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OnePlus 8 Pro 8GB/128GB UK Version $1,079.70 @ Amazon AU (via Amazon UK)


Nice price on the Pro - seems to be around the cheapest at the moment - marginally cheaper at BuyBuyBox but I would guess Amazon would be easier for warranty and also reputation.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Cheapest price I’ve seen for the IN2023 model (has B28).

  • Thats a great price! Loving my 8 pro ive had for a few weeks now.

  • Do we have to pay GST and Custom Duty since its from Amazon UK?

  • Got the 12GB/256GB version from BuyBuyBox, awesome phone.

    • Can i ask was there GST added after the purchase?

      • I bought mine from BuyBuyBox on ebay and I only paid what was on the listing. No additional GST costs.

        • Great thanks. Any issues with it being the IN2020 china version with a global rom and no b28? I am thinking i will get the same version you have rather than the in2023 is just to expensive

          • @noddyc43: I was unsure whether I needed B28, most places in Aus you can get away without it but I was scared of getting a 1k+ phone and not have reception so went for the IN2023 for the extra ~$150. Ive seen multiple people have no reception issues with the IN2020 (mostly in cities & non-rural areas though).

          • @noddyc43: I am using Xiaomi Poco F1 which does not have b28 in the last 2 years(mostly CBD Melb, Canberra and Sydney). The only spot that I does not have signal is on Hume highway between Holbrook and Gungagai (around 10-20 km) but I am not sure if b28 phone will have signal in that particular spot as it's in the middle of nowhere.

      • All tax were already included in the listing price

  • Absolutely loving my 8! It's not the pro but happy to answer questions.

    • How is the camera quality?

      • Probably the only thing holding me back from Oneplus. Had the OG 1st gen great phone but horrible camera. I'm sure they've come a long way since

      • Camera quality is actually pretty epic. Lowlight is still a bit meh like on all androids imo but other than that it has some great sensors. The colour filter lense has been disabled and not sure when it will ever be re-enabled so it feels like a bit of wasted money there.

      • Yeah look, one of the reasons I have bought 3 one+ phones now is i'm not a camera guy, If photo quality is your main thing, probably look elsewhere towards the pixel. The most noticeable quality to the 8 (coming from a 5T - which is still great) is the speed and the screen. The 90hz is incredible, and the whole device just feels so snappy. The oxygen OS has always been fairly clean but with One+ move towards more preinstalled software, this might be might last one.

      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7S43OcYl2w&ab_channel=DXOMA...
        Watch that to see P40 pro and iPhone 11 max vs the Oneplus 8 pro camera. Honestly, if you aren't a camera phreak, then how the (profanity) can you notice? Even while watching that video and listening to where the oneplus 8 pro falls behind I can't actually SEE what she is talking about, not for all of the examples.

      • OnePlus 8 Pro camera quality is a lot better than the 8s

    • How's Facebook?

    • Have you tried using Google Cam? Should allow you take great low light photos

  • Isn't 8T Pro coming out soon?

    • Yeah potential announcement late Sept or early October. Holding out for the 8t announcement to decide on an 8 pro vs 8t.

    • Thats debatable. Rumor is there is no 8T pro but there are links to guides for the 8T pro on the oneplus website.

    • Yeah I considered waiting but I need a phone now and this is a good deal so purchased this.]

      8T coming
      8T Pro is still a maybe. Seen rumours both ways.

  • Do they sell the normal OP8 as well?

  • buybuybox website isnt showing half the images / is it legit?

    has anyone successfully purchased something from them and how long did it take to arrive?

    thanks in advance

  • if only the screen ratio is normal on this phone i will get it.
    this ratio make 6.78" cramped and smaller than it should be.

  • Does it come with Earbuds ?

    Scared it might get confiscated at customs

    • It doesn't, mine IN2023 didn't come with one so I had to buy a wireless pair on aliexpress.

      It uses usb type-c port for both charging and earbud, no 3.5mm jack.

  • OnePlus is honestly the best phone brand you can buy… I'm still using my 7 Pro from last year, and everytime I use it I still am glorified by the amazing screen on this beasty phone

    • Don't deny their phones are good - but I'll never buy one of the phones for a few reasons

      • Not locally available
      • Some of the reasons outlined in this article
      • It is not physically available in stores such as JB and Bing Lee, but they are quite popular within many Australian online stores

        About your second dot point, most of those reasons are issues with the company themselves, participating in unethical activities… As much as I must agree that those actions were unacceptable, it doesn't change the fact that the phones they produce are of premium quality and manage to beat most other phones out there imo

      • They have an Au webstore just aren't selling anything because of corona.

      • After reading that article all I can muster up is a tiny meh. Apple, google, samsung and sony are straight up monsters by comparison and have committed significantly worse acts over the years hitting most of the same points.

        Apple gets a nice wiki page:

        Samsung has massive corruption issues, regularly commited corporate espionage (straight up lifted IPS technology from LG one of many examples)

        And so on.

  • Has anyone gone from a Samsung Note 10 or S20 to OnePlus? Any pros/cons?

    • Went from pixel 2 to op7t to s20+ (my first ever Samsung)

      Biggest con was the camera even compared to pixel 2! Really bad low light and some weird noise reduction algorithm that I didn't personally like.

      Oneplus also has a hardware slider for silent/vibrate modes which is nice.

