[Refurb] Acer Predator X34P 34" Ultrawide 100Hz $849 + Delivery (Free Pickup in QLD) @ MegaBuy


MegaBuy are selling some refurbs of this monitor, which brings it down to near the $847.20 price it was in November last year. It allowed me to add up to 18 to my cart before giving me quantity errors, so I'm guessing this is the stock level.

Mostly mixed reviews online, typical for a popular monitor that's been around a while (mostly QC problems, backlight bleed, dead pixels). I suspect as these are refurbs, they would probably have had some eyes on them to check for issues before they go out for sale, but only a guess.

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    "It allowed me to add up to 18 to my cart before giving me quantity errors"

    Whoa, slow down there, broden! :-)

  • Great monitor and totally recommend it, not sure about refurb price, but i got mine sparkly new at Hardly Norman for $999 price matched about 6 months ago

    Yes you can also buy the Alienware which even at its cheapest is still $500 dearer than this model from recent deals

  • This company has a terrible reputation for misleading advertising and some of the worst customer service around.

    For anyone who doesn't know about megabuy yet, checkout feedback from their customers before you consider placing an order. A couple of links to get you started.

    ProductReview feedback (Sudden rush of 5 star reviews recently from one post wonders makes me dubious given their history but make of that what you will)

    80 pages of Whirlpool feedback

    If you're after more info on the company, check feedback for the other sites they also run.


    Major issues with this seller.

  • neg for trying to compare a refurb price with a near record new.

    What are you doing!

  • Negging to try save anyone buying from this company. Soz op

  • Excellent monitor. Couldn't be more happier with it!

  • Never buy from megabuy.

    It's a good jingle to remember.