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Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse $100.89 Delivered @ Kogan via Amazon AU


Not the Hero version but good price for this.

Lightspeed wireless advanced and fully featured gaming mouse
The ultimate in high-performance wireless gaming
Clock-tuning technology significantly reduces sensor power draw
Configurable ambidextrous buttons with custom RGB lighting
A continuous 32 hours on a single charge

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  • Its out of stock in the first 5 minutes?

  • ooh, good price! new version coming soon?

  • Anyone here that was able to get it?

  • My bad guys, was on vpn lol and it didnt register my location correctly. All good. Great deal

  • This or Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless for $88?

  • Thanks OP, ordered one successfully. VPN was messing with me lol

  • Hows the warranty with the mouse. Do you have to go through Amazon or Logitech if you get like a double click issue on your mouse?

  • I would have bought this over the viper mini if I knew it would have been on sale. Although both are still great.

  • I almost don't believe this but apparently the one with the hero sensor has a battery life of 140 hours whereas the one in this deal only has a battery life of 20.

  • This or the mx master 2s/3?

    • mx master was the worst mouse i ever used. I bought one few years ago. i dont know about recent one. But I've seen several people complainng about mx serises.

      • Love my original MX master, great mice just maybe not perfect gaming mice, even though that's what I do with mine.

      • Agreed MX Master seriously sucks… Not often, but regularly - it skips.

      • Yeah…? I use my MX2 daily for work (excel sheet, CAD and 3D stuff) and I find it better, for my series of tasks, than any other mice I've used. It's not exactly the most ergonomic mouse, but the side scroll wheel is worth it. To be fair, the first-gen MX master is pretty bad. I had one and returned it in a week because the scroll wheel broke.

        Gaming wise, GPW all the way.

    • Well this does have more buttons (8 vs 11), better sensor and lower weight. Although the mx master does have the side scroll wheel.

    • This has the infinte scroll wheel

    • They're for two different purposes. I have a mx Master 3 for work and a Logitech g pro for gaming. Each mouse works perfectly for it's task but I if I had to only buy 1 I'd get a gaming mouse because I can kinda use that for work but I wouldn't use the master 3 for gaming.

    • Mx Master are better for work from home experiences.

  • Still 240 left (at least according to their Amazon stock count,I have doubts on their actual stock levels)

  • This or the G604 for $99 at MWave? Having such a hard time deciding :(

    • G604 is not rechargeable which can be annoying

      • I beg to differ. Charging the mouse every 30 hours is annoying. A single AA battery can last 240 hours in the G604 (Hero sensor) and it's not hard to have a spare rechargeable AA charged, ready to go. Not to mention devices with rechargeable battery will degrade over time so you may have to replace it when the battery goes bad even when the mouse works fine. Inbuilt non-user replaceable batteries in modern devices is a bugbear of mine. Sorry for my rant…

        • Eh doesn't overly bother me really as I have a $20 mouse from Amazon currently that I plug in every night out of habit alongside a few other devices. So if that's the only shortfall of the 902, then I'm good to go

        • Couldn't agree more. I have the G903 and I hate having the charge it every few days. Compatibility with AA batteries would be great because I could just swap some pre charged ones.
          It's one of the reasons I prefer the Xbox One controller to Dualshock4, the inbuilt battery in the DS4 is on its last legs, but swapping out eneloops in the xbox one controller means I never have to plug it in or have any inconvenient downtime while it charges.

    • G604 actually has the Hero sensor so it has higher dpi and more power efficient. However, their look and feel is very different and G604 uses a single AA which may make it heavier.

  • Micro USB :(

  • Great price. I paid more for my G703 and I think that mouse is pretty good

  • +1 from me because it's ambidextrous, which means the left-mousers can get in on the deal, too!

    • I've always wondered why they don't sell right handed keyboards….

      I can't picture it in my head, but how and why would you use a mouse left handed?? 🤔

      • Fun fact: there are keyboards available with the numpad on the left, so you could call them 'left-handed' keyboards. Using a mouse left-handed is not all that hard, most modern operating systems can have their settings easily tweaked to allow for swapping the primary click button. Despite that, a good gaming mouse will have software for remapping everything to do whatever you want. What makes it so difficult for those of use who do this are the vast swathes of ergonomic mice that are built for righties - you just can't use it with the opposite hand. (Try swapping your shoes over and see how long that lasts!). I've seen exactly one ergonomic leftie mouse, the Razer Naga Trinity, but they were trying to raise funds through Kickstarter and just didn't get enough to launch. That gives you an idea of how big the left-handed market is. So, a good-quality ambidextrous mouse is a really good find, especially when it's an excellent model like this one.

