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[Preorder] Xbox Series X $749 (Suspended), Xbox Series S $499 ($50 Deposit) @ JB Hi-Fi


The wait is almost over! For a $50 deposit, you can pre-order the new Xbox Series X or Series S this Tuesday 22nd September from 8am (AEST) - note South Australian, Western Australian & Northern Territory customers

Stock will be extremely limited so be ready by this time to get your pre-order in.

Pre-order here from 8am AEST Tuesday 22/09
Things to note about Xbox pre-orders

Pre-orders will only be available online and will not be offered in-store
Due to stock demand a pre-order does not guarantee availability on the day of release
Your order will be placed in our priority queue and we'll contact you when it becomes available so you can pay the remaining balance and choose your collection option

Mod 13/9 (copy paste of the report reply): For those reporting that RRP should be in the forum or similar, there is no such guideline. As always the community will decide if it's a good deal or not via the voting system and/or comments. In general, a deal can be good value or of interest without being discounted as such, whilst a deal can be discounted but still be of little interest or poor value. In any case it's up to members to decide.

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      I hope you are this strict at work too mate. There is this false expectation that just because JB has been mentioned into the comments for another store everyone who accesses OZbargain needs to be aware of it.

        • +23

          Can you get it cheaper anywhere else? Oh sorry, that's what i thought. I insist, i think you take things too seriously. It doesn't hurt at all to have this posted for people's awareness. Then it's on each one of us to take an educated decision on where to buy it.

          • +19

            @I Smell Pennies: this is a site about bargains and deals, how is this a deal or a bargain??
            No you cant get it cheaper elsewhere, thats the point its RRP. So using your logic we can also have a Microsoft store, Amazon, Telstra and Harvey Norman post as well - all charging the same price.. Why not eh

            • @garvani: All preorders or new releases have been considered a deal post on OzB, since there will most likely be no stores that are offering any lower. That being said, should a price drop, a new deal will be posted. These deal posts allow all of us to see current prices and compare. It's not like it's going to clog up the OzB feed

            • +24

              @garvani: I gotta agree with Garvani. This is informational, no bargain to be had here.

              When did limited availability become a bargain?

              I would also suggest anyone who gives a hoot about Xbox preorders already knows about this.

              • +13

                @britta: No. From now on any preorder you see online for any product is a bargain, we have been told

                • +4

                  @marchi: Dang……warms up typing fingers

              • @britta: Are these RRP? Any free gifts? (like Samsung galaxy buds with Samsung Note 20)

                Sorry Britta - not meant to tag you

              • +2


                When did limited availability become a bargain?

                When every Nintendo Switch deal was posted on this site.

            • @garvani: It is a deal for a thing that’s not going to be widely available. No idea why certain people feel the need to point out there is no reduction in the price, I mean how dumb would someone be to think there would be?

              • +5

                @Buddy195: This is a site for sharing bargains. Limited availability does not in anyway make this a bargain. Put it in the forums.

                Infact to add to that the wording in the page clearly states you are not guaranteed a launch console basically making this a RRP lottery.

  • +3

    Bots are gonna ruin all the sites tomorrow morning.

    • +21

      Not sure if anyone would want to bot this but okay.

      • +2

        I was just wondering considering the nvidia 3080 sold out in 5 minutes with bots and I think the same has affected the PS5 as well. Xbox probably won't happen, but who knows until tomorrow.

        • +7

          A good chance Sony limits number of pre-order units available to retailers to cause false scarcity to drive demand.

          • +1

            @wanderlei: I don't think so. Sony needs to sell as many consoles are possible as they are selling them at a loss. They won't go the Nintendo route who are making a profit with each switch sold.

        • +10

          I think the PS5 preorders were pretty reasonable. I seem to recall a fairly decent window of launch stock availability. Nothing like the 3080 launch

      • +4

        I don't like your console.
        So I must go out of my way to make sure everyone thinks the same as I do.

      • Speculative scalpers.
        It's a preorder so they can just cancel if it doesn't go out of stock instantly, but if the demand is there they can be relatively sure to make a profit.
        The preorder system is basically being used as a way to reduce the risk of scalping.

      • Can confirm had a hell of a time trying to preorder it this morning. Bots were on the go for sure..Crashed site twice for me at EB games website.

        preorders went live 6am. Was taken down within 10 minutes of trying to put purchase through. Changed preorder to 3pm AEST after that. Again had some issue. Took me 20 minutes to finally get it confirmed and invoice sent.

        December 31st is my apparent delivery day.

