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Logitech G703 HERO Wireless Gaming Mouse $99.00 C&C @ JB Hi-Fi


Just saw this on JB's website - nearly 50% off

Other's have it for $145+

Don't forget discounted GC's

Some reviews:


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  • Grear price considering I just paid $77 for the wired G502

    • And this is wireless as well. I also brought that 502. By looking at the picture, maybe 502 is more comfortable?

    • +1

      Where did you find the G502 for $77? I think that is still the better buy, G703 seems a bit of a downgrade compared to the 502 (bar the wireless of course)

  • perfect timing. My G703 has developed a flaky mouse wheel. Time for a replacement

    • Is it bigger than a G502?

      • I could tell you if I had a G502

      • I have both, I find the 703 feels smaller but it's only because I tend to rest my hand slightly further back on it.

    • +1

      Got a G703 that had scroll wheel issues too. Took a big of searching but found updating to 14.2.7 firmware fixed most of it:


      • nah that's not it for me. The scroll wheel randomly jumps, switching my weapon to something I don't want in a game.

    • flaky in what sense? Mouse repairs are quite doable

    • you have a g703 and it's busted? I'm on a mx518 and its still going

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    You could price beat at officeworks for $86.45

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      thought price beat is 5% only?

      • You're right, I misread the JBHIFI page. OW price is 94.05

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    Great price. Bit heavy for my liking for gaming but it's been great for me as a work mouse. Wireless works great and comfortable for palm grip for my large hands

    Also Logitech just dropped a G HUB update that makes the HERO sensor in this (and a bunch of the other HERO mice) go up to 25,600CPI if you're into sub-micron tracking for some reason not that it probably practically matters for anyone

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      g703 105g vs. G pro 80g vs g502 lightspeed 114g

      Is what i'm weighing up :)

      • +1

        heh, weighing

    • Too heavy? Compared to wired once perhaps.

  • Any wireless gaming mouse around 50-60?

    • +1

      the razer one from amazon is around 60 usually

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      Just got a G304 from geeybuying for $60 and it's a brilliant little mouse!

      • +1

        Can second the G304/305 (same mouse - just different regions have different names). Great value.

    • spend the extra cash this mouse will last forever

    • +1

      Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed regularly goes in the 60s.

      No RGB, large form factor, performance is great.

  • Ohh no i just Hero 502 :)

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      an hero

  • Currently using a G305 but it feels just a little too small! Would the G703 be too big?

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      703 is perfect for me and it's hard to admit, but I don't have the largest hands…. and before anyone asks, the answer is yes.

      • I gotta ask, yes for what?

        • He wears small gloves.

  • +11

    If you are in vic and looking for a filler item to get free shipping then get these terminal name tags for $1 to get the free shipping

    • I bought a tag
      And the mouse

    • Funny story I ordered the tags and they only sent the mouse! damn I was going to use those tags on some USB drives

  • Hi, is the mouse free-scrolling type? Not sure if I should buy this to replace my MX Anywhere 2S for use in office.

    • +1

      Nope. G502 variants, G604 and G903 are the current gaming mice with hyper fast scrolling.

      • Thanks. No buy of this for me then.

  • office work seems to not have the hero version? so can't pricebeat?

  • If only this had hyperscroll

    • Deal-breaker for me too :(

  • +1

    Thanks OP, I've been using the G403 for over 3 years now which has been amazing for me in terms of comfort. This is a great price considering I bought the wired version for $20 less.

  • +1

    Thanks op
    Another to add to my mouse harem

  • The mouse is more than 3 years old. I suspect there's a new wireless gaming mouse from Logitech coming or has been released this year.

    • The lightspeed version

      Doesn't look like this jb hifi version is the lightspeed, even though it mentions it is in the description?

      The photos of the mouse underneath doesn't have 'LIGHTSPEED' inscribed

      Not sure - quite confusing if anyone could clarify!

      • Lightspeed is the older one. This one has the new HERO sensor.

  • Great mouse. I only found it to be slightly bulky. Also I am not so sure if the HERO version is worth the extra $20 - $30.

    • I have the g703 non-hero, but upgraded to the G Pro. The battery life is appalling on the non-hero g703 version. I was charging every 2-3 days, whereas the g pro I barely charge once a week.

      Saying that I thought the g703 was more comfortable, but a bit heavy.

  • Great mouse, I paid $75 for this @ JB HF in April.

    • You got the non-Hero one.

      • Nope, read the linked comment thread.

        • Nice

    • -1

      I price matched with Officeworks and got the Hero one somehow.

    • I price matched with Officeworks around then and got the Hero one somehow.

      • same here, almost better than the mx master in every way, except for the side scroll wheel

  • I thought all the hero lightspeed model drops are this year's- therefore should have the better switches and the right click issues fixed compared to the older logitech mice. Could be wrong though.

  • Sigh had just bought one of these a couple weeks ago too!
    Great mouse, love the weight of it. Replaced my G502 which was an absolute peice of ****.. It was lighter but had issues with the laser tracking.
    No regerts

  • +1

    Not bad but I've hoarded 2G403 and 2G703 so pretty much done with it. They all work perfectly with my Logi G PowerPlay mouse pad. I love this mouse so much and I'm gonna use this mouse for the rest of my life😁

    • Unfortunately my G703 has started crapping out 2 months out of warranty (I'm still trying it anyway). It's got the infamous double clicking issue on the middle scroll wheel and right click. I've heard the Hero is fixed but I'm not too sure.

