Medibank - Join Any Hospital+Extras Cover and Get 6 Weeks Free + 2 & 6 Months Waiting Period Waived


The 6FREE deal is back!

Join eligible combined hospital & extras cover and you could enjoy six weeks free plus 2&6 months waiting periods waived on extras. New members only.

‡ Must use promo code: 6FREE

Find the discussion on previous medibank deal via following link:

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  • Must maintain direct debit and hold eligible product for 42 continuous days from the policy start date to get next 6 weeks free.

  • So if I understand this correctly, I purchase and pay the insurance for 1.5 months and then can go to a dentist for a full checkup with 60% cover, and a physio. I think that's only make me roughly break even though…idk I'm sleepy

    • My understanding is that the 2&6 months waiting period waived immediately after joined medibank with this code. People could claim the extra insurance immediately, and/or get 6 weeks free after 42 days, and then move to another insurancer with new members' offer.

  • Even with 6 weeks free theyre still way more expensive than others such as HCF especially through corporate offers (available via state motor associations)

    • Doesn't membership to motor associations cost anything?

    • I did a comparison. In my circumstance, Medibank is still cheapest. I am happy to jump if there is better deal.

      • I bet Bupa is cheaper

        • I left Bupa after they pulled joint replacements and put up their prices. Got top tier Gold hospital HCF for a family for $257.60 pm with $500 excess.
          Extras are a complete waste of money.

          • @Willowtea: Young people who dont have any condition only need some dental/optical cover and someone to cover their asses in case of an ambulance. Under 31 no tax benefit of full cover either.

            • @nsonha: Many young people are covered until 25 under parental plans. But if not, you can simply pay for ambo cover from the ambulance service ($88.50 in SA for singles pa).
              Additionally, for those with kids, they may have CDBS access and should check with Centrelink.

              I learnt, after doing the sums, that you are more likely to spend unnecessarily to consume perceived benefits rather than what you actually need. When comparing cost + gap vs free market rates, I found i might spend the same as the extras but zero gap ever and 100% control.

        • I am paying $38.6 per fortnightly on basic plan including ambulance cover and couple of extras from Medibank. I only used up $300 for Dental visits equivalent to 3 general treatments and 1 free treatment. Nothing out of pocket from my dentist. And also $150 for optical. This work out to be $553.6 for me.

        • I just don’t know how health insurance is sustainable in the long run when premiums go up every year. At some point there is going to be a need for a reform on health insurance. I personally think health and education should be not for profit. Doctors get paid too much. Worst yet, health related business profit way too much. I bet Bupa did well this financial year!

          • @BongoOB: if anyone should be paid much in our society it should be doctors and teachers so to me that's not really a problem. The problem as you state is healthcare businesses in the middle.

            I don't think making them fully public is without issues. A friend from the UK pointed out 2 problems with the NHS: reduce incentive to self-care and increase incentive for micro treatments and over charging tax payers' dollars. The cost will vanish as one form but appear as another (some tax) and that cost will likely be more than a situation with competing private businesses.

            We just need to do hybrid better.

          • @BongoOB: They’re trying to reform now. It’s all very complex with too many fingers in the pie!

  • just wanted to vent my frustration that medibank will raise the premium even though everyone in Vic has been locked down for the past x months without the ability to visit a dentist, an optician or a remedy massage.

    • Agree, haven't been able to use extras in 6 months and yet here we are still paying every month..

    • That’s pretty much everyone except HBF I believe. Extras are useless anyway, may as well self insure.

      • Depends on the plan and individual circumstances. I make money on my extras.

        • Same. I would be a lot poorer without an extras policy. Peace of mind having ambulance cover there for my whole family too, not that we've needed to use it.

    • Wrote in few times asking them to roll forward the unused extras or have some sort of wavier on the premiums. Never heard back from them.

  • Currently I’m paying $103 au/week for extras only with Bupa
    But I’m able to get CPAP machines for $1200 of subsidy and
    Blood glucose machine too, and unlimited general dental visits
    Why would I be switching to Medibank?

  • Mediscam

  • I personally got health partners gold hospital for $200 pm just to get my bariatric surgery paid for :) had to wait 12 months first of course but saved me like $14,000 vs if I was to go self funded…. That's the one and only time I needed health insurance because Medicare and pension card pays for everything else :)