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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G 128GB (Cosmic Grey/Black) $1096 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Just in case Officeworks is out of stock, same price on Amazon AU.

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  • These things crashing coz no one likes to bend over for Samsung bs

  • FYI
    JB/Officeworks one is 256gb. This is only 128gb.

  • +10 votes

    get ripped off as well with the exynos instead of snapdragon

  • Exynos processor is a hard no from me

    It's like installing a sports body kit on a Yaris.


  • Exynos makes me want to go back to iPhone

  • Serious question for ppl poo-pooing over the chipset used: are you using the mobile for intensive gaming or? Does it make any practicable difference in speed for everything else?

    • When you pay such premium for a flagship phone its expected to have flagship standard chip-set, and since applications are more demanding you do feel the difference.

      • +8 votes

        What apps specifically? I'm still using a S8, don't play games and don't feel it is sluggish or unresponsive to any task. At all.

        • This can't be true, my S8+ is so sluggish. How many apps have you installed?
          Btw I am running Nova Launcher since day 1, don't know if that makes a difference.

          • @beOson: yup thats rubbish.

            I have never gamed on any mobile. I buy flagship or close to it for the camera, charging speed (so overlooked as a spec) battery, features (ie sensors), size and its ability to last me 2 yrs.

            My Mate 20 pro was amazing new. But now its sluggish and randomly freezes for a few secs when chrome etc is open.
            Maybe a factory/data reset is due, but a new mobile is also due. Sadly the S20+ charge speed is inferior to mate20 but the ultra is too big for me.

            • @toshin: I haven't got any reason to exaggerate, I've got nothing to gain for it. That's just my experience and why I haven't wanted to drop money on a new phone yet.

              • @orly: These two must be related to my wife…cos they know f*#king everything too!!!

                This can't be true, my S8+ is so sluggish.

                yup thats rubbish.

                I've been using an S8 up until yesterday and can't say it's been sluggish. Battery's showing it's age and charging port died about 12 months ago and got sick of carrying a wireless charger otherwise would have kept it for a while longer.

                Camera on the S20 is miles ahead of the S8 to happy with the upgrade in the end.

                JB wouldn't match Amazon but had not trouble getting them to match Officeworks at the same price.

                • @OzBragain: Haha absolutely..yep battery is defo starting to decline, and camera could use an upgrade. Will wait a bit for prices to fall as it isn't urgently needed.

          • @beOson: I've got Nova Launcher as well. I've counted close to 50 apps on my app drawer, trying to exclude any native apps. I delete apps that I don't use, clear caches and try not to have too much photos and videos on it, but I've still got close to 3000 photos on the phone.

            • @orly: 60 apps (excl native ones)
              6000 photos
              200 vids
              clear caches as well, from the boot menu sometimes.

              Pre-ordered the phone so it's in the 3rd year of lifespan now.
              It's still usable and holding up, but, I wouldn't describe it as 'no sluggish or unresponsive to any task'…sorry.
              I used to use 0.5x animation and that didn't work well, so back onto 2x now, and yes, it's 'usable'.

        • I think you just get used to the unresponsiveness. I had an S8+ and thought it wasn't sluggish. I just upgraded to the s20+ and the difference is really noticeable. Everything happens so much quicker.

    • +4 votes

      dont forget the power efficiency of snap dragon vs exynos.

    • I cannot comment on SD865 vs Exynos 990 (apparently, the gap is widens further compared to last year's gap).

      However, when using S10 Exynos, in day to day use, the performance is pretty good, obviously not as good as SD855, but certainly better than SD845. Battery life is a little bit disappointing though. I don't game much on mobile phones. If you do, you would want the Snapdragon version.

      Problem is, people cannot get over those benchmark charts, battery life difference, and photo processing difference. Exynos ones are fine if they are offered at a discount.

      • -4 votes

        That's what I think. People are getting way too hung up over phone specs, screen resolution, screen refresh rates, benchmarks, chipset etc when in reality, you won't notice that big a difference in daily use unless you're comparing phones side by side.

        • Mate a customer like you should be OK with any budget phone, for power users I think these innovations does make a difference since these are all the bells and whistles of new flagships

          • @unknownhitler: Honestly, there are quite a number of more important issues with this gen which is why S20 is struggling:

            • The 120Hz mode is limited to 1080p.
            • Overall improvement on SD865 isn't that great (25% CPU, 20% CPU).
            • The 5G, honestly, in AUS is hardly usable, but battery life does suffer.
            • The WiFi 6 chipset, I am guessing from Broadcom, isn't really the WiFi 6 we want.

            Certainly, we prefer Snapdragon. However, if Samsung provided sufficient discount for Exynos variant, it could be worth considering. Honestly, the SD865 iteration of phones have technologies which feel interim like. As power users, you would highlight those issues first, rather than just beating on that CPU difference.

