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[VIC] Master Kobe Marble Score 9+ Wagyu Rump 3kg $159.99 @ Online Butchers Melbourne


Also comes with a FREE obm cooler bag! The deal includes free delivery. Now im off to google how to cook a rump steak good.

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Online Butchers Melbourne
Online Butchers Melbourne


  • Is it Kobe or Wagyu?

    You cant call it Kobe beef if its not from Kobe.

    Unless, its the late Kobe!

    • There's a company (or a few?) with "kobe" in their company name, but the meat isn't from kobe. It's misleading and dodgy af. Makes me want to not buy from them.

    • It's definitely not kobe, it's wagyu.

      "Master Kobe is an Australian Wagyu brand, has nothing to do with the well known Kobe beef."

  • Seems quite deceptive, and they look about as good as a coles rump

    • omg i hope its good, now im second guessing myself and hope i didnt just buy overpriced meat!

      • cancel it, or just make a roast..

      • $53/kg for rump…

      • I can confirm that it is good quality rump and you will enjoy it. The price is a bit off as the equivalent Jacks Creek wagyu rump is about 27$ p/kg if you buy a box so not sure how that should translate when you buy 3kg vs 18kg.

        Rump usually has a very minimum amount of intramuscular fat so don't expect much even if its a wagyu cross. Full blood wagyu rump would look significantly better though. If you want higher intramuscular fat in your rump you will need to get the cap or eye part of it.

    • ah ok..
      at least they have this on the website..

      ** Note - Pictures on this website are for illustration purpose only. Product may vary slightly

  • The marbling doesn't look that great in the images.

    • thats what i was going to say if the photo is the product.. doesnt fit the 9+ marbling.

  • That mabling looks nowhere near like Japanese Wagyu quality, clearly a case of you get what you paid for.

  • So looking forward to a wagyu sale from them, but alas, what a waste.

    Disappointed when I saw Rump. :(

    Waiting for a good waygu Scotch sale.

  • Online Butchers Melbourne are a good bunch. Not from the same supplier or even the same cut: picture of the last deal they had on the MB8-9: https://ibb.co/dcyLj1K

    The rump looks not as good…

  • that pic is not 9+ marbling deceptive

    • BMS is graded based on the rib-eye muscle cut from a specific place on the carcass, so this could very well be the rump of a 9+ graded carcass.

    • i think the Kobe mention is more deceptive as on the website it does say this at least.

      ** Note - Pictures on this website are for illustration purpose only. Product may vary slightly

  • I still have 2 pieces left from their last wagyu deal. This is like supermarket quality, nowhere as good.

  • That's too expensive for rump steak, even for waygu

  • Rump steak is $18/ kg at Aldi.

  • Got my order just now!! Here’s a pic for reference:

    Better than I was expecting!!

  • im holding out for another scotch fillet 8-9+ deal for $235/3kg. That was delicious, very well marble and looks heaps better than what is offered in this deal.