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Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse $89.89 Delivered @ Kogan via Amazon AU


Keep in mind this is NOT the hero sensor which has far better battery life.

To get the $89.89, you must select "all sellers" instead of just Amazon.
Also "Arrives between August 4-6."

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Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I purchased a G903 gaming mouse, but Kogan sent a cheap logitech webcam to me.

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    • lol

    • They saw itself coming…

    • That's actually a bargain in this climate lol.

    • Happened to me as well!!! Literally just got a c270 camera instead of a logitech g903!!

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    From the Amazon reviews on the Kogan page.

    "I purchased a G903 gaming mouse, but Kogan sent a cheap logitech webcam to me. Contact Kogan to ask for a refund. They said I have to return the item first to them to get refund, but they did NOT say how? I assume it will be under my own cost? Melbourne is being locked down at the moment, people may get fined by police by going out for non-essential stuff. What do you want us to do Kogan?"

    By Terry hou on 23 July 2020.

    would avoid personally lol

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        Oh dear, 1 person got sent 2 webcams instead of 2 G903's

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          Based on the comments, the majority of customers received a Webcam.

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            @RichardL: this is a shitty web cam deal then.

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              @slowmo: Good lord Kogan are absolute donkeys.

              Their attitude is that they want all the purchasers send back the webcams on the purchasers time and money… then somewhere along the line they might get a $10 coupon back.

              • @tonyjzx: how far have they fallen? I remember buying my samsung gs3 from them and the experience was pretty good.

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    was close to buying one but seeing all the reviews on Kogan Amazon, i would avoid….

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    those who got a webcam instead, i would highly suggest contacting amazon support/help and make some noise about it.

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      This. Amazon will help you out immediately.

  • Anyone tried price matching at officeworks? (or jb, eb games)

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      Might not be able to find stock, as these has been replaced by the HERO Sensor model.

      • Try JB hifi as well. I got mine earlier this year from the with a price match from EB Games.

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    Pulled the trigger - chances are someone in Kogan has realised they still have all this "G903" stock and in the same breath trying to figure out why they are so low on webcam stock.


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      F for follow. Let me know how it goes xD I got $5 on your package being webcam

    • Oh yeah, F1 racing with no brakes. Its like finding a street hooker and say nah, no rubbers. Its like closing your eyes to tongue kiss your girlfriend in the dark, and forgetting your Mum sat between you.

      All these things seem less risky than buying from Kogan.

  • When people say the new one has far better battery life .. how much better? .. doesn't this come with a puck that you can use on a mat to charge wirelessly continuously - i kinda figured most people would be buying it for this usage?

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      32 hours vs 140 hours I believe.

      And charging wirelessly requires the Logitech Powerplay which is ~$160 on sale

    • I've had both and is using the G903 with hero sensor now.
      The one with Hero sensor really does make a huge difference.
      The older one I was charging around once every 3 days while the new one around once every 10 days. (approx 5 hours a day)
      I don't really like to let the battery drain all the way down anyway.
      Wireless charging is only available on the Hero sensor version via the Logitech Power play $150 mat. I didn't buy one as it was way too expensive.

  • I’ll give it a shot. Thanks (maybe) OP!

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      Disclaimer: OP is not liable for any potential webcam mixups. GL

    • Don't waste your time, Kogan has been very unreliable lately.

  • Hero is $178 at Officeworks. Can't be bothered with Kogan stuff around. Heard great things about mouse!

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    Do NOT buy, they will NOT send! Kogan should be banned here!

  • well link shows ship and sold by Amazon Au. May be it is not Kogan?

    Edit: oh well, looked like the webcam party by Kogan is fixed and price is back to $191 now boys

    • Probably expired or pull off the listing.

  • I really like this mouse, I have the older g900 version and paid $150 back in the day. However, the short battery life does get annoying. The hero sensor version is so damn expensive though :/

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    I got a G703 that I paid $75 bucks. Amazing mouse.

    • Been waiting for a G703 Hero deal :(
      Got the $139 G Pro deal but not delivered for another 2 weeks or so. Tempted to cancel and get a G703 if it's on a deal

      • Just wait for the G Pro. Much better deal and mouse. I have the G703 and G903, both non Hero. My G903 have connections problems and is about to be replaced.

        • Definitely wait for the Pro, it's so much better than the other two. My G903 had double-clicking issues, so I bought a G703 in the interim while Logitech was processing the replacement and they sent out a Pro instead.

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    Do NOT BUY from Kogan, I bought 2 x g903 from the last deal. They sent me 2 x C270 Webcams, I have submitted a return claim with them and now have to wait till they get back to me about how to return the webcams before they will issue me a refund. Gonna raise it with Amazon tomorrow after 2 days have passed. I will never buy from Kogan ever again.

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    would buy this but not out of ozbargain principal cos of Mr PriceJacker Kogan the crook

  • Honestly I'd say it's not worth it considering how much better the hero sensor version is. I had to charge my old one every few days, while the otherwise identical hero version lasts over a month between charges.

  • (profanity) my life, I'm still waiting in my mouse from the previous deal which is now guaranteed to be a webcam. I don't want a refund….

    • I messaged them if it'll ship or has shipped, they instantly cancelled my order. Suggest you do the same before you get a webcam.

      • I wanna claim a replacement instead of a refund though

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    Do not buy this. It is a scam from KOGAN(BOGAN). See what happened to the enitre ozbargain community here. Everyone got sent a webcam instead of a mouse and then KOGAN is ignoring us and not providing us with either a replacement or refund. Please do not fall for BOGAN's trick as now hundreds of people are stuck trying to get a refund from KOGAN and it seems like they arent budging at all and not even taking the effort to refund us when they are at fault. Customer service from hell….. and deceptive and misleading advertisement /selling from them.

    • could really do without the name change tbh. those who legit got sent via the wrong thing, you can raise a lot of noise, and this can get them kicked off amazon if there are enough of complaints (afaik).

  • my order got cancelled.

    Any one else on the same boat?

    • That is good news… don't waste time with Kogan. They will send you webcam instead.

    • Im on the same boat.

  • I got an email as below.

    We're writing to inform you that your order 503-0280341-1487812 from KOGAN has been cancelled

    Your payment card has not been charged for this order.


  • my order got cancelled as well. don't waste time on Kogan

  • Fake offer from Kogan. Mine was cancelled as well.

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