areas first i.e. CBD, I think Sub 5G will certainly be fast enough

          • @Italkdigital: Samsung website does not list mmW at all ( I assume no mmW support. Telstra plans to use n258 for mmW

            *edit: Which is weird since a lot of sites I just read seem to say mmW for the Note20

            • @plague69: Oh ok I always thought mmW was supported so my question is does any 5G mobile support 5G mmW what are people using in America too connect too mmW mini mmW towers ok ive got too google now

            • @plague69: I think your very right, I followed your links and made sure checked specs for the both the Exynos 5G Australian variants Note 20 5G standard and Note 20 5G Ultra version and yupz specs don't show any mention of having support for 5G mmW, as someone stated here its got too do with the Exynos chip,..

              As checked through Samsung US webste,.. all the USA Snapdragon 5G varients do have 5G mmW support,.. link below on specs
              We ive seen YouTube videos only from American owners i think of the 5G S20 models speed testing 5G mmW in America

              Also I tried finding specs through Samsung Hong Kong website and there is no specs TAB too click too see specs,.. so can't even confirm if the Hong Kong (I guess is Chinese variant) has 5G mmW support also can't even confirm through specs too show its a Snapdragon version but OP here of course has confirmed that specs

              ""Telstra plans to use n258 for mmW"",.. I think all our major Australian Telcos are going too use the same 5G mmW n258 frequency, sort of explains why Telstra's portable 5G MU500 fetches a high price of $599 as it supports 5G mmW

              Wonder if you can buy a Note 20 5G outright from America as they have confusing restrictive contract deals between Samsung and there Telcos, seems like its the 5G Snapdragon Note 20 too source,. since it supports 5G mmW especially if the other country variants dont, I have seen UK youtubers reviewing US variants but the clearly stated they had a friend to help them import an American version

              Again my 2 cents a much more lolz 🤑🤪😃👍

          • @Italkdigital: Does the australian version support band n258 for mmwave? dont think so.

            • @matt-ozb: Doesn't look like it,.. maybe same applies too the Hong Kong version only version I can confirm that has 5G mmW is the American Snapdragon version,.. links above in above post I just made

        • sorry to be a noob, but what does any of this mean? I know the snapdragon is a much better cpu but if it means I'm not gonna be able to get 5g, I will probably just settle for the exynos version instead.

          • @Aequitas: There is 2 types of 5G,..

            First is Sub 5G (frequencies below 26Ghz) which is being rolled out now by our 3x msjor Telcos,.. And all our Telcos use perdomically the n78 5G frequency i.e on the 3.5Ghz frequency, so both the Note 20 5G Exynos and Snapdragon will work on our Sub 5G network, though just too note eventually Telstra, Optus and Vodafone will farm other Sub 5G frequencies in the future though these will be more aimed for rural areas so example theyll close down a 3G frequency and use it for 5G

            Second is 5G mmWave (frequencies 26Ghz and above) currently not available in Australia but will be auction off by ACMA in 2021 too our 3x major.Telcos, saying that there are few trial testing areas using mmW, also mmW wont be available straight away too the general public so expect it around 2023 plus the way mmW wave works more towers are needed as transmission distance for mmW is a lot shorter over Sub 5g why a lot more mini towers are needed for mmW so mmW will be more deployed too densely populated areas first like city CBDs, 5G mmW is aimed for low latency super fast internet aimed at for example remote hospital operations or helping autonomous vehicles and i guess will be more expensive over Sub 5G, so it will be a while when 5G mmW will be available overall to the general public, well affordable 5G mmW too the general public, time will tell

            also why all the fuss and stories about 5G mmW being harmful is cause mmW is at high frequencies above 26Ghz way way higher then what your microwave and current 3G/4G mobiles and home wifi run on

            So the most important 5G frequency is the n78 frequency which all our Telcos use in metro and rural areas and which both Note 20 Exynos and Snapdragon varienst support, Sub 5G is still pretty fast and will be available in more areas in Australia, the 5G transmitters are actually being installed on current 3G/4G towers

