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[eBay Plus] Garmin Fenix 6S $538.96 Delivered @ Ryda eBay


Also available with a Black Band and Silver Face https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Garmin-Fenix-6S-Multisport-Watch...

For those without eBay Plus, Black Band and Silver Face also available on Rebel Sport and Amazon for $599

Available for $599 previously in April

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Anyone have one of these and can compare to apple watch or a 6pro?

    • Compared to 6 pro doesnt have maps, music and wifi.
      Why would you compare this to apple watch? They have nothing to do with each other.

      • Wear both on your wrist?

      • I just want to ride my bike in foreign territory and not have to stop to look at my phone every 10 min :D

        • I use a Garmin GpsMap 66S loaded with topo, satellite and street maps on my trail bike. Mounted with a ram mount and powered by the bike battery. It is the best setup I've ever used and cost less than a $500 to do.
          I have a fenix 5x+ that I use with topo, city and boating/fishing maps that also connects to my dogs GPS tracking collar - Garmin make some great stuff but it sometimes takes the software a few releases to get it right.

    • I read a lot on it and decided to go with the Apple Watch. The general consensus is that Garmin is more of a fitness first gadget whilst the Apple Watch is more of a smartwatch. If you are stuck in the Apple ecosystem like I am and would like to take an advantage of the apps offered on WatchOS, Apple Watch would be better. But if fitness is your number 1 priority, go with the Garmin or, you know, wear both. As the above comment has said, they're kind of in different categories.

  • I see Garmin have announced a 745 to replace the 735XT.

    • Just to follow up on this, they're available for purchase now from the likes of Rebel Sport etc
      - adds functions like Garmin coach, Garmin pay pace pro, pulse ox and Spotify

  • How often do you need to charge the Fenix vs Apple?

    • Every day for Apple, once a month for the Fenix if you don’t use music or GPS. With my 3 year old Fenix 3 I can still do 4-5 one hour runs before charging it.

  • Does anyone know what their warranty is like?

  • Garmin warranty is great . I had a vivosmart replaced once because the band was broken, and the second time it happened, they offered me a refund for the price paid 2 years before. The quality of the vivosmart band wasn't great, though.

    I was looking to buy a vivoactive 4s, but this one seems better.

    • So the warranty is through garmin au? I wasn't sure whether this was grey import price or not so the warranty was specifically through the seller.

      Yes I realise it mentions it, I didn't read it properly lol.

      • I can confirm that Ryda/No Frills sell AU stock.

      • I had a VivoMove HR replaced through Ryda/No Frills, just had to send the broken one back and the sent out a new one without delay. I think turnaround was less than 10 days, very impressed.
        Ryda are also an official dealer listed on the Garmin AU website.

  • My Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music lasted 2 weeks and it stopped working (wouldn't turn on). Had a magnitude of issues with it.
    I had no issue getting a refund and now looking for a new watch.
    Just did some quick research on this model….no music, no wifi. Not many features….. Strange you need to get a "pro" version to those?