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Corsair SF750 750W 80+ Platinum Modular SFX Power Supply $239.00 (+ Delivery or Free Pickup) @ Umart


For everybody planning SFF builds with new processors and cards on the way, as well as those needing to upgrade smaller power supplies to power a 3080 or the likes.

This is pretty much the industry standard for SFX power supplies, there are some competitors out there that I would happily take to save some money, but stock levels have been an issue for a long time.

This is not the best price ever for this PSU (prior deal $199), but it is a good price in COVID era, and being able to pick it up locally instead of paying shipping made it better value for me than Scorptec or the likes.

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    $245 Delivered from Amazon AU if you don't mind waiting 2-5 weeks.

    • Went with this, since I have Amazon Prime. Thank you for letting us know.

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          Your comments reads as if there's a reason why this isn't a good PSU.

          It would've been much clearer if you'd said something like "I just returned this, as my 600w PSU is luckily enough for my system"

  • NIce deal. Perfect for my 2x3080's that just arrived for my two new systems!

    • I'd love to hear some feedback on gaming performance through pm.

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      This is an SFX power supply.

  • Really tempted to get this and always have but I'm waiting for the Cooler Master SFX 850w 80+ Gold to come in stock or for Silverstone's SFX-L 1000w 80+ Platinum to arrive.

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      Go for the SF750. Its platinum rated, has awesome included sleeved cables and runs cool and quiet.

    • Yeah I probably would have ended up with a Cooler Master V if they were in stock anywhere. So hard getting stock of anything at the moment.

    • I have the cooler master v 850w on pre-order as well, but it's looking like it will take a while. Was heavily considering ordering this off Amazon the other day. Do you think I should just jump on this?

      • I'm waiting on the CM SFX 850w 80+ gold one, there's a 2-3% difference at most against the platinum at various loads that you're better off saving the $$$ on other things.

        For me in terms of price to wattage, the CM PSU is a no brainer. Gold and platinum standards be damned.

        • Yeah I really want the cooler master mostly for the extra headroom. I prefer to be a little overkill than on recommended wattage. That being said I couldn't get an updated ETA on my pre-order of the cooler master and I saw scorptec (I preordered from cpl) changed their expected ETA to early November. I missed out on this deal because I hesitated and thought on it overnight so I just ordered the sf750 from cpl and I will cancel my cooler master order. Not my preferred result but given how scarce PSU's are atm I thought I had better have one in case I can get a 3090.

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    • I bought this PSU from Mwave this Feb and found it's within the S/N range. Contacted Corsair and already RMA'd by July. Their support is easy to deal with and the replacement was easy with prepaid DHL.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I read something about this a while ago but forgot.

    • FWIW my sf750 from amazon delivered this month with 2020xxxxx sn

  • 600W SFX Power Supplies vs. RTX 3080 testing

    • Thanks for the sharing. I'm running SF750 but surprisingly to see that SF600 passed the test. This is no doubt a good news to ITX enthusiasts.

    • if you have an existing 600W then you can stick with it. but if you're buying new, i don't think its worth to skimp on psu.

  • Does this have power usage reporting by software? Kinda like the NZXT E850.

    If not any recommendations?

    • no only the 'i' versions with Corsair Link do

  • I ordered one off amazon, hasn't shipped yet but it did show as in stock when I purchased.

    What SFF case are people going for? I currently have a NZXT H1 but seems like it's not going to be great for 3080 (which I haven't ordered yet) for keeping it cool any way. Probably going to pick up a Strix B550 board and a new case soon.

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      One of the most popular budget SFF case currently would be the Cooler Master NR200/NR200P.

      • Yeah I ordered mine for the NR200P that just arrived. I gave in and paid a bit more than RRP to get it shipped rather than waiting who-knows-how-long for it to come back in stock locally.

      • Yeah I was looking at the NR200P, it seems like a more aesthetic version (atleast for the internals) of the Ncase M1 ( I also saw on r/sffpc that custom cables designed for the ncase will likely fit due to similar layout) but I was just curious what else is out there.

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      FormD T1

      • I had a look at that, seems like ideas of a front IO refresh floating around, would rather wait and see if that actually happens (was just a USB-C port on the front)

        • Fair enough, personally I like the clean look.
          I bought a cheap $50 case (Cougar QBX) when I was first building until I settled on something I really liked (plus availability of more niche cases).
          Ncase M1 and Dan A4 are very popular, fairly flexible but on the larger end of things in SFF.

      • I've got this case. Stunningly good.

        • Yep almost pulled the trigger on a Louqe Ghost S1 but the stocking issues were too much of a headache to deal with for the price.

          • @borgia-hypebeast: I bought a Ghost and the store dissapeared and ran with my dosh. Got it back, but put me off buying another. Praying for a T1 at this point.

  • is the difference of SF power supplies over the RMx just the physical size of the box?

    • Components would be different too.

      • which would be classified as the higher end range? or are they comparable?

        • Depends which way you look at it. Technically these are better as they're 80 Plus Platinum rated, whereas RMx are just Gold. I'm no expert with this stuff, but to get the Platinum rating and associated efficiency, the components must be a tad better too.

          Probably why they also cost so much more.


  • Ive got a Cooler Master MWE GOLD 750W 80 Plus (originally cost like 135$), would this be a worth while upgrade as im a little worried with a new 3080 gpu on order. From what ive read my psu isnt the most reliable but its been working on the 2070 super.

    • 750W Gold 80 Plus is more than enough for the 3080 and is the quoted recommended from Nvidia. I wouldn't upgrade unless you are currently experiencing problems with your current PSU or if you want this smaller one to fit into an ITX case.

    • gold vs platinum - not worth upgrading. the difference is 2-5% better efficiency at particular load levels and maybe teeny tiny less bit of noise. save your money for other upgrades.

      • thanks guys

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