        SO F*&K BOTS!!1

  • Will Amazon do the same as they did with PS5 I wonder, and have $50 off with $30 amazon voucher.

    • Yeah I’m hoping for this.

  • +41

    Meh, by the time they have exclusives actually worth playing there'll have been a price drop anyway

    • +7

      What exclusives are on PS5 on launch that isn't also available on PS4?

      • +5

        I'm like 95% a PC gamer, so I have no idea tbh. I do know the Xbox doesn't have anything good that's not coming to PC anyway though

        • +11

          Xbox and PC are the same for MS - they don't care where you play. They said years ago they're committed to PC gaming and it shows when they bring all their first party titles to PC on day one.

          Most hardcore PC gamers will never buy a console anyway so they might as well bring the game to PC and get your money either way.

          Sea of Thieves has sold 2M+ on Steam alone

          • +1

            @ozb1986: So kind of proving my point that they don't really get exclusives?

            • +1

              @Thefong: Yep. With crossplay getting traction these days, and Microsoft releasing all their 1st party exclusives on Win10 there is less reason to have both a gaming PC and an Xbox.

              • +6

                @Harold Halfprice: Which is why you only have an xbox, which even at these prices costs less than some graphics cards, and is guaranteed to last a whole generation

      • +4

        Demon's Souls Remake…? The trailer was presented 4 days ago and 'will be available as a launch title'.
        The trailer of this game makes me regret not placing a preorder on PS5

        • Right, ashen one

      • +6

        Demon's Souls, but that was revealed to come to PC in their bungled trailer. So the whole Xbox is irrelevant because it has no true exclusives narrative won't last when PS games are going to PC too. I'm an Xbox and PS gamer (no PC), but the hypocrisy on the PS side really irks me. Just like how people shat on Microsoft for making their exclusives also available on Xbox One. People complained it'd just hold next get back, but turns out Sony were doing the exact same thing but basically lied saying they weren't. Let's be fair people.

        • +4

          Sony are back to their dodgy and misleading practises from the 2005 PS3 days. Yet it's fine for Sony to do these things but it's bad when Microsoft do it.

        • +4

          Yeah Sony has been lying a lot lately. But Demon's Souls was always exclusive to PlayStation and the "coming to PC" was a mistake. However, I wonder if other older exclusives will be on PC I'm hoping for Bloodborne.

          • +1

            @Bissy: There is no way that was a mistake. How can they say 'also available on PC' on their own trailer if they have no intentions of bringing it to PC? So they have no intentions of bringing it to PC but just happened to write it in there? They're only saying it is a PS5 exclusive and won't be available anywhere else because they want the PS5 sales. Their only mistake was revealing it now. They will announce it for PC later down the line. It's pretty disingenuous.

            If you really want to play Bloodborne on PC, you can play it through PS Now. It will be through the cloud though.

            • +3

              @manbearpig: You are thinking too deep into this. The tag line was for Deathloop, but who ever was writing the trailer tagline didn't change it. That's why the 4K upload on their YouTube channel was delayed because of this mistake. Demon's Souls was never released on other platforms it was only on the PS3 and now on PS5.

              Yes Sony is thinking of opening up more of their games to PC and I won't be surprised if in 2-3 years Demon's Souls is on PC. I won't call this disingenuous, it was just a mistake.

          • +1

            @Bissy: They also said Death Stranding wasn't coming to PC… Now Horizon and Detroit are also now on Steam, they see the benefit of releasing their games on PC because of the large sales numbers it drives.

            • +2

              @ozb1986: Death Stranding was always going to be on PC as Kojima stated when he agreed to make the game with Sony. As I've said Sony will likely move more of their games to PC in the future. So most likely Demon's Souls will be on PC, but not right now.

              • -2

                @Bissy: Kojima might have stated it, but Sony denied it which is why I don't trust when they say Demon Souls isn't coming to PC. DS and FFXVI will be timed exclusives, they're not going to miss out on millions of potential sales keeping it on a single platform. These companies want your money at the end of the day.

                • +2

                  @ozb1986: Sony never denied Kojima to release Death Stranding to PC. It was in his contract with Sony that Death Stranding would be on PC. Demon's Souls won't be a timed exclusive Sony never said it would be. For FFXVI that is a timed exclusive it, just like FFVII remake. Also Demon's Souls ip is owned by Sony so why would the release it on PC. Sony wants to sell both software and hardware. Unlike Xbox who wants everyone to be on gamepass.

                • +1


                  they're not going to miss out on millions of potential sales keeping it on a single platform. These companies want your money at the end of the day.

