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AMD Ryzen 7 3700X $436.70 Shipped @ Newegg US via AU


Looks like this deal is back. Same price as previously posted here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/551480

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  • Just bough one from Amazon prime $473.39, will arrive tomorrow

    • So did I. Local warranty, easy customer service & fast delivery, not waiting a month for mail from the USA.

      • since everyone and their dog has coronavirus over there, you might also receive the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Damnit. Should I still hold out one more month for Big Navi, itโ€™s meant to be awesome

    • i'm going to wait, but for ryzen 4000 series, not big navi.

      I don't expect big navi to be competitive with 3080 or 3070.

      • I don't expect big navi to be competitive with 3080 or 3070.

        So you don't think they'll having anything as fast as a 3070 even?

        I didn't expect big Navi to beat Nvidia 3000 series on price/performance. But now that it turns out the 3000 series pricing is basically imaginary, and the real price at which these cards are available is crazy, big Navi has a much better chance of competing in the market.

        • i think it will compete with the eventual 3060 super.

          • @lostn: think again

            • @dotJaz: I hope I'm wrong but their current best cards can't compete with 2080, much less 2080ti. The 30 series is a significant step up from 2080.

              It's roughly 2070 level, and then nvidia came out with a 2070 super to address AMD.

              We'll see, but I don't have my hopes up.

              • @lostn: The 6000 Series cards are rumored (from leaked details) is that its roughly between the 3070 and 3080 in terms of performance. Too tired to link sources but I'm sure you can find them.

      • The Xbox series x is already as fast as a 2080 and that's at 170w TDP with an 8 core CPU. Lol. A desktop 300w TDP RDNA2 will easy beat a 3070… Faster then that umm who knows.. hopefully..

        • yes, but 3080 is a significant step up from 2080, and 3070 was supposed to be faster than 2080Ti. This is the jump we didn't get from the 20 series.

          • @lostn: time will tell i guess. I have a feeling AMD will land between 3080 and 3090 in performance at the tippy top.. worst case it will be between 3070 and 3080

            Going by the slow low powered mobile versions of the chip being so crazy fast on the consoles alone.

            • @vid_ghost: Really hope you're right. if they land between 3080 and 3090 and they cost less, I'm sold. But this would be an impressive leap over the current gen of Radeons.

              In any case, it looks like I will have to wait for announcements.

      • Apparently will be somewhere between 3070 and 3080… will comfortably beat 3070 and get pretty close to 3080 is what I'm hearing

  • Wow I paid $389 for a plain 2700 two years back, wish the 3900X would drop down dramatically in price๐Ÿ‘

    • 3900X is overkill for gaming. You're paying significantly more but not getting better performance than 3700X.

      If you do multi threaded tasks such as encoding, that's a different matter though.

      • I dont really do either if you consider playing Unreal Tournament 2004 real gaming, I could possibly do video encoding in the future, though main reason I just like tinkering with my PC and my Asrock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming X supposedly can support this CPU and the thought of having another 4 cores and 8 threads, but you certainly have a point, though frequent upgrading keeps the PC up to date affordably but maybe I've missed the boat getting reasonable prices for my current ageing parts

  • Very nice. Don't forget Cashback with these as well.

    Now, the question is whether to get these or wait for Zen 3 Ryzen? Early Oct is just around the corner and RTX 3080 deserves something tremendous yet also affordably attainable.

    • AMD offering the cashback CPU range? wouldn't have a weblink, cheers

      All good I hit the cashback button ๐Ÿ‘

      • Unfortunately not with AMD themselves, mate. But if you go through Cashrewards, you'll be hopefully getting 0.75% cashback from Newegg (haven't bothered to check with Shopback, but Cashrewards are generally good with honoring cashbacks, if they aren't you may want to email them, as the original amount is still substantial).


        And there's the other Cashback sites, though have no experience with the others.

    • My plan was to wait for the Zen 3 Ryzen 7, but now I'm not so sure. I'm not sure it's going to be worth it for 4K gaming (looking at the 3080 benchmarks) over just buying a 3700x.