            Sellers are taking advantage of people wanting Snapdragon versions and having a bigger profit margin on that. So, it isn't actually an 1 to 1 comparison, at least not in Australia (as you need to buy from overseas if you really want SD).

            As for really taking advantage of the CPU/GPU, honestly, with the USB-C/alt-mode not really done properly to take full advantage of the CPU/GPU, and the fact most people don't really take advantage of USB-C/USB 3.1 gen 1 (yeah, as if that is going to make it feel "so innovative"), I doubt CPU/GPU is a huge deal. DeX is at best half baked anyway.

            Think of it this way: Exynos deters you from buying this, which is actually a good thing. If SD865 sucked you in, are you seriously going to be that much better off with this year's Android flagship?

          • @unknownhitler: I have both an iPhone XS and Samsung a20. Realistically their ain’t much difference. Comes down to the eco system. Often ask myself why did I pay so much when the a20 is perfectly fine ??

      • I think you've hit the nail on the head with your final paragraph.

        It seems like the norm to compare mobile phone specs and performance, especially around this period as new models are launched.

        I currently use the S20+ 5G and have no issues with it whatsoever.
        As someone who doesn't use a lot of apps (mainly social media, communication, daily routine/scheduling apps and a few games), it operates quite well.

        When I look for a phone, I am prioritising a sleek design that's not too bulky or over the top with dimensions, has a decent quality camera to capture moments of my family and friends, and is compatible with my other devices (non-Apple devices).

        To me, this phone ticks the boxes, regardless of benchmark comparisons.
        I'm not looking to push my phone to its limits.

    • I would like to ask that same question! I have the Australian S20+ 5G (so obviously with Exynos) but I've never had any problems with it and I am quite picky with phones. I don't play any games on it though.

      I wonder what is a real Android alternative to the S20 lineup? I mean a phone by a company that has similar level of quality, updates, and after-sales support in Australia as Samsung?

    • maybe ppl could not care about the intense gaming to push the phone to limit, but having average 20% less battery life (screen on time) everyday will be unacceptable at all.

    • I was so concerned about this when I got an S20 like 4 months ago or whatever (I forget how long I have had it). Honestly no problem with the phone at all, I feel the camera is a slightly let down, the Pixel lineup definitely produces the best photos on any phone.

      But otherwise it seems fine, all apps run, the battery would last me 1.5 days without charging, screen is good.

      I don't do any gaming though so mostly Chrome, Reddit and various finance/stock apps.

  • Both S20 and Note 20 series are a flop this year. People who bought will justify their purchase but from inside they do regret after using it for sometime. And I am one of those, regret my purchase and sold it at a loss 😣
    Next year can be a different ball game as Samsung will be the prime manufacturer of SD875 processors and hope they will launch SD version in Australia too.

    • If Samsung secured the order for manufacturing SD875, it is likely the gap of Exynos and SD next year won't be as big as this year. One reasons Exynos is lagging behind is Samsung don't really get to have a look / feel of Apple's silicon or Snapdragon silicon in advance.

      So, price does matter and Qualcomm switched again. Let's hope Samsung's 5nm EUV process is good.

    • Why do you regret buying it? What problems were you facing, if I may ask?

      • Battery life of Note 20 didn’t last a full day even with very normal use - no gaming at all. Had to recharge by 5pm. Going back from 90Hz display to 60Hz was a disappointment. Overall phone didn’t feel snappy. Although I didn’t care about the build quality but for a plastic build, price should also match that.

        • That doesn't sound right. My S20+ easily lasts a full day without gaming. It would probably last 1.5 days. Perhaps it was an issue with your phone/battery/software.

          Phone not feeling snappy - another thing that doesn't sound right. You sure there weren't a bunch of apps hogging your CPU and battery in the background? I have almost never noticed that with my phone.

          • @raunak21: Agree, I have S20+ and most days from between 5am and 9:30pm I will use maybe 50-55% of my battery with a lot of use (no gaming though). Some days with light usage its up around 70% at the end of the day.

    • note20 especially, who thought s20 ad note20 have same chip is a good idea especially with the note premium

  • As soon as someone makes an Android phone with a better camera set than Samsung, I'm out.

    • Try Oppo Find X2 Pro. For me it is the best Android phone so far. One can always debate about cameras and additional lenses as gimmicks that all the manufacturers are putting in these days.

  • Why is the 5g model with more ram cheaper than 4g variety of s20+

  • Anyone know what's the best way to order a Snapdragon model rather than Exynos? Can it be imported from Amazon?

  • FYI, Edu store price : $1,046.58

    (5% off over $1000 offer + $50 coupon included)

  • SD845 is still enough these days. No need to upgrade

  • Showing up as $1,146.00 on my end. Did they just lift it by $50?

    • Cause Officeworks is out of stock so Amazon no longer thinks it need to price match…

      • The Grey 128GB is still available for online and pick up order for Officeworks: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/samsung-galaxy-s20-5g-128gb-cosmic-grey-brs205ggy
        Oops, never mind, not the plus =S

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