      • My 2 G703s are all HERO version and have no such issues. The only issue I have is one of G403s has a slight drift on scroll wheel, but I've fixed it myself by replacing the wheel encoder. This is a widely known issue and easy to fix.

      • I swear the doubleclick always happens JUST outside of warranty. they've got the manufacturing down to a T.

  • Great price. Wish this had left / right tilt wheel buttons, am so addicted to them.

  • +1

    Don't forget OW price beat! This is the same model.

    • Is this the newer HERO model as the JB Hifi's?

      • +1

        Same model number.

        • Sweet. Cheers

  • Picked up a replacement for my current old G703. Great price.

  • I'm reasonably happy with mine.

    Light, wheel button press is good, buttons are good, could maybe do with an additional 2 thumb buttons.
    Pads are decent

    Battery on wireless lasts approx 24hrs.
    Charge cable is ok, but you notice when it's plugged in to charge.
    Cant change the battery unless you remove the pads where I presume the screws are located.

    • I've got one, and it lasts days without having to recharge. I do turn off all the LEDs though.

  • How does this compare to a razer death addar in size?
    Mines 8 years old so could do with an upgrade.

  • +1

    Even better, the G703 and all other HERO sensor mice from logitech have been upgraded from 16k to 25k via firmware update. So that's cool.


    Also, what are people's thoughts on this vs. G903?

    • Addendum: I went with the G903 because it has 4x longer battery life, and can unlock the scroll wheel for faster scrolling (love that on my G502). Will see how it goes (y)

  • bought thanks op - with $10 off $50+ spend via westpac CC.

    • -1

      Something tells me ur the kind of guy that ends up losing $$ then saving it as u probably didn’t need this. I got it for $79 a year ago. Was this price also around tax time.

      • What's wrong with you LMAO? wasn't in the market for a wireless mouse then, however i am now therefore decent price what am i losing $$ on? i also used -$10 off, so therefore cost me 89 and i was interested, so you saved $10 more than me? what's your point brother

  • +3

    Isnt this the same one? $91.75 delivered if you have Prime from Amazon UK
    Amazon cashback should work too..

    • looks like that's the older model and not the hero

      • the specs specifically say

        Series LogitechG703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse with HERO 16K Sensor

  • Can someone recommend a good wired mouse? Not a fan of wireless, maybe the tech is better now, but I'm stuck on wired after being burnt with wireless in the past.

    Main use is for playing League of Legends, I also do photo editting, but don't really care what mouse I have for that.

    • I'd say I really liked the logitech mouse feel, I own this and the mx master, both are really comfortable and have decent weight on them

      try the wired versions, G502 with the Hero sensor, I think you'll like it. It goes on discount here quite frequently too

    • g403 wired.

    • +1

      Short answer: Pick any modern gaming mice that has a good shape for your hands and you should be fine.

      Longer answer: All the companies have figured out how to do good optical sensors now so if you pick any modern gaming mice that feels good in your hands you should be fine. The trend at the moment though is super lightweight mice so have a look at stuff like the Glorious Model O.

  • Every time a mouse deal comes on, I will oooh and uuum cause I have no idea about how much are they better than my death adder 2013

    • +1

      Easy. What don't u like about ur current mouse and see if new mouse fixes it

      • Nothing, lol. In general, I just wish that the slant is a bit higher so my hand can be on a bit more of an angle, but I think only the mx master series is for that.

        • +1

          Feels like I can chip in on this. I've used the old death adder a long time ago, where it probably was one of the largest but still lighter than it looks/feels mouse out there at that time, but now I've used the mx master v1, it was somewhat okay in terms of general usage, but it's smaller with the larger hump (slant) as you already know.

          I'm using the G703 at the moment and I'd say it feels really nice, like a lower mx master with the added bonus of DPI, battery life, etc.

          • @beeepbooop: Thank you for your input! Do you think the 703 or the 502 is better? The 502 seems to have a larger slope, based on pictures. Wired or not isn't that big of a qol for me.

  • Anyone know where I can find the white version?

  • really tempting both use same sensor and the battery is different .


  • Have they fixed the switches yet? Not risking until they do.

    • Yeah my g903 is dead with its double click. All I play now I'd fps cause it doesn't really matter if you fire one shot or two

      • +1

        Lol, I had this issue and it was a big deal on my g403. Your trying to tap fire and end up doing a spray.

        These mice only last 2 years if you game a decent amount. Other brands are the same.

        Pretty much stick to $50 wired offerings as they are designed to have limited lifespans.

        • I'm tempted to buy this mouse, both on the other hand $100 for 2 years is a little short. I miss my old g7, lasted me over 5 years.

        • These mice only last 2 years if you game a decent amount. Other brands are the same.

          Last time I bought this mouse it stated double clicking within a week and I returned it.

          The problem with these new switches is that they were not designed to be used for mouse, especially these low volt modern mouse. It is inevitable for these to fail eventually, whether it stops working in a week or two years is a gamble.

      • +1

        lol changing your genre because of a shitty mouse

        • I miss rts games. Platformers at least I can play with a controller.

  • G903 was $99 as well by Kogan via amazon

  • Anything worth picking up as well for $1 or something. The closest JB store doesn't have stock, the second closest is outside of th 5km range.