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Buy a $2000+ PC and Get an MSI 3080 10GB for $1000 @ Compute Your World


Buy any New PC over the value of $2000 from Compute Your World and receive a MSI 3080 10GB card at $1000 on top of the build.

Pre order only. Orders for New PC's with 3080 cards are all pre order due to stock availability.

Also orders for any 30 series are also pre order. Up to 30 days wait. We will for fill orders in order they are placed and stock arrives.

We will not do like our some other competitors, which is giving preference to those who buy complete systems with a 30 series card in them over card only pre orders.

First come first served as stock is delivered

Only 20% required for deposit on a new system or card only. Can ship any where in Australia only.

PM our Facebook page or website for any questions

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  • I would not hand over $1000 to Facebook business.

  • not really a deal. more like marketing

  • Maybe include people need to spend over 2k in the title…

  • Any example of computer prices??

  • What are the PC specs for 2k?

  • OP maybe include couple examples of a PC system from $2001 in your description, an AMD, Intel & an Apple PC system as a start off were people then can alter specs, so a guide plus saves everyone time building up a system and lets one evaluate the deal for the MSI GC

    But also very confusing in your description are you saying in your description too qualify a system $2001 and over does that amount include the $1000 MSI 3080 graphics card?

    So in essence the PC system is $1001 and over plus the $1000 MSI graphics card which equals $2001 and over including $1000 MSI 3080 Graphics Card?

  • Are you guys guaranteeing 3080s within a month? Because I'm seeing 6 weeks+ from larger operations like PLE. I like supporting local (SA) businesses but you guys probably need to work on under-promising and over-delivering. Your 30 days statement sounds like the reverse.

  • In title you should too state the value of PC to qualify for MSI 3080 Graphics Card,.. example,..

    πŸ’₯Buy any PC over $2000 and Get the MSI 3080 10GB at $1000 @ Compute Your WorldπŸ’₯

    As title as is well one could see your title as click-bait and post as advertising

    And as above post mention the time frame for the MSI 3080 Graphics Card or if you have stock state it will be included in built PC system

    My 2 cents πŸ˜ƒπŸ€‘πŸ€ͺπŸ‘

  • If you are gonna be secretive about the system, don't bother posting a deal.

    We don't need to email you to ask for the system specs and options.

    • -10 votes

      Not everyone wants a pre build system. Most people have a list of parts and would like a quote so how is that being secretative?

      We will quote any machine up a customer would like and if the cost comes to 2000 or above they can purchase the MSI 10gb 3080 card for only $1000 extra.

      • You can quote a Ryzen 3600 system and charge what someone else charges for a 3800 system

        You are the one advertising, you post the prices.

        Other companies here list PCPP prices. They list full specs.

        There are also multiple MSI 3080 models. So that's even more vague descriptions.

      • Look $2000 without a graphic card is actually quite expensive, are your specs and prices along this line?

        CPU 3900x $700

        CPU Cooler Kraken Z63 $350

        Motherboard X570 $400

        RAM 32 GB RGB $250

        PSU 850W $250

        Storage 1TB SSD (Samsung Evo, WD Black, etc.) $250

        Total $2,20

        • In the end, if they are charging anything over $150 (let's be generous $300) over component value elsewhere the GPU saving is gone.

        • Yeh there can't be too many builds that meet the $2000 spec without a graphics card, so dunno why they wouldn't post any example builds with prices

    • I agree,.. you need a list of set examples of $2001 PCs and over (more the merrier) honestly saves people messing around building a system and just needs to alter few specs), well some wont bother plus makes the deal more transparent

  • Regardless of the badly thought out post and a lack of transparency, the 20gb model has me sitting on my wallet.

  • This is not the way to do business in 2020. No deal listed and it's all secretive. They don't even state which MSI 3080.

    • ever since internet this kind of business mode should die

      • It does have a purpose for very niche or bespoke items that need time and effort to put together a quote (e.g. a custom swimming pool build) but not for basic PC parts build that's readily available online.

        This is just pathetic and so far just looks like a method to hide their prices which doesn't bode well for reputation.

