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$25 off Any Order @ Doordash


Went into Doordash just now after they sent a targeted $5 apology credit for an error in their email and at checkout was a $25 automatically applied voucher for any order. Might be intended for new users but they've stuffed up and everyone some people can use it.

Do not select or open any other offers as it will disappear and you can't get it back.

Just recieved my order.

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  • I noticed that earlier, I changed the voucher to the one they gave and the $25 dissapeared into the ether forever

  • A 10% offer (to a maximum of $10) popped up on the app for me instead ;-(

  • LEGEND! Worked for me - thanks so much!!!!

  • You beauty.. dinner sorted

  • I got the Targeted $5 apology email, but don’t see the $25 credit…is there any additional step?

  • For anyone who's on the fence about this service, avoid it. Every single time I used it my order took an HOUR longer than it was meant to, and the final time, after waiting an extra 90 minutes, the order was cancelled when it was 10 minutes from my house. Support offered absolutely nothing in response. This company is awful.

    • Agree, they are scum

    • never had an issue

    • With my order the drinks didn't come. Thought it wouldn't be worth the time to get a resolution from people telling their stories. Tried just now via the 'Help' button it wasn't through a person and they are giving me 3 options. 1.5x my order costs in credits, full refund or redelivery. Seems pretty good for me.

      • Damn they must have increased their support dramatically. I asked for a voucher or something given I wasted 2 hours one night waiting for my dinner to arrive, they offered me nothing except apologies and an assurance that my refund would be processed within 4-5 business days, so I deleted my account.

    • Might be dependent on area? I've used in 30+ times and never had a problem. Love how you can make a new account every time for new user discounts as well..

    • I placed an order yesterday through them. The order was delivered on time and I could see the timely updates through the app itself. However the order delivered had an issue with one of the items missing. I contacted the customer service through the app's chat option and they issued the refund straight away (yet to see it in my account though).

      TLDR: happy with doordash's service.

    • As a restaurant that uses door dash they are just wildly inconsistent.

      Support is always really good once you finally get through to them but it's near impossible sometimes even as a merchant. Their delivery driver pool is tiny compared to most other platforms and most importantly they never seem to actually remove problematic drivers from their platforms.

      Their back end system just seems alot more jank then the other platforms we regularly get delivery drivers actually arriving within 5 minutes of a $50-$70 order that has a listed prep time of 30-40 minutes.

    • Hmm today was super quick
      Ordered around 11.15 and was at the door at 11.40. Was expecting 40 to 50 mins wasn't ready to eat yet.

  • looks like it's been fixed

  • Yes worked for me thanks I just loaded a previous order that I wanted today went to the cart and discount Was applied.
    Pressed order got SMS from the store confirmed order and it's on its way.
    To easy

  • I tried with exactly 25 pickup and it didn't work but did for delivery may have just needed to be 25.01 for pickup to work.

  • Thanks for the free lunch OP! :D

  • Worked for me but not for my partner, weird.

  • Didn't work for me

  • Profanity Doordash sent $5 apology after waiting an hour for order that supposed to be 15 minutes. The voucher is useless anyway as it can't be applied ( error 400)

    • Crazy they gave you a voucher. When I asked for a voucher or some sort of compensation for waiting nearly 2 hours only to have my order cancelled, they refused.

  • Guess it's gone… I tried some random restaurant and got it… Later with actual restaurant it's not working..

  • Cheers OP, just arrived!

  • I also had a $5 and $25 added.

    I used the $5 and now $25 is gone.

    Even then, I had to contact the restaurant outside of DoorDash to get the order fulfilled.

    Horrendous service from this mob. Feels like offshored service with people that struggle to comprehend issues or care. I'd never bother with DoorDash vs Uber Eats without a discount.

  • Anyone else getting a VOIP error eventhough using a normal phone number on registration