      Compared to s20 the biggest pro would be the price on release although from what I see the current sale prices aren't too different to op8. Snapdragon (op8) is supposedly far superior to exynos (s20 in Australia) but it's fast enough for me.

      S20 blows op7t away in terms of camera performance. I can't comment on op8.

      120hz is superior to 90hz if your eyes can tell the difference (I can) and the colour is supposed to be way better (i can't tell). So try and see an s20 in real life to make a decision.

      Bixby is no longer the deal breaker I previously considered it to be.

      • In regards to the SoC, one of the main reasons is due to battery effiency for Snapdragon being better.

        OnePlus 8 Pro camera's actually really good but yeah the OnePlus 8 and below cameras were all just eh, just an upper mid range level I guess. Same camera from iirc Op7 until the OP8

  • Why Alexa built-in? Will this become an issue with Google Assistant?

  • They also have a 256Gb model. $1269…not bad.

  • Although order is fulfilled by Amazon, I'm concerned about seller's poor rating:

  • Hmm… buy this or wait for the Pixel 5? Currently rocking the OP5.

    • The pixel 5 looks like it's going to be a 7xx SD. Doesn't look like an apples to apples comparison.

      • SoC wise, no comparison. However depends on if you care about your apps loading a second faster or if you care about camera quality or even the size of the phone. The Pixel 5 should be a lot more pocketable - something Im a massive fan of, not keen on a 6.5+ inch phone.

        • Agree the SoC is no comparison. I'm after consistent updates and good size. Happy with my OP5 dimensions so wanting something close to that. I do use my phone now as the family candid camera.

  • More expensive than a dell 15' laptop. go figure.

    • I mean… the apple wheels are more expensive than a dell laptop, so….

    • Oh yeah? Please share.

      The CPU/GPU/RAM/Storage/Screen/Camera(s) this phone comes with is at least equal any 15' Dell at this price point, and thats ignoring how efficient/practical this phone is at its form factor.

  • I got my IN2023 with the same specs for $1300 three months ago, quite a good phone, but the notification volume controll is the same one with ring volume, which is a bit different from my old Samsung note 9.

    But it's not a real deal breaker for me, I have set none important notifications to mute and can alway check them when I have time.

    • What was it like going from the note 9 to this? I'm due to replace the note 9 in a few months.

      • One of the biggest improvement I have noticed is the camera, the photos I took with my oneplus are much better than the ones taken with my note 9, and it's noticeable by nake eyes.

        And it's got better hardware of course, which run faster than note 9. Don't know about gaming performance though, I barely play games on my phone.

    • Any pro/cons coming from Samsung to oneplus?

      • Can't say I've owned a Samsung phone, but I've used one a few times.

        I'd say the biggest difference is with Android. OnePlus has a very stock android experience with some minor enhancements on top.

        Samsung Android feels quite different from stock.

        I prefer stock android experience but that's probably more what I'm used to. Everyone will have their own preference.

      • The pro is better hardware and OS, inculding the better camera I mentioned above.

        None of the cons I have in mind, quite happy with the phone.

  • well let's hope customs doesn't confiscate this phone..

  • I remember buying a Oneplus 1 because it was a flagship killer at half the price. I miss those days.

    posted from my Oneplus 7

  • Damn, didnt realise OnePlus phones had also become $1K, are all phone manufacturers going to follow Samsung, Apple into the 1k market? I was hoping to go to one of these other brands to avoid going Samsung, Apple and google as they are so pricey now.

    • Got my 7T for $700, albeit it's a flashed china model.

      Unlike the 8 series, this has all the relevant bands without shelling out for a more expensive model.

      • Is it better these days to get the higher model phones on a plan because it gets somewhat subsidised? I used to do that a long time ago then i started buying phones outright and going on smaller / cheaper plans. But with the prices of these phones now…Looking at some of the plans, its hard to decide which option is better.

        • Unfortunately with the oneplus range, getting them on a plan is not an option

          • @Spiderboy: Also, we should be weary of flakey support. I'm with boost and since Telstra is commissioned to shut down it's 3g network by 2024, it means that I would eventually need to move if I decide to keep this model.

            The networks arent very particular in supporting volte for these imported phones. Hopefully there are easily hacks available by that time or I will need to move to shudder Optus or Voda

  • Pulled the trigger :D

  • I convinced my gf to let me buy this phone. Was gonna pull the trigger tonight but now it's gone up to $1500 lol. Gotta wait for the next sale.

    • Man, you saved $1k. Lol
      Just keep watching, the 8T is coming out soon next month.

      • what is the possibility of this phone goes down to below $1k if the 8T is out?

        • Hard to say, but I believe IN2023 will still be a bit difficult to find, which means the b28 band will be missing. IN2020 module, on the other hand, could be below 1k after 8t pro is out.

          • @yvesmindreader: Is it really a big deal if the phone doesn’t have band 28? I’m in Melbourne and pre-covid time, I travel quite frequently to the country.

            • @trantonz: No, it's not. I've been using a non b28 phone for 3 yrs, no deal breaker, but when I drove to Mt Macedon last year with friends and found only me didn't have reception I thought it's good to spend $150ish more to have it.

              • @yvesmindreader: Lol. Mount macedon is my regular getaway place. Can’t find any IN2023 that’s lower than $1500. It’s actually $300-$400 different in price between IN2020 and IN2023

    • Why do you need her permission to buy something lol - are you buying with her money?

  • 8T is lower spec and cheaper than 8 pro?