            Also all the Note 20 Ultra versions, Exynos and Snapdragon all support 5G youll have too go with the non Ultra version if your not interested in a 5G Note 20 mobile variant

            Hope this explains a little about 5G in Australia

            Install an app called Aus Towers in your mobile which shows what 3G/4G and 5G towers are available in your area,.. youll be surprised as 5G might be available in your area both Telstra and Optus have really been pushing 5G during this pandemic situation

            edit: also too note you can currently buy a portable 5G modem (some supporting mmW) from around the $350 mark ive seen on eBay,.. so the saving on a non 5G mobile can be used on a portable 5G modem, great thing about a portable 5G modem it can be used on all your devices that support WiFi either at home or away from home, so something else too consider when paying vast amounts for a 5G variant mobile

            Certainly my 2 cents and more lolz,.. saying all above, If I had the money I'd certainly buy a Note 20 Ultra 512gb version today,.. as I certainly love my Notes, so far owner of a Note 3, 4, 8 and currently Note 9 512gb dual sim Australian Exynos verrsion ..

            Ozbargain site so so addictive lolz 🤑🤪😃👍

            • @Italkdigital: Hi. I have just read your v informative response. It was so helpful. I have never owned a Samsung and am tossing up between the Note 20 ultra and an Oppo Find X2 pro. Currently have an Oppo Reno Z which is a great phone but don't love the camera. Going for a flagship this time but am not well off so want the best to do me for a couple of years. I have read that the exynos version runs hot and has bad battery performance. Can you tell me if it is actually that bad? I don't game but more read etc.

              • @JodesterDeeb: I dont own a Note 20 Ultra yet, what I've read about the speed difference on a Note 9 between the Exynos and Snapdragon variants (my Note 9 is Exynos) wasn't a big difference at that time as now the bigger speed difference of the Note 20 between the Exynos and Snapdragon variants,. its like anything if your gonna upgrade too a faster proccessr mobile your should notice some difference if for example you went with the either the Exynos or Snapdragon version, anyway like for example different speeds of SSD drives in real world speed differences speeds differences are generally unnoticeable until you do proper speed tests, anyway at the end of the day how are you going to know unless you buy both Exynos and Snapdragon versions

                Saying all that my Note 9 lags at times (nothing to do with its Exynos chip), as I abuse the hell out of my Note 9 I treat it worse then my PC, my Note 9 has over 600 apps installed in it, probably 10 to 15 apps running in the background, multiple browsers installed with some browsers having 50 or so tabs open, 20 screens running all full with browser icon webpage shortcuts, probably 10 widgets running , and she still plots along fine, she use too be butter smooth before the above abuse but still at least she still feels and rjns smooth so has handled well what ive thrown at her, i know why it lags at times and know how too fix it, the worst time it lags when I'm fully using resources of mobile too the max and having playstore update 20 or so apps in the background as Google playstore takes priority over mobile internet connection as one example,.. another example is multiple torrent downloading too the point my 512gb storage is full

                Funny i can't actually tell if my Note 9 has bad battery usage as imost times its being charged, its charged when in my car,. right now im in bed and its charging as I have a 2 metre USB C cable (right angled type at the phone connection side more comfortable too hold the phone when horizontal), also have numerous portable battery chargers funny enough i hardly use them though i take one with me all times and leave a wall charger and cable in my cars glove box but it has had very rare bad battery situations but like I said I abuse my Note 9 and could be a rogue app ive installed draining the battery, overall for my use battery has been fine, the only time I've ever had over heating is when I rolled over it in bed

                My suggestion to have reasons to upgrade tok a Note 9 is fratures, these are my main reasons why I stick too a Note and particularly my Note 9 version

                512gb of ram,..
                why,.. i do all my torrent downloading on my mobile,.. cheaper then running and no wear and tear on my very expensive pc and the phone is always with me at all times so can supervise the torrent downloading
                Fits shit loads of movies, music files etc in it basically I end up watching movies more from my mobile then my tv and all my files are with me at all times either in the phone or important stuff backed up in the cloud, basically like carrying a computer with me at all times, 512gb helps that more happen

