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Sony WH-1000XM4 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones (WH1000XM4) - $448.90 Shipped @ Addicted to Audio


Was scrolling through afterpay having a nosey at what stores do it with absolutely no intention to buy anything, when I found what seems to be a pretty good deal on these amazing headphones.

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Addicted To Audio
Addicted To Audio


  • cheaper with eBay plus… their "daily drop" deal is still on for these headphones - $429 shipped

  • Most people have never experienced "quality" sound, and wouldn't recognise the difference. Go to any Hi-Fi store, and ask to listen to your favourite music on a quality set of cans. Then listen to the same on your own set. You will immediately notice the difference. Sony spends millions on marketing for this particular model of headphones, and it has worked, they aren't a best seller because of their build quality or their sound. It's because Sony puts the brand front and centre in people's minds. So someone looking for a new set of cans sees all the ads and because they sound marginally better than a $50 set from Kmart, buys them thinking they have bought the best. The power of marketing.

    • I agree. Whilst they are different headphones aimed at different markets, My ATH-MSR7 cans are much much better than these in my opinion. In fact, they are better than most.

      • Your headphones aren't in the same category.

        Now that you think I'm ignorant, I'm referring to the fact that these have noise cancelling in them. 😁

      • .
        Completely different headphones !!! Wired & no Bluetooth or Noise Cancelling !!…….https://www.earbudszone.com/audio-technica-ath-msr7-review/

    • What would you buy at the same price point then? I was considering getting a pair but as you said I never really experienced quality sound

      • He/she is comparing the sound stage to similar prices large wired audiophile headphones, probably open backed and like I said wired. Obviously they will be able to produce better sound but will you use them to commute on the train/tram? Will you be using them at the gym? On your next flight?

        The point of these cans are not incredible sound. You’d have to be an idiot to think that… It’s clearly portability, style and I DUNNO NOISE CANCELING? Can your HD600s do that?

        • Without naming an alternative to suit use-case, poster is just rambling, likely, justifying own $$$ choices, without realising the he was as much a victim of marketing as others.

        • Actually I use sennheisser momentum 3. Bluetooth or wired, absolutely amazing sound, and noise cancelling. Sound is amazing even on Bluetooth but combine these with a portable amp like a dragonfly and you've got audiophile quality sound. Battery life is several days and unlike the Sony's, the build quality is exceptional. Nothing quite beats the feeling of calf leather wrapped around your ears. As for style, the momentum 3 are metal and leather. Not plastic and vinyl. All for about $100 more than the Sony's. as I said the power of marketing is all the Sony's have going for them.

      • Have a look at AKG N700NC M2. You can get them for $168 at Catch. There was an offer on the site to sign up and pay with Zip to get another $20 off, which I did. (Then paid it down straight away)

        There are plenty of very positive reviews on the web. I'm very pleased with these. They also make a good wired headphone for home use.

        Some other sellers on Catch are selling the same thing for $300 so make sure you find the best deal.

    • This headphone never been a best "sounds" quantity headphone. This is the top of the range NC fashion statement. Definitely a quality NC headphones.

      • How is a pair of understated matte black headphones a fashion statement 😕

        • It's the new hot big bulky black.
          Come on, it's used to be popular item for travellers, now it's hot item in Ozb people who willing to pop $300+ not the celebrity hyped Beats.
          Although I prefer my discreet WF-1000XM3.

      • fashion statement

        I thought those would be Beats Studio3 Wireless

    • I have to agree. I own the WH1000XM3, and I'm kind of disappointed. Yes, it's probably got the best noise cancellation in its class, but sound wise it's just so so, and it doesn't sound much better than my cheap August EP650. I say this because I've got a few wired headphones, Sennheiser HD599, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, Philips Fidelio X2HR and some others. After you used these headphones you don't really want to touch the Sony. I know it's not a fair comparison because these are wired headphones. I guess my point is if you really need Bluetooth, get some cheaper brands like TaoTronics for example. You don't lose much in sound. I would only consider the Sony or Bose if you absolutely need the best noise cancellation.