                  Your logic here doesn't work. If it was the case, why isn't Demon Souls already on PC? Its 11 years old at this point. Why isn't Mario Kart of PS/Xbox/PC? They'd sell another 20 million copies easily. These companies know there is a hell of a lot of value in keeping content exclusive to their own platform.

                  Demon Souls will be Playstation exclusive. Its not heading to PC sorry. It was a bungled copy-paste on the YT video.

                  • @Chris12345:

                    • Nintendo relies on hardware sales far more to make money which they actually make a big profit on. Sony and MS do not make much profit from hardware.
                    • Sony exclusives will be coming to PC, perhaps not day 1 but they will eventually land on the platform. HZD has sold ~500K copies & Death Stranding between 500K-1M on Steam, they are not going to leave that kind of money on the table - this is precisely why Miles Morales & Horizon Forbidden West are cross-gen because it will make more money in software sales.

                    After Sony saying DS was not coming to PC, and then it came to PC, not to mention all the other deceptive marketing around Miles Morales & Horizon being cross-gen, I do not trust anything they say on the matter.

                  • @Chris12345: Cuz it was designed to run on a PS3, with that Cell Processor that was a pain the but to code for.
                    It's not like now with PS4// Xbox one and next generation consoles which are x86 architecture . and easier to port from cuz essentially they're PC's

                    So it wasn't in Sony's interest at the time to invest money and time into that port until now to give it an exclusive for PS5.
                    Cuz enough time has passed for it to be " a fresh " take on it . And it can easily port it to PC, now that it's been made with similar hardware.

                    • @Filster83: There are dozen upon dozens of games that had a release on PS3 and PC. GTA IV, COD, Resident Evil 5, Bioshock Infinite, The Batman series, Skyrim, FIFA, NBA2k, Fallout. The list could go on and on. If all those games managed it, it can't be that difficult to port to/from cell architecture can it? And what about the second part of my point. If missing out on sales from multiple consoles is so bad, why are Nintendo so happy to do it? Because they know the value of exclusive content to their brand of course.

      • +1

        One PS5 exclusive that I definitely want to get is demon's souls. But the asking price is $119 at the moment. That is just ridiculous… I refuse to support price tags like that for games…

    • Didn't expect console war BS would be on here too lmao

  • Ps5 or xbox? Or both?

    • +2

      If you like single player games or PS exclusives then PS5. Then the question really is XBOX or PC right? I won't be upgrading my PC anymore due to costs, so will get XBOX but perhaps later when it's cheaper, and already pre ordered the PS5.

    • +5

      Depends on what you like playing. If you play primarily really great 3rd person single player games, PS5 is the go to. If you want Game Pass and the best experience for multi-plats, as well as good shooters and racers, Xbox

    • For all the posturing, from a tech level they are likely to be very similar, or at least the games will perform similarly between the systems.

      With that out of the way, the question is whether you are more interested in PS exclusive games or XBOX exclusive games. That answer will dictate which system you buy.

    • +12

      PC/PS5/Switch is the holy trinity as I see it

      Gamepass on PC has given me a taste of Xbox exclusives here and there, and I wasn't too sold with what I sampled.
      At the end of the day it really depends on what franchises and/or type of games you prefer.

    • PC. Honestly, it is by far the better bet.

      • +3

        Can you build a pc for 750 with equivalent/better specs to the ps5/xbox? Didn't think so.

        • -3

          Is a console able to be upgraded?

          Does a console have access to the massive range of games a pc has?

          Can an console be used to do other computing?

          Does a console allow you to play online with no subscription?

          Can a console accept high end peripherals?

          That's s what I thought.

          You're a "shiny thing" person. The marketing is just too much for you to resist. You're the target market.

          Add the cost of the console and subscriptions plus games and you'll soon see that pc is far better value.

          • +1

            @imurgod: Dude I have a high end pc myself, but recognise the merits of consoles. A console can indeed do all of those questions you asked. I am just saying the price/performance ratio makes consoles a great choice for those on a budget.

            • @k1ng: The hardware, yes. It's when you add the limitations, lack of variety and required subscriptions that it starts to make less sense.
              It lower upfront cost and getting stung for everything else.

              Consoles can't do any of the things I mentioned.

              I have a high end pc as well as consoles.

              I found myself using the consoles less and less as it's limitations became apparent.

    • +19

      If you've only got $750 to spend on the hardware, don't even bother with PC, $750aud will buy you a potato compared to a modern console.

      Bring on the flames!

      • +11

        Xbox Series X is probably the cheapest gaming "PC" you can buy

      • Also, with two systems you can play digital games on both simultaneously. You can't do that on Steam.