                The old TouchWiz UI from long ago people hated is gone,. I love the new ONE UI interface from since my Note 8,. Youll get ONE UI2.5 actually on the Note 20, the One UI is fully customizable if you download a Samsung companion app from the Samsung spp store called ""Good Lock" and switch on and install all its features,. suggest search a YouTube video about it to watch

                Of course the always awesome Samsung screen and for me the bigger the screen the better especially for videos and even for basic reading of text, especially when spending longs hours on my Note mobile

                The S pen,.. even tough i don't use it for drawing has certainly become very useful then not having one,.. for example trying to copy text say from a browser and the normal finger method doesn't work you can use the s-pen too copy,.. also copy pictures not just from a browser but basically what you can see on your screen you can highlight with the s-pen and copy it,.. the s-pen is the main reason why I have been sticking with the Notes series

                If your comparing Cameras best jump on YouTube,. actually there are videos on YouTube comparing the Exynos and Snapdragon variants of the Note 20

                Though saying all above I think the Notes are getting pricey, I might wait till Christmas or even a lot longer, I might even jump onto the Note 10 Lite firsr that came out in Feb 2020 this year, its just over $500

                I'm sure there are a lot of Note owners here on Ozbargain that owns an Exynos variant without any over heating issues, definitely no speed issues

                Also dont forget too probably the most important to consider is an Australian Exynos version comes with 2 years warranty directly from Samsung, ive actually used it when the Note 8 came out with screen warranty, took it too the Samsung store and fixed my broken screen in 3 days and even changed my battery for free

                ps: these are what close too $2k cost mobiles like the same priced iPhone the Note 20 is expected to be blazing fast

                When I get a chance ill PM you pics of all my screens etc

                To finnish off,.. Notes are awesome mobiles to own and use 😃👍

        • Personly I think its misleading just stating 5G ready, especially i assumed with Telstra as they brag about there whole network superiority (including there 5G network) and not too at least mention up front especially for the high end 5G mobiles what type of capable 5G frequencies there listed 5G mobiles are capable off,..

          Well youd think there high end mobiles (would be 5G ready) too match there future high end 5G mobile network

          my 2 cents 🤑

  • Will there be any issues using the snapdragon chip version instead of exynos? i.e. sending text messages? this is great deal though been holding off this phone purchase because of the exynos chip

    • No issues.

      • Samsung fold uses the Snapdragon in Australia so I don't think there is any issue with using Snapdragon chipset.


      we have been selling the snapdragon chip in Samsung phones for many years all without any problems

    • I have a US version of the Note9 running snapdragon. it works like an Australian version.

      However the samsung care and samsung pay thas a slightly different interface and content for the USA market.
      They still work. I can still use samsung pay to tap and go.

    • No issues, your phone will perform better and the battery will last longer. No brainer over the Exynous version in my opinion.

    • I have a S10 SD G-9730 which I got from them last year from an EBay deal, way cheaper than Exynos and even VoLTE is working with Boost, has FM radio and dual sim. Didn't check Samsung apps though as I removed most of them and installed Google apps+Nova launcher right away.

    • Issues include:
      -Can't make people wait for the camera (better/faster)
      -Can't make excuses to go back to the desk since battery life will be longer
      -Can't blame dying in Fortnight on the phone for lagging
      -Can't use phone as a heater in winter (As much)

  • Why are their major issues signing in with either Google or Facebook? Neither work.

  • sd 865+ is the deal.

  • Hi Rep, is this dual sim version?

  • Do you also have S20 SD?

  • was watching this phone on rep's eBay store but pulled the trigger with Tobydeals last night for similar price like this deal. all because of the exynos vs Snapdragon thing, i finally took the gamble. shame on you Samsung.

    bytheway, i was so brainwashed with the gold color at beginning but after seeing a few YouTube videos of the color compare, i went for the white one.

  • Haha, love the review when you click the main link.

    Overall Score 4.3

    Pros - Long battery life, Design, Good screen, Beautiful screen, Overall performance.

    Cons - Pricey, Poor battery life.

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