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Logitech Harmony Ultimate One Universal Remote for $179.95 @ LT Australia Amazon Au


Not the cheapest but just In case anyone interest in these universal remotes. I have the Elite one and being very happy!!

Product Description:
Logitech Harmony Ultimate One universal Remote swipe and tap colour touchscreen navigate TV, movies, music, games and you're most frequently used commands with one touch. Easy customization organizes and re-order buttons, activities and channel icons the way you like them, right on the remote. With a simple swipe or tap of the thumb, you can change activities and channels, adjust volume and control movie and music playback.

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  • I still remember Long time ago, elite sale for 199 with price error, and someone got price match from officework.

  • How useful are these in the age of hdmi cec?

    • CEC is definitely eating into this things market share. Then again, people love these.

    • This integrates into your smart home and enables you to control your devices with voice command or by scene or routine automation.
      Turns any IR, wifi or Bluetooth "dumb" device into a smart device. Still a relevant piece of hardware IMO.

    • Not usually useful. ARC, soundbars, voice control and extra features in apps (like casting) are what's killing these.

      Voice control via Alexa or Google Home often works better with supported devices/apps as it can get you straight to the media instead of the device.

    • Good if you need to chain or run multiple remote commands, turn on multiple devices (even non-entertainment devices) at the same time or remotely.

    • Particularly good for Google home voice control of almost any device. I use IFTTT with it. Also, I like not having to point the remote (Rf control to the base). When I tried it, cec just wouldn't work consistently, e.g.the Shield would insist that the TV should be off, even though the amp had just changed inputs,but other things too.

      Edit : wait, this one doesn't have the hub. Hell no. Hope it doesn't have goddam touch screen too - stupid idea for a remote.

  • These are 10/10.

  • No hub, no deal.

    • Ahh yeah, not the elite. Not worth it without the hub. Had one for 5 years now. Excellent but of kit.

  • Good Price

    However I would highly suggest people save up for the elite instead. Works so much better with the hub, not having to point the remote at units that are not in front of you.

  • Anyone seen a good price for the elite? I want the hub.

  • Anyone looking for Aussie TV logos, see here.