    • Neither… Ryzen 4000 + 3080 + Valve Index + Alyx.

      • +3

        For $750? Didn't think so.

        There's space for both consoles and PC to co-exist and many will be getting both. Don't be the fanboy type.

        • -4

          Sure… couple of ~$60 monthly payments on your CC until the world implodes on itself, I hear starting around Nov 3rd.
          Consoles are just doing remasters now anyway… so kind of like paying for new HW to watch a remastered movie or turning on AI upscaling on the Shield.

    • +1

      well they are the same price and Xbox is significantly more powerful..

    • I'd go PS5 day 1 and wait for Xbox to drop in price and also give them time to releases their exlcusives.

      Playstation has the bigger mutiplatform playerbase and will surely have better exclusives.

  • +12

    Going with Series S + Game Pass Ultimate $33/month.

    • +1

      Is the S actually worth it though? With hindered performance and all?

      • From what I gathered, the only difference is upscaled 4k vs native 4k. Microsoft promised no difference in performance otherwise. Which can be an absolute lie 3 years later.

        OH WOW. This is some Telstra-esque bs:

        "You will be able to pre-order Xbox All Access if:
        You already have a month-to-month mobile or fixed broadband plan.
        You take up a new month-to-month mobile or fixed broadband plan.
        (New customers must take up the new plan first. Then pre-order Xbox All Access.)"

        • +1

          It's 4tflops vs 12tflops, 16gb RAM vs 10gb RAM. There will be games with enhanced graphics for X model. It will be like the PS4 vs PS4 PRO, get extra draw distance etc + 4k output. Pretty significant if you ask me!

          You have to weight it up though, as if you are aiming to keep it for a while and might get a 4k tv etc it might be worth it to spend that little bit more.

          Scroll down a bit and you will see even MS website shows the difference: https://www.xbox.com/en-AU/consoles/xbox-one

          • @onlinepred: The ONLY difference between the two consoles is rendering resolution. Every graphical feature in a Series X game will be present on the Series S version of the game, only at 1440p instead of 4k.

            The link you mention isn't even for the new generation of consoles, it's the current generation.

            If you want to see the actual differences, here's the information video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYtJWIxt3-M&ab_channel=Xbox

            • +1

              @bobmonkey17: I don't think you can make this much of a broad sweeping statement given that, ultimately, it's up to each individual game developers own decision as to how the capabilities of each console are utilised. One developer may decide to remove depth of blur on the Xbox Series S, in favor of hitting 120Hz at 1440p, and another developer may decide to use reduced reflection map resolution on the Series S in order to obtain better dynamic resolution.

              At the end of the day, the Series S is not simply a 1440p version of the Series X, trade offs will be made, and they won't just be in terms of render resolution. If you want a good example of this, watch Digital Foundry's interview with Codemasters about the technical decisions behind Dirt 5, and how they plan to have different quality presets for the Series S and X, it clearly goes a lot further than just resolution.

              If you want to ensure the highest quality, and graphical feature set, even if you only have a 1440p or 1080p monitor/TV, the logical choice is to go with the Series X.

            • +1

              @bobmonkey17: If that is the ONLY difference, how would I play my disc-based Xbox games and BluRay discs on the 'S'? Asking for my two friends.

      • +1

        No difference in performance, only resolution dropped to 1440p. They've already shown Gears 5/Dirt 5 running at 120fps so its very capable for a $500 box.

        • See my reply above, there is a difference in hardware performance even at 1440p

          • +1

            @onlinepred: Your link goes to Xbox One?

            Digital Foundry and Microsoft have said numerous times that it's just a scaled down Series X, 1440p requires significantly less processing power, RAM, memory bandwidth etc compared to native 4K which is why 4TF & 10GB RAM is enough.

            • @ozb1986: in the US, the price difference between Series X and S is only USD $100. Can't understand why in Australia it suddenly became AUD$250.

              For extra USD $100, I think it is almost no brainer to go for Seriex X (USD $100 for extra 6 GB DDR6 ram, extra 400G of SSD storage, capable of using a physical Disc, much more powerful GPU, 4K capability, better heat dissipation case, much more potential in future VR/AR games/gears at later stage of this gen's console game development). Even if no performance difference in 1440p, USD $100 for peace of mind is worth it. Yet AUD $250 can be a different story.

              • +1

                @ycatlive: No, the price difference is $200 in the US. $299/$499.

                • @ozb1986: oh sorry my bad. USD 200 difference make more sense..

                  i will still go for series x through…bidding there could be a major development in VR games in certain stage of this gen's console's life cycle…by then the gpu capability of series s is likely to be constrainted.

