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½ Price Mr Chen’s Yum Cha 200-300g $3.75, Arnott’s Shapes 160-190g $1.60 @ Woolworths

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    Direct Links when Amazon AU Price-Matches:

    Arnott's Shapes

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    still showing original price

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      Starts in 2 days (Wednesday)

  • Rate these yum chas! Hard to find though as people buy by the shipping box

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    Anyone know if mr Chen’s have flavour enhancer 621?

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    Anyone has compared any of Mr Chen's with Costco's or KB's? Just courious, as they seem less popular nor as much advertised…

    • they taste quite similar

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      haven't tried the one from Costco. The "Mr Chen" one is a Hong Kong (Yum Cha) Style Steam dumplings with clear and chewy skin that makes it pretty distinctive from other style of dumplings. While for the KB one, it's a Japanese style pan fried dumplings (gyoza) with a thinner skin, and you should expect the skin at the bottom to be crispy if you're doing it right.

      Both of them taste good, just different style

      • Thanks, you probably referred to their Prawn Hargow… yes they are quite different to KB's…

        The one that is similar to KB's, is the Pork & Chive Dumplings…which is pan fried

        Costco has both of hargaw and pan fried dumplings… but understoond you haven't had them yet… thanks

  • Yum cha are delicious, always get couple when on special.

  • Ah its a pity they don't have shumai

  • They taste delicious. Thanks for sharing!

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    Since Covid-19 I haven't been to yum cha. This is the best replacement. It is also a clean product made locally. I avoid the ones at Asian grocers no idea if they are made local or overseas

    • Many of them are all either made in Vietnam or Thailand too..

      But I aggred, they are the best replacement, and possibly as good as those are in the yum cha places

      • These are CN or VN; prawnstuff are Thailand too

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    +1. this one is really good for a frozen product. Does not taste like bat soup.

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    I went today, they weren't half price…

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      Because it starts tomorrow.

  • No stock anywhere

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