ORICO Aluminum [email protected] USB 3.1 Type-C to HDMI Adapter US$6.18 (~A$8.59) Delivered @ Orico Official Store AliExpress


Great price on this Orico Type-C to HDMI Adapter which supports resolution up to [email protected]

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  • yeah agree good price i bought similar one (different brand) months ago for AUD10 still not arrived yet, my intention was to try samsung Dex from my s5e tablet

  • I bought a similar one but it only works at [email protected] Next time only buying these kind of adaptors of Amazon, their support offer instant refund.

    • this, a perfect example of the consumer being trash and blaming the manufacturer. If other people can do 4K60, then you should be able to as well. There is almost no possibility of it being "faulty" by going back to 30hz. Your type-C port doesn't support it.

  • Anyone know of an affordable, confirmed [email protected] PD version of this, please share.

    I took the plunge on a few different versions only days ago but I'm finding it hard to believe the 60Hz claims and wont know for sure until they arrive in 4-6 weeks… but yeah, PD just makes these so much more convenient on lots of devices as they allow charging while connected.

    • I think PD has more to do with the port if it supports it rather than the cable??

      Btw, what are you trying to connect to it?

      Personally would not buy from AliExpress/Banggood etc.. delivery just takes too long!

      • Just wanting to use & charge an iPad pro or Samsung device while streaming media when on holidays or whatever. The USB-C to HDMI cable I had worked flawlessly and I was able to keep the Samsung phone charged via wireless… but the iPad belonging to someone else couldn't charge wirelessly which was a bummer as they had locally stored stuff they wanted to continue playing.

  • Good price! But 12.99 cheapest on Amazon Prime, free returns, Aussie warranty: