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MSI GeForce RTX 3080 GAMING X TRIO $1599 (OOS), Asus GeForce RTX 3080 TUF $1649 Delivered @ Centre Com


The only site that can withstand all the demand atm, get in quick

ETA for the MSI is 24 Sep

2 other models from MSI are also available now


I'm currently checking PCCG, MWave, Scorptec, Umart, Shopping Express, and Computer Alliance, and all of them are crashing atm, also the only other 3080 that are up is at Computer Alliance

Yeah this is a bit higher than I was expected, $1500 was my limit so hopefully others find it useful though

EDIT: MSI cards sold out, Asus is still available

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    This is an absolute scam. Way to high above MSRP.

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      Today, we downvote

  • MSI RTX 3080 X Trio 10GB - $1599

    MSI RTX 3080 VENTUS 3X 10GB - $1549

    Yikes… these prices.

  • Why it's so much more expensive now?

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      Because anyone who thought they'd get models close to the Nvidia figures was always dreaming

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    Learning from ebay

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      at this prices even the scalpers will be losing money.

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    Well done. Picking the store who jacked as high as any

  • Ruthless!!

  • yeah nah, think ill wait thanks lol price gouging at its finest

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    Terrible price

  • a bargain should below MSRP.

  • Preorder now! did it say delivery available now when you checked it ?

    • 24/9/2020 for both the MSI cards

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    Yeah, na. Their site is up, coz nobody is THIS stupid (surely?)

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  • Such a brave post, good luck with the negs lol. Ozbargain not Ozripoff.

  • Sold out in 8 mins…

  • It is a ripoff…

  • Oh wow out of stock already? what is this madness hahaha

    • the MSI was too cheap, I think it was a price error, they are $100 more at Computer Alliance atm

  • If the TUF is $1649, the Strix is going to be 1800+ for sure. Back at 2080ti prices folks

  • Post got removed lol

    • nah I think if it gets more than 10 negative, they move it so you have to search for it

  • opposite of a bargain!

  • And sold out again

    • https://www.computeralliance.com.au/video-cards/!chipset-manufacturer/nvidia-chipset?ms=1600347308364

      Computer Alliance has it, but stocks are not guaranteed

  • why the ASUS turf sold for 1399 at mwave?

  • Wtf how did they sell out at that price how many did they have.

    • -1

      it is still good value for workstation compared with 2080 Ti for $1000, and yeah probably not much either lol

  • Had a chance to get one. Not at that price…

    • how much

      • cheapest was $1549 (MSI), Most was $1649 (Asus)

        Price gouging at it's finest.

      • 1350 at Mwave and Scorptec apparently

  • At these stupidly inflated prices what is the point anymore? The value isn't there now. Would rather wait for supply to normalise and the AMD RDNA2 competition to come out to bring some sanity to pricing. The people willing to pay those grossly inflated prices just encourage this crappy seller behaviour, and increase the price of entry for everyone else.

    • Those prices are only been grossly inflated here, in the USA they have much more competition and stock, so retailers aren't screwing people over.

  • The Trio is available here for pre-order at $1499 https://www.onlinecomputer.com.au/120337

  • I am going to wait 3-6 months for the craze to dies down a bit and also get to see AMD offering, once AMD offering comes out there maybe a bit of pressure on price front and more card available

    • Let's hope 3 months time will help. I won't be surprised if they just drip feed stock

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    how did people manage to even add these products to their cart??? all the sites seems to be crashing

    • I could add the one from centrecom pretty easily, none other really works.

      Though PLE has them starting from $1139 which is the MSRP so if you want to try your luck

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    What a joke this whole situation is.

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    EVGA via PLE is the cheapest non-jacked up prices so far RTX3080

    Found the only non-jacked up prices so far….. IF YOU CAN GET THE SITE TO LOAD. it's all out of stock anyway.

    • Did you manage to get one?

      • god no. im still trying. but wording means it doesnt matter its likely they dont have stock.

  • wondering about how many brand new 2080ti are sleeping in those retailers' store room right now.

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    Managed to pickup a MSI Gaming X Trio from PLE for $1399.

    Centrecom suck for asking $1599 for it.

    • isnt it $1469?


      That still feels expensive considering the FTW3 is $1229 (not that it'll let me add to cart or checkout)

      edit: okay its "submitting my order" after grabbing my card details…. cmon you can do it!

      • No, they dropped the price to $1399. Also decreased price of some other cards a little:


        eVGA GeForce RTX3080 FTW3 Ultra 10GB GDDR6X

        • lol im not seeing the prices youre listed. its just strange.

          • @lawyerz: Snipper from my receipt:


            Maybe try another browser, perhaps a weird browser caching issue?

            I've owned the 2070S, and the 2080S Gaming X Trio cards, and found them to be very cool & quiet running. Personally prefer a near silent card, so no issues paying extra for it.

            • @xuqi: nice! ive never owned EVGA cards before (currently running gigabyte gaming OC) but the price difference made it a no brainer for me. Hope your card comes quick!

        • I was just able to pick a XC3 Ultra Gaming from PLE for $1233 shipped. Shipping is a bit of a killer but hopefully its launch stock. I'm in the draw for the FE card later on today so if I get picked I'll be buying one of those instead, purely for the aesthetics (Doing an ITX build).

          I'll be happy to move this one to a new home at the price I paid to help another enthusiast who misses out.

          • @Big Chungus: shipping is…free for me mmm

            • @lawyerz: I had 4 shipping options, all above $25. 2 of them with Aus Post, essentially 1 express ($50+), 1 not, and the same with StarTrak, 1 road express, 1 air express. I'm in Brisbane so that could be the costs.

  • +3

    People on FB backing the inflated prices of these cards. What kind of message are they sending to retailers.
    Will wait 3 months CA eBay 10 - 15% off. Hopefully we will get something decent for $1000 to $1100

    • I would wait too, at least near msrp for non OC models.

  • Wow more expensive then my high end mobile 🤑😃🤪

  • Nice troll post

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    The retail (RRP/MSRP) for this card MSI GeForce RTX 3080 GAMING X TRIO is $1549, a full $50 below CentreCom's price.

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