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[eBay Plus] JBL GO 2 Mini Bluetooth Speaker $9 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


These will go very fast as there's only 300 with varying amounts of each colour (AU stock). Out of stock listing will update and code will be released on eBay when deal starts at 4PM AEST. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Part of the eBay 21st Birthday Promotion

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  • list shows most were brwon

  • Managed to get a brown to checkout but was out of stock by the time I completed payment as expected. Oh well.

    • Same!

  • got one but didn't apply the voucher code whoops.

  • +3

    Yeeew. Got a brown one. Can’t wait to put in in my cupboard.

  • Missed :(

  • +1

    Literally hit reload and saw it was live with stock added a brown to my cart, alt tabbed and reloaded for the code and then bam. Seller doesn't have that many left. Instantly sold out.

  • 2 units and discount was $64, didn't go through but would have paid $26 if it did…

  • Missed cause I foolishly went to cart without the code. Was worth a shot though.

    • +1

      I did the same, but in checkout, you can select it. better luck next time.

  • Got one in Cyan. No drama

  • tried.. no luck :-(

  • +4

    Sorry but this is just stealing people's time.

  • Had a brown one in the cart, then got sold out during the checkout process…. :(

  • woo copped cyan. seemed that cyan sold out first / had less quantity..
    also isn't it a bit deceiving to be advertising a black jbl speaker for sale, which didn't get any stock during the drop…

  • I got one brown cheers!

  • Sold in 1 minute. I wonder if there was a limit or someone just bought 300 in one go.

  • +2

    False Advertising they didn't have black as shown on front page

  • Fecking PayPal didn’t work

  • +3

    I'll swap my Cyan $9 speaker for a spot at the front of the RTX 3080 waiting list if anyone's keen…..

  • +1

    Order went through instantly but now its saying "This order was not successful. Order cost has not been included in the total amount." wtf?????

    • t(o_ot)

  • I got one in the cart several times but could check out - seller didn't have that many it said - I was only after one.

  • +3

    I just came here for the comments

  • Love these kinda deals. Fast and Furious.

    • All transactions except 1 in the first 60 seconds.

  • tried for a red one but it didnt even show up with stock at drop time!
    carted but didnt let me pay for cyan one.
    big L

  • +4

    Everytime I try. Everytime I cry.

  • impossible

  • -3

    This speaker is piece of crap. Not even worth $9.

  • +6

    I think I'm done with Ebay plus. There is no value in it for me.

    • Only when it's free…

    • +1

      Considering it being almost the same price as Amazon prime, it is definitely not worth it.

  • The last purchase was 1min 51sec after the previous buyer. They were all sold out in the first minute so how does that work?

    • Somebody's order might have been cancelled resulting in one becoming available again? Or maybe a strange processing delay? I'm all out of ideas.

      • +1

        Yeah, exactly what jenna said. There has been cases before where there has been a limited drop like this and like 30mins later there are 5 items back in stock or something. It's usually from when payment doesn't go through. It will say order successful but if payment bounces I would say it automatically gets relisted. Always worth randomly checking in to make sure.

  • nabbed one, thanks !

  • +1

    Glad I missed it. Would have been $9 for something I wouldn't use.

  • I wonder how many had paid the $45 lol

  • When does this start?

    • Well, first time you were I snoozed, I loozed. Maybe next time

      In fact you were too early.

      This time?

      Use your first comment.

    • Wouldn't get eBay Plus even if this speaker was free.

  • +1

    I was there at 4 pm sharp - sold out at 4 pm sharp

  • +5

    There are some available it seems, I just bought a brown one with the discount code for $9.

    • +2

      got one, thanks

    • +2

      Thanks got a Cyan one

  • Some back in stock. Just grabbed one with the coupon.

  • +1

    Just got cyan. Didn't even need this but didn't want to pass it up either xD

  • Suddenly become available. Grabbed one!

  • Snagged one. Hopefully it is honored.

  • out of stock

  • Mine just got shipped out and they actually sent it with express post (unlike other sellers)
    they honoured the stock that was later added!! :)
    But it being Australia Post Express I doubt it will arrive by the 24th which is my estimated delivery date

    • +1

      lol mine arrived syd -> bris today but stupid postie left a missed mail card even tho I was home all day. wish they just allowed safe drop

  • I got mine this arvo and connected it to my Foxtel Now box. Actually it works very well, it's perfect for my small study room. Far beyond my expectation.

    Btw the brown one is not bad, it's more like RedOrange than Brown or Cinnamon.

  • +1

    I just got mine and it only got shipped out yesterday!
    Sound quality is amazing and blew me away. Amazon for the size. So loud as well!!
    Best $9 I’ve spent

  • Got the strangest email from ebay just now.
    So I tried to also grab a JBL speaker for $9 on Sunday, I wasn't quick enough on of the colours, went back and tried again and again out of stock so I gave up.

    Today I get this email from ebay:

    We’ve noticed something went wrong with a recent order

    Hello xxxx ,

    We’ve noticed something went wrong with your purchase of JBL GO 2 Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker deal. The order was not completed and no payment has been taken.

    We apologise for the inconvenience and we’re pleased to provide you a voucher* for the same discount amount offered in the JBL GO 2 Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker deal. This voucher will only work once and is valid for 30 days.


    All the best,

    eBay Customer Service


    So I'm thinking okay where is this voucher, I just logged in and I have a voucher for $36 sitting there in 'My ebay' summary account screen.. 'Your eBay plus Voucher for AU $36.00'

    Did anyone else who missed out on this deal get this?
    I mean.. I'm not complaining LOL

    • then get This speaker for $9 delivered in some nice colours, lucky you!

    • does it work for anything?

      • Yes anything I've looked at items since the voucher was in my account and it is showing 'Pay just $x' with the $36 off it.
        Just curious to see if anyone else got it.
        Wondering if this will keep happening when we miss out on the click bait deals and its in your cart but can't checkout.

        • wow that's hype !

    • not me. You must be special :)

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