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KB's Prawn Gyoza 750g $8.50 (Was $17) @ Coles


Greetings everyone, spotted this within the most recent Coles catalogue, seems like a great price when comparing to previous deals.

The last deal was $13.60 for 1KG ($1.36 per 100gm). Whereas this comes out to be $1.13 per 100gm, seems quite rare to be 50% off these days.

Made with succulent prawns, our authentic Prawn Gyoza is prepared with top quality ingredients to a traditional Japanese recipe. Simply Heat and Eat!

As always, enjoy :)

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    Finally, been waiting for these to come back to 1/2 price

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      Me too! I decided not to buy at 40% off at Woolworths recently, so this is great!

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        I caved. Haven’t even finished them yet :(

      • I did as couldn’t wait lol. Cooked them using air fryer for first time. Very crispy lol

        • Would you recommend air frying or steaming?

          • @techfourk: 100% air fryer for me

          • @techfourk: I steam in microwave for 2 minutes then air fry for 5 minutes, and they come out great!

          • @techfourk: I personally prefer frying on pan. Air frying isn't too bad either but abit too crisp. Haven't tried steaming yet.

  • Nice! Hasn't been half price in a while!

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    Bet these get cleaned out very fast ……

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      Go on a Wednesday night and all stock is cleared in the stores. Either they stock bare minimum or people buy heaps of them.

      • What time?

        • +1

          Anytime after 7 PM.

      • My wife went at lunch time today (1st day of sale) and they had none at Coles Westfield Chatswood…

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      Rain check?

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    Finally, can use my 50 dollars eBay gift card from signing up to eBay plus

    • +1

      Good luck with that..

  • Hopefully it's across the range.

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    Looonnng time ago worked briefly for a takeaway Japanese joint as a food preparer. They used to buy these frozen gyoza in pallets, thaw them and sell them as 'homemade'.

    Wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if lots of other Japanese places do the same.

    • So that's quite deceiving….its not really home made. More of just reselling them and if people have not noticed, that means quality is quite up there?

  • I will try my luck once more but I've almost given up on specials. They clear too quickly nowadays with the pandemic.

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      Best thing to do is ask for a rain check which you should be able to do and you have 30 days to buy it at that special price. Takes all the stress away.

      • Except I always waste time explaining to checkouts as they have no idea

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    i got one pack last time when it was 40% off. can anyone tell me what the squishy bits inside the gyoza are?

  • +2

    I found it to be quite similar to Aldi's prawn gyoza with the taste. The ingredients and contents are very similar, and both are made in Thailand.. any thought?

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      Yeah these are slightly cheaper at 50% off :-)

      • Aldi are $7.99 for 750g bag tho
        Edit - Actually $8.99 my bad

    • No comparison for me, The KB's are way nicer and I've stopped buying the Aldi or any other brands.

    • +1

      I have tried both and cannot really tell the difference

    • Mixed messages all'round.
      maybe worth comparing the 2 yourself

    • Haven't tried the Aldi\s version, but reckon the KB one isn't good as it used to be, very greasy.

      • Maybe steam them instead of pan frying.

  • So hard to find these days …

  • Anyone in Melbourne metro area having any luck getting a prawn gyoza order through? Been "unavailable" since Wednesday morning for me, though the veg gyozas are available.

    • you try select diff store; when i enter my postcode only 1/4 store had it

  • Only managed to get one as they were sitting packed still in the box. Used the car keys to rip it open and snag a couple. The desperation to get some KBs prawn gyoza

    • Christ. As someone whose worked in the freezer department, don't do shit like this. If the box is in the aisle, then there'll be a worker nearby to open so just ask.

      • but Joe Rogan is a chimp!

    • I hope you asked Spotify for permission.


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