  • Bit the bullet and bought this. Been waiting too long for a good wireless mouse and sick of waiting.

  • Suncorp rewards and shopback brings it down to $92.82. Cheers OP!

  • got mine from the JB price match of previous EBgames deal. Pretty good mouse.

  • Did I need one? No. Did I buy one? Yes.

    I love my G903 so one for my workstation is more than welcomed. :)

  • battery life seems a bit too short. 24 hours with light, 36 hours with no light

    • Get two, use one while charging the other one! It's a cheaper than getting a powermat with the mouse…

  • fantasitic mouse a lot of chicken dinners in pubg

  • Think a new one is coming up. Maybe with a magnetic scroll wheel like the mx master 3

    • This has already been superseded by the one wiyh the HERO sensor, and considering the auto switching scroll from the first MX Master never made it's way across to the G gear, I doubt the new magnetic one would either.

      • Maybe yep. You never know. I like the g903. I don't get why people still play with wired mice. I can notice even the lightest cable on a mouse

  • I have read quiet a few users have double clicks issue and it the wireless charging is proprietary.

    I chicken out seeing that the seller is Kogan.

    • I’ve had the double clicking on my G903, it’s actually happened twice, each time after about 12-18 months of (pretty heavy) use. It’s more of an annoyance than anything.

      The good news is that warranty claims go straight through Logitech and consist of sending them the serial number, video proof that you own the mouse, and the shop you bought it from. They just mail out a replacement free of charge. My second replacement is on its way now, lol.

      When they stop sending me more mice, I intend to open them all up and fix the dodgy switches. 3+ mice for the price of 1 counts as a bargain, right?

  • Mouse is uncomfortable, buttons and scroller are positioned too high up took a while to get used to it.

    • Hasn’t been an issue for me, it probably depends on your hand size and how you grip the mouse.

  • This is the older version and lasts only 32 hrs without RGB.
    The latest HERO version lasts 180 hours without RGB.

    "That's almost 6X the battery life of the previous-generation G903."


  • Good price, the G-series are good quality and precision.
    I mostly use an MX-Vertical for work now for comfort (and had a tennis elbow injury, prevent RSI etc), but still like my G-502 for home and gaming, even that was $85 at the time i think.

  • whats the difference between this one and the hero version? and is it worth getting this or wait for the hero version to go on a discounted cost?

  • heads up I've owned this on release, the one thing that gets annoying is that the clicks will start double clicking after a while and some heavy use, thankfully you can replace the switches with some better japanese ones by opening it up and soldering it in, there's heaps of replacement parts for this from good ol' aliexpresss. My favourite mouse so far since the mx518.

  • Hopefully get a good deal on the hero soon enough, that does look like a nice mouse but $180 is too much for what is still a luxury for me.

  • This lasts only 32 hours per charge?

    • Reason I cancelled my order - although Kogan refusing - claiming it's already been shipped.

      • yeah, I only change batteries like twice or atmost three times per year for my wireless mouse that I use with my Surface

        dunno if "Gaming" makes that big of a difference in power consumption but i doubt it

      • I cancelled mine 30min after purchase around 1am. Despite that they said it has been shipped :). That is why I don't trust Kogan.

    • Use it to the point it double clicks which seems to be a surefire thing considering the switch quality, RMA with Logitech over the next 2 years. Surely they'll have run out of this model by then and send the Hero version instead. Could just leave cable close to mousepad and charge nightly or just treat it as a wired mouse.

  • Anyone got a shipment notification?

    • I got the parcel delivered yesterday only to find out that they've sent me 2 x Logitech web cameras instead of the 2 x mice i ordered.
      I was also surprised to see it arrived in Kogan packaging. I thought it would be fulfilled by Amazon and arrive in an Amazon box.
      Anyway, pretty disappointed now that i have to wait for them to get back to me and sort this out. I contacted them yesterday and haven't heard anything back yet.

      • Wow that's terrible. Hopefully mines turn up otherwise I'll just report them for item not receive.