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Kogan: 8% Cashback ($20 Cap) | Uniqlo: up to 15% Cashback @ Cashrewards


During the 12 hour promotional period, 8% cashback for Kogan is capped at $20 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Applies to new & return Kogan customers. Valid 12pm to 11:59pm AEST 19/09/20.

Cashback is ineligible on Kogan services, mobile, internet, credit cards, energy, super, cars, money, all insurance, home loans, travel, trade-in.
Cashback is ineligible on purchases made via the Kogan app.
Customer status & eligibility is determined by Kogan (not Cashrewards).


  • Standard Rate - 15.00%
  • Uniqlo U Range - 2.00%

Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards.
Cashback is ineligible on orders made via the UNIQLO app.
Cashback is ineligible on Ines De La Fressange and AIRism face masks.
Uniqlo U Range will track at 2% cashback.
Any purchase returned, exchanged or cancelled partially or in full (in-store or online) is ineligible for cashback.

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$15 for both referee and referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days (Ends 31st Oct 2020)

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  • Covid is Kogan's life saver, their customer services is subpar standard along their not so cheap pricing system, basically driven with shareholders' best interest and brutally rip Aussie consumers with their 'deals' (except those not so ordinary deals posted on here). I would suggest Aussie folks to look somewhere else with similar bargaining gain while enjoying ACL warranty and decent customer services.

    • Thanks web.

    • I bought an adapter that I wasn’t convinced was genuine. Couldn’t fault their customer service after receiving the product. They issued a full refund after I sent photos and never asked for the product so no hassle.

      • lucky for you that it was just an adaptor (as you said, you concerned it was not genuine, which is possible due to the cross platform Kogan created and shares with third party sellers where Kogan simply outsourcing and skimming the percentage/commission from sales, this is a real concern where not all third party sellers are honest and decent), if you google about how recent customer services from Kogan played out with lot of consumers out there, it would make you reconsider to invest your money to proper businesses where you know your bucks are not just helping people with jobs and dividends but also your own piece of mind benefit as an Aussie consumer.
        saving a few bucks might be good, but, knowing not saving those few bucks that will save you from waste of time and effort is certainly better as a greatness.

    • Maybe start your own business that competes with Kogan if you're so unhappy? Then maybe you could see some of the difficulties faced in serving millions of customers.

      Kogan is clearly doing something right, it's now a larger business than both Myer and David Jones combined.

      Good on him!

      • Exactly, kogan doesn't sell the highest quality stuff (but neither does Kmart or big w) but could not fault their service one bit. Their promotion is a little misleading but that seems to be the practice that's getting more common (chemist warehouse, eBay price Jack before coupon code went active etc etc)

    • I've found kogan good for lots of stuff and often buy from them - from manchester to the best deal on a Roborock S5 to a rice cooker. The fact they can survive in the time of Amazon is a testament to how good they are. I would love to see them crush Amazon (not likely) given they are locally owned.

  • Kogan provides the worst customer service, it takes more than a week to get a reply from their customer service team. Amazon replies me in few hours, catch replies within 24 hours. Also their shipping cost is quite high compared to other online shop.

  • "Cashback is ineligible on AIRism face masks."
    No deal!

  • I got $500 credit when signing up a Kogan credit card earlier this year. Does anyone know if I will get cash back when using Kogan credit to purchase too?

  • My cashback was tracked within 1 minute after I placed my order at Uniqlo.
    Cashback calculation is based on the price without GST.

    Price + GST = $100
    Price excl. GST = $90.9
    Cashback = $90.9 * 15% = $13.64

    In short, the effective cashback rate is 13.64% for eligible Uniqlo merchandises.

  • Does it stack with Amex deal?


  • Have a $20 off $50 voucher that I assume stacks with this, but I'm struggling to find anything that I'd go for aside from their cheap mechanical keyboards, which I have no use for.

    Aside from the odd bit of dropshipped home theatre gear, they just sell trinkets and crap.

  • +2 votes

    Apart from poor customer service, Kogan was caught by ACCC for misleading discounts.
    Dodgy business that I'll never buy from even if they offer 100% cashback.

  • Does it mean mobiles or Kogan mobile?

  • damn cap of $20. Was eyeing a > $1600 item! Wonder if using gift cards as payment on Kogan is still eligible though