      • I’m completely 100 agree with you on this.

        I’ve had the XM3 for a year before getting the XM4. Back then we could still travel and getting to work via PT so ANC was still desired.

        However, since the lockdown, I’ve moved onto wired cans and they sound so much better. Over the last months, I’ve bought the DT 990 Pro and Senheisser HD700. Oh boy, these blows the XM4 out of the water in terms of sound quality and long wearing periods.

        I find the open back cans are far superior is sound staging. Works well for gaming too and it helps for games in sound positioning.

        • I actually loved my XM3. refunded them at end of warranty since hinges started making creaking noise, and on the bus any bump would result in a loud thud making it not useable on the bus. I do have AD900x for my computer, but I need something more isolating. worse thing about ANC, i put them on so i can focus on work but wife always keeps on talking to me as if she thinks I can hear her :P Not sure if i would go Sony again since build quality for me seems to deteriorate within a year or so. or maybe i should get non ANC closed cans. my AD900x lasted for 6 years before the cable had issues.

          • @darkage: My XM3 had creaking sound on the hinges too and got a brand new replacement within the warranty period.

            I can’t foresee a lot of use on my XM4 since I’ve gotten the wired cans. The XM4 are way too hot for summer use as day to day cans for working.

            • @xenoic: I didnt want to replace it at the time, since I read that the warranty period doesnt reset. Before the beyerdynamic custom one was recommended to me for good over ear isolation. ANC on the XM3 was pretty amazing in the office and on the train.

    • Exactly, this is like my friend who claims AirPod Pro to have phenomenal sound quality. And I’m just like….

    • i wanted to get some decent NC bluetooth headphones and would get the bose 700 but then even people complain about the app/firmware. what else could i get

    • Most people have never experienced "quality" sound

      I've been confused about the while audiophile world and this is how I think of perceived sound quality now.

      Sound quality wise let's say the Sony XM4's are 95%.

      You can spend $$$$ on a 'quality' setup with an amp and audiophile grade headphones and hypothetically you'll end up 97% sound quality.

      That's only a hypothetical 2% improvement in audio quality for loosing ANC, wireless convenience and $$$$.
      There's a noticeable difference but it's not as drastic as you might think.

      • If you seriously believe Sony quality is 95% then obviously the billion$ Sony marketing is working on you. Another one of the "sheep".

        • If you seriously believe Sony quality is 95%

          If you think Sony quality is that bad why did you post a deal about the XM3's?

          • @fireforce: That was back when I was still looking at headphones. I hadn't "opened my ears" before then. If you want to dig further you will see I returned them and bought the momentum 3's. best move.

  • Hoping the NC for background noise for calls is better than V3

  • I’ve got one of these from the TGGC deal at $350.

    TBH, it’s unnecessary to have ANC these days since I’ve been working from home. I’d rather have a pair of good cans rather than a good pair of ANC.

  • I've got these. Sound is incredible and anc is faultless. Also two device connection on Bluetooth is game changer.

    • I’ve got the XM4 too. How did you make sure dual pairing to switch between devices?

      I find it very annoying because it doesn’t switch over to my 2nd device and often need to switch off the Bluetooth of my primary device for it to work.

      • Not sure, I just connected the two devices and if I'm listening to music on one and getting a call on the other one I can easily pick up the call and the music pauses

    • anc is faultless

      The ANC actually makes a slight hissing noise.

      I returned mine due to this and went back to the Bose 700. Sound quality and comfort are great on the Sony's though.

      • Some reports of ANC not working properly yep, I had to return my first pair but the second one is perfect

      • That's interesting to hear, I was comparing the XM4 to the XM3 in Harvey Norman today and came away thinking exactly this, in fact the XM4 gave me a minor headache as a result.

  • Nice find. got it for $436.XX. Bought it Friday night. Knowing it is $10.00 after Addicted to Audio reduced their price recently and can't be arsed to ask for $10.XX from OW about this.