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100% Cashback + Get 68% off 2 Year NordVPN Plans @ Quidco


Just got an email from QUIDCO,
Maximum £70 cashback see Quidco for full terms and conditions

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  • Have had no issues with Quidco. I bought from ebay UK when they had 25% cashback (or basically 25% off sitewide for ebay AU) and it tracked within a couple of hours.

  • Forgot to add that this deal is available to all customers, not just new customers (per CR & SB). You can buy to add years to your existing account.


    • Thanks mate. So is the process :

      • join Quidco
      • click through Quidco, to Nordvpn
      • Log in to Nordvpn under my account
      • Choose to extend (for me, an additional 3yrs)
      • Pay $107.55USD
      • Await cashback from Quidco at $107.55 USD?
      • Wow $107.55 USD upfront then wait for cashback from who!!, ok never heard off Quidco but 100% Cashback not a bad deal if one wants too take the risk

      • Max cashback is £70 ~ US$90 so you can only extend max 2 more years to make this free upgrade

        • Thanks. Thought so. Luckily didn't get greedy and went for the 2yr extension. Another 2 yrs for free.

          Also : afterwards, don't forget to turn OFF your NordVPN auto-renewal, guys

          • @dangerdanger: I'm on 3yr plan. How did you extend your sub? Only found "Change plan" to monthly plan sub in the Nord Account.

            Did you directly pay for 2yr plan via the deal link and it'll automatically lengthen with your sub?

            • @Bargain Fighter: YEP - Just buy the 2 yr plan, use your existing email you've registered your nordvpn plan under.

              After your purchase, your Nordvpn expiry date will show an additional 2 yrs. For mine it went from 2021 to 2023.

              Make sure you click through the referral link above when you join quidco - £10 for both referrer and referee.

  • What's the process to withdraw the cashback?

  • I don't understand these offers. Why not just make Nord free and cut the middle man. How does Nord benefit from this?

  • Bad VPN, stay clear. Use www.ivpn.net or any european one.

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    Waiting nervously for sale to track 😬 Anyone had it track yet?

  • Mine didn't track i might need to do it manually. but that will take 6 months :(

  • Mine didn't track either. It's been 5 hours since the purchase.

  • It's been 8 hours and mine hasn't tracked yet. Waiting nervously.

  • Mine tracked this morning, order was placed last night late.
    As soon as I jumped from the link get cashback, there was a pop up on quidco that your track recorded!!

    • I had that popup. But my purchase still not tracked.
      I wonder if it actually was "new accounts only" deal despite comments saying "existing customers too".

      People who got it tracked - did you create new account or recharged existing one?

      • Mine hasn't tracked. But Quidco rep did comment on this deal on HUD that it's eligible for existing customers to extend their sub.

  • Has this ended, it s showing 65% cash back for me

  • Mine hasn't tracked. Going to wait 24hrs and put in a claim

  • Still haven't had it track here either. Still had 2 years on my account, added another 2.

  • Waste of money, many of the VPNs are oversold or too slow to use and if you plan to use for Netflix you will have issues

    • NordVPN is superior in my experience. Always get 95%+ of my internet speed with their Melbourne servers. They have 188 servers in Australia, at the time of writing this, so overloading is not an issue with them. (They have 5383 servers globally)

  • How many of you guys that have no tracking confirmation, paid on credit card and it hasn't cleared your account yet?. Mine hasn't and fingers crossed, maybe once it leaves and is no longer pending hopefully it will show up. As Nord do not seem to have a transaction/invoice number to lodge a ticket with Quidco.

    • I have the same problem. It didn't track and I can't lodge a claim because there is no invoice number.

    • have the same problem… strange thing is, I'm able to generate a invoice number for my old transaction years ago but the latest one is missing…

    • Same - neither receipt nor invoice is showing for the last transaction.

    • I contacted NordVPN costumer service and they will generate an invoice for me and send it via email in 4-7 days. They also mentioned that it should trigger the cashback tracking.

      • I too contacted them. They wanted a LOT of info from me, including an address / zip code / name. So much info for a company who prides themselves on privacy and anonymity. Lol.

        By the way, none of these identifiers were asked when I paid with my credit card…

        I'm a longterm NordVPN user, but disappointed with their customer service

        • True, they asked me the same. I didn't provide more than what they already know. They said it's okay to hold some information to generate the invoice.

          • @hazemalkazemi: So they knew (and keep) your address / zip code / country / name on file?

            All I remember giving them when I signed up, was my email address.

            • @dangerdanger: You don't need to give correct information. Just any name, zip code and country, I didn't provide address. You only need the stupid invoice number to lodge a claim.

              • @hazemalkazemi: Seems like you got a good Cust service rep. I replied with "not applicable" in those fields but mine REFUSED unless I gave them an address. SO I gave them my work address. Lol. Can't expect much from their local cust service rep

  • Finally received an invoice number from NordVPN. This did NOT trigger automatic cashback tracking.

    I had to log onto Quidco and manually put in the claim.

    Now I have to wait up to 6 months to see if it tracks.

    Sigh… so much work…