            • @ozb1986: I mentioned this above, but if you watch Digital Foundry's latest interview with Codemasters about the technical decisions behind Dirt 5, and how they plan to have different quality presets for the Series S and X, it clearly goes a lot further than just resolution.

              At the end of the day, it's up to each developer to decide how they want to use the graphics capabilities of each console, and I highly doubt Microsoft has a contract with each one of them saying "YOU MUST NOT DISABLE ANY GRAPHICAL FEATURES FROM THE SERIES X, ONLY REDUCE THE RESOLUTION!". More realistically, developers will be disabling features that would have otherwise been enabled on the Series X to hit frame rate and game play targets.

              As a comparison, the 5600XT is a 7TFLOP/s graphics card, and whilst I understand you can't 1:1 compare RDNA with RDNA2, it gives a good benchmark for what the Series S can optimistically deliver. Looking at a heap of benchmarks for the 5600XT, we repeatedly see that even on current gen games on high settings, it's unable to provide a consistent 60fps experience at 1440p. How you expect game developers to deliver 1440p at 120fps without any graphical sacrifices over the Series X (beyond resolution) is personally beyond me, especially given the Series S GPU is (theoretically) almost 2x slower than the 5600XT (TFLOP for TFLOP).

              I suspect the the Series S to be a largely 60fps console, with developers reserving the 120fps capabilities for the Series X. For what it's worth, the demo footage of Dirt 5 released recently on Series S (which is the only footage we've seen of it on the Series S as far as I'm aware) was only running at 60fps.

              • @joshau: Because native 4K is absolutely brutal on GPU's? Even on current top end PC GPU's it's not worth it imo.

                You can make cases for comparing console and PC specs, but you will ALWAYS get more performance out of a console for an equivalent spec. The Xbox One X ran Gears 5 at dynamic 4K/60fps, which has a bunch of underpowered tablet CPU's and an RX580 equivalent. You would need alteast a GTX1080Ti on the PC side to be able to do that.

                Ofcourse, there will be differences and some sacrifices made with the Series S aside from resolution - that just makes sense. There's no reason to render 4K textures on the Series S when it will output 1440p, and that will reduce the required RAM, storage and memory bandwidth requirements on the system. I wonder if casual gamers would even notice or care.

                What I'm interested in is how RDNA2's DLSS 2.0 equivalent will allow for AI upscaling on the Series S and X. Playground Game have already been testing this with Forza Horizon with some great results so far, I think that will be a gamechanger like it will be on PC once more games support it.

              • @joshau: I concur

            • @ozb1986: Different resolution is a difference in performance.

    • Yeah this is pretty nutty value. 4 generations of games and hardware for $33/mo is crazy good value.

      • +1

        Would be great to replace my worn out Xbox / 360 with a nice cheap S when the price drops

      • +1

        That's terrible value. You're basically paying $293 for 2 years worth of game pass that is like $70 elsewhere. I guess it's monthly installments vs upfront, but at a 35% premium. No deal.

        • +4

          Pls share where can I get 2 years of game pass ultimate for $70?

    • do they have x with game pass option?

      • +2

        Yes, they have it for $46 a month. Works out that the console only costs you $720.

      • Yeah, $47 from memory

          • @mrjaytee: Derp/derp, to quick for me

          • -1

            @mrjaytee: "You must have an existing Telstra post-paid consumer account to pre-order for $0 upfront.". This worries me. I'm not a Telstra customer. How do I get an account ready for tomorrow?

            OH WOW. This is some Telstra-esque bs:

            "You will be able to pre-order Xbox All Access if:
            You already have a month-to-month mobile or fixed broadband plan.
            You take up a new month-to-month mobile or fixed broadband plan.
            (New customers must take up the new plan first. Then pre-order Xbox All Access.)"

            • +1

              @Penpinch: You could probably get a new postpaid plan, order your Xbox and then cancel the plan since it's month to month and there's not ETC

    • +7

      Think about this for a second… The Xbox Series S comes with a 500GB hard drive VS 1TB hard drive on the Xbox Series X

      Xbox Series S + 500GB Seagate Expandable storage = $749
      Xbox Series X = $749

      With the Xbox Series X you also get more ram, a faster GPU a 4k UHD-bluray, dvd disk drive and better resale if you do sell it off.

      • More people need to see this. 500Gb is going to fill fast these days.

        • +1

          AND its digital ONLY!!!… so people will either spend time moving games off and onto portable hard drives to play or backup or folk out big $$$$ for more fast nvme SSD storage.

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