      • I'm in the same boat, but I figured I can hold out another three weeks and there are likely to be price drops on the 3xxx series of AMD CPUs even if that's what I end up getting.

  • Urge to buy, rising, rising!

  • Guys is this a good time/price to buy? I was planning on getting one of these in the next month or so

    • Main reason it's not a good time to buy is the Zen 3 Ryzen 4000 series will be released next month

      • Thanks for the info! I might wait then, I assume this price will nose-dive soon like the video cards did

      • It's getting announced next month.
        We have no idea when it's getting released.
        Either way, if you can wait, wait.

        • Pretty much industry standard practice when they launch a new product, it will be available a couple weeks later
          They repeat it multiple times on social media and at investor financial result presentation Zen 3 will be available this year

          • @Hearthstone: AMD announced vega 1 and a half years before they released it.
            Also "this year" does not confirm October. It contains October, but is not restricted to it.
            I am a pessimist, sorry if that bothers you.

    • same question here, im building my first pc and have everything except the GPU/CPU, prob end up getting a 2080ti or 3070 next month, worth getting this or waiting since i wont use it for a month at least

      • Bad time to buy in general.

        Terrible time to buy if you're not going to use it for a month because the next gen Ryzen 4/5000 chips are going to be announced October 8th according to AMD. The cheapest of those chips will be faster for gaming than the most expensive Ryzen 3000 chip. At the very least you'll get bigger discounts on this chip.

        • +1 vote

          The cheapest of those chips will be faster for gaming than the most expensive Ryzen 3000 chip

          Sure bout that?

          • @Lps: Yeah definitely. It's been true every Ryzen generation. Games are more dependant on single thread performance than other applications. The first to second gen wasn't a huge jump, but the 2600 was still as good if not better than the 1700x for gaming. The 3600 makes the 2700X look dated.

            The next gen Ryzen chips are supposedly a decent jump too, more similar to 2nd to 3rd gen than 1st to 2nd. The 4/5600/whatever they call it, will certainly be faster in games than the 3700X, and probably the 3950X too.

            • @Ark94: Yep looking at same IPC jump again that we saw from 2000's series to 3000's series ryzen. They going to call them Ryzen 5000 same as laptop chips… will have higher base clocks but similar boost clocks. Although expectation is they'll be able to hold higher boost clocks under load.

  • +2 votes

    zen 3 next month though

  • Have nearly all the parts for my new PC. Too many good deals on RAM and SSDs. Bought a MSI Tomahawk X570 to be future proof. Just missing GPU and CPU. The price for this processor is getting more intersting … but a long wait to get it delivered. I think it's worth the wait now.

    Announcement for the new 4000 series (when they call it like this) on the 08th October 12pm E.T. - Up to 20% gains expected. ( https://www.techspot.com/news/86784-amd-ramps-up-zen-3-hype-... ) 3 weeks to go for the announcement - but you have no idea when it gets released for sale. But I guess when you look at the RTX3080 release the price drops for the old generation happened just after the announcements.

  • I remember buying the 3800x for this price back in July, that's never gonna come back i reckon.

  • All these deals seem sweet but definitely inclined to wait for zen3 & Big Navi release, then wait again for nov 27.
    I can already see ozbargains blowing up on Black Friday weekend. Good time to build a rig.

    • -1 vote

      And then they announce zen 4 and we wait yet again.

      • This is literally in 4-6 weeks… could be 20% IPC increase… seems silly buying now. Same deal with the GPU market if you can avoid it

  • Surely AMD will surprise us all and unleash a weapon-grade APU come October…makes sense as they're releasing new architecture CPU's & GPU's at once-ish. Maybe an RTX3070S/6core is my guess/wishlist.

  • Looks like it is back at $464 … just wait for the 8th October and we get more deals.

  • Bought the same CPU last year at this time for $436. Suggest just waiting for Zen 3.

  • Would an x370 board be compatible with a Zen 3 CPU? well will it be possibly too upgrade too one, interesting to know ๐Ÿ‘

  • I would wait, there's been a shortage of zen2 chips which makes me believe they are not manufacturing them anymore with the leadup to the zen3 launch.
    Wait and get yourself a bargain later.