  • Pathetic, has to buy a PC without graphics card for over 2K, then qualified for paying another $1000 to PRE-ORDER an unknow model MSI 3080.

    Why bother? PLE has unjacked price for pre-order and people can source other parts wherever they like without the hassle of quoting through.

    Sorry. No deal here.

    • agreed with you but i had to comment something for me to downvote.

      This is a VERY BAD deal.2K without GPU and no information at all.

  • A terrible deal! OP is simply trying to capitalise on the shortage of 3080's and their secrecy/vagueness about the specs + attempt to sketchily sell it over Facebook only makes matters worse.

  • dodgy Compute Your World

  • had a look at their google reviews. Examplary paid google reviews.


  • No deal, example of specs + pricing required. Insufficient detail - simply marketing.

  • dodgy AF.

    • Because people don't want to waste their time.

      I messaged them and no reply for 10 minutes and counting. How much of my time am I gonna have to waste before they give me a terrible price?

      For $2k there's not too many possible specs, it would have to be a 10900k with a decent cooler, 32gb of ram, a decent case, a decent psu, a decent mobo and at least a 1tb nvme. The only reason to not post the specs is because it's a terrible deal and they don't want to advertise it because then people would see other people commenting about how bad the deal is and then wouldn't fall for it.

    • 20 minutes later they replied asking for an email, they also didn't ask me any questions, so it's obviously a standard build, which they could've just put on this deal. It's now been 2 hours since I first contacted them and I still don't have any prices/specs. Do you think it's been long enough to neg yet?

      • Okay that's just bad practice, looks like it's unobtainable afterall

      • This is the reply I got back from them when I asked why I haven't gotten an email yet:

        Because it's Sunday after hrs and people have lives πŸ™‚

        So yeah, defs gonna be avoiding this one, dodgy as hell.

        • Guess they don't offer anything above the competitors they so love to take shots at every second comment.

        • Alright, with that sort of reply, they don't deserve your business.

          I was just trying to see it from both sides. Some people on Ozbargain seem to be quick to give out negs when it requires them to put any sort of effort in.

          If I was after a PC build of around $2000+, i'd want to pick and choose my components (of which there are 1000s of possible choices for makes and models, but I personally stick to the brands I trust like Asus, WD, Corsair, etc), and I would take my time researching the best specs I could get from a retailer I know would honour the warranty, even if that took several hours. It's a fairly big investment for a device i'll be using for at least several years, so I want to make the right decision.

          The seller/OP could have (and probably should have), just posted what they consider to be their best bang-for-buck build that would qualify for this "bonus" offer, so I totally understand the frustration of Ozbargainers that just wanted to see some examples, and know if they're getting a good deal straight away, or if this is just a case of shameless self-promotion.

          Perhaps their intention was to get people to contact them and ask "hey, what's the best build you can do to qualify for this offer?", or give them a list of components and allow them to get back to you with a price during business hours (within a reasonable time-frame).

          2020's been a tough year for all, including small businesses. We see fewer and fewer computer stores because they just can't compete with the giants like MSY or online stores.

          Anyway, I think it's up to the OP to re-jig this "deal" (or delete it), or i'll be the one getting all the negs which can be quite discouraging from posting anything on Ozbargain. I'm just trying to provide constructive feedback to all parties. I'll shut up now lol

        • Curious if you actually got a reply today or are Mondays not working hours too?

          • @Hybroid: I didn't get anything, but I also replied to their rude comment with "wow don't even worry about it", so not expecting anything anymore anyway.

  • You're operating on 1990s advertising not 2020. Give a clear example of specs, price, and expected lead time. Otherwise go back to advertising vague statements in the Trading Post as per 1990s standards and hope to continue to capitalise on confused boomers.

    Here's a 3080 PC post with 300+ upvotes and zero negs. Watch and learn.

  • Bait advertising with insufficient details.

  • how is this a deal? just because it claims you only pay $1000 for the GPU (not that much less than 3080 msrp)? wtf are you spending $2000 on? just a minor detail right??…

  • Dodgy "deal", looks